My first movie!

I've just been learning how to use the editing function on the Mac with a new waterproof video camera! I'm hoping to make a short film at our next photo shoot.

Here's an insight to what a mess the office looks on a deadline week! Gulp! Look how many leaves Oscar has brought in!
Ends a bit abruptly - need to master the fade out on the music!


bugs said…
It might have been short, but had great content. :o)
Peggy Frezon said…
I love seeing the office dogs!
dog training said…
That's a real nice movie. Keep up the good work!
Chapstaff said…
I blinked so had to run it again lol
Love the pics of baby Oscar especially.
Anonymous said…
when is the next shoot?
Beverley Cuddy said…
Next Friday! And we've got some lovely dogs coming. Irish Wolfhounds. Kooikerhonje and one more breed for Fido Facts that I'm struggling to remember - not yet seen the final running order. We've got a litter of crossbred pups from rescue that need homes... A Shar Pei that's been looking for a home for 8 months - a real mix of doggies which shoudl make a great film.
To put it my movie making skills into perspective my son made a movie yesterday for his geography field trip - and he's only nine!
Imovie is a great bit of software!

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