Lost dog - now found dog! Now with movie

And now here's Tarka the movie - no mascara required!


 STOP PRESS: HOORAY! Tarka is found! A delighted Jemima phoned about an hour ago to say she was en route to get him. Thank you so much to everyone who helped by spreading the word or just thinking positive thoughts. His new home awaits and he can start his new life even if there was a 24 hour interruption!
Background story....

This gorgeous purebred young black labrador boy landed in Dundalk pound in Ireland two weeks ago and should have arrived at Jemima Harrison's Black Retriever X rescue today. He was a very frightened boy, as you can see from the pix.  In a very distressed state (just released from the end of a grab arm...) and nursing an obvious injury (unable to put down one of his hind legs) he went for the warden. He stopped short of contact but they still wanted to put him to sleep. Jemima stepped in at the last moment to save him and is delighted to be able to report that he is not aggressive - he was just terrified and in considerable pain.
Sadly at the point of being transferred to Jemima at Services near Wisley on junction of A3 and M25 he broke free and is now on the run.
Here's a link to his Dog Lost page.
He's very nervous and must not be approached by men.
Please phone 07885 797656 or 01672 811851.

STOP PRESS: Tarka has been found see at the top of this post for details!!!


Julie Hill said…
Oh bless him, what a beautiful face, but how sad to see him so scared. Hope he's soon found and given the TLC & veterinary care he needs. xx
mistymurf said…
am really worried , so close to the roads how will i know if hes found?
Chapstaff said…
Look on Doglost, why not join up while you're at it.
Paste this into your browser:

Added to my facebook profile.

Good luck Tarka
Jemima Harrison said…
Thank you Bev for getting this up on the blog and for your support this afternoon. No sign of the poor scared boy since he legged it this morning, but posters now up and a lot of people looking. He's nervous of traffic so hopefully has run away from the A3/M25. Anyone reading... please spread the word. This chap has already been through way too much. Jemima
Poochie Freak said…
Absolutely delighted to read the good news that Tarka has been found safely. That's really made my day :-) I have been thinking about him since I first read about him going missing.

Good boy Tarka for staying safe and well done to whoever it was who managed to catch him!

Anonymous said…
Phew! I was fretting about him all night.
Such a happy ending; so glad he's safe and has a lovely new home.
Very handsome boy - the new owners are incredibly lucky!
Chapstaff said…
Great news - so happy, shall update ny facebook page now with the good news.
Anonymous said…
aww breaks my heart! They are the most loving caring and intelligent dogs I know. It's so sad to see one scared and in pain. But he will guaranteed get a very loving home that will nurse him back to the lovable pooch he no doubt is!
SimJaTa said…
Well done to all concerned - great news.

Anonymous said…
Rather valuable piece
PawshPal said…
This reminds me of this American remake of this Japanese movie Hachiko. Instead of the dog getting lost... the owner gets lost (from the dog, so to speak):


Glad you found him. I lost my dog once. Felt like crap till i found him.

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