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We'd like to collate tributes from as many people as possible.
Please either email me (beverley@dogstodaymagazine.co.uk) or post in the comments section here so all can see. Here's the tribute in today's Daily Mail.

Allen has just emailed me this:

Having just completed the Endal book, I had the unique and wonderful opportunity to explore the past in such detail. We all laughed at the things we had done. Endal was invited to open a school, a hydrotherapy centre, help launch Crufts and even open a wheelchair accessible loo!

The list rolls on... but if I was to think of the most important thing Endal has opened over his 13 years it has to be opening so many people's minds to how important and valuable dogs are in our lives..well....it really is job well done my faithful Endal.
I still can't pinpoint what I did to deserve Endal's unconditional love and devotion... I have been truly blessed. But now I realise that Endal was never only my dog - he was everyone's and the world truly is a sadder place today for his passing.

His greatest legacy has to be bringing me back to my family and also mentoring faithful little EJ (Endal Junior)too. EJ is already punching above his weight and able to do 90% of what Endal was capable of, but it would not have been possible if Endal had not been here to teach him. The two were as one and I would be being selfish to think my sense and feeling of loss was the greatest because Ikea and EJ dearly miss him too..the three musketeers are now two.

I had been given the opportunity yesterday morning to tell Endal how much I love him and to thank him for all he has done for me these last 12 years and that is possibly the most important and significant moment of our relationship. He went peacefully in my lap surrounded by those that loved him most, much loved and now much missed.

I first met Allen, Sandra and Endal in 1999 and I have to say watching their story unfold has been a huge honour. Everywhere Allen went this dog was making someone smile.
Has there ever been a dog so universally loved? A more famous dog? A better role model for the species? A dog that touched so many people?
This was a dog that even counted the Queen as one of his fans, she asked after his health only a few weeks ago.
Endal inspired people to see that the love of a good dog could change the world.
Even now he's gone, he'll still be doing it.
Allen knows how it feels to come back to your family changed, to not be the person everyone was expecting. The unconditional love Endal gave made Allen accept himself and put his whole family back together.
Allen had felt broken and purposeless.
Endal made Allen not just feel useful once more, he made him capable of almost anything - made him reach for the stars. No longer the disabled person in the room - often the most able to change things.
Over the years Allen and Endal visited many badly injured troops, often extremely physically disfigured and deeply depressed. Allen explained to me that due to medical advances people are now surviving really devastating injuries, but it is so hard for everyone to accept these once handsome able men who come home so terribly damaged.
Allen saw that Endal didn't discriminate and that love was often a scarce commodity for broken men like he had once been.
This experience inspired Allen to launch Hounds for Heroes.
This new charity will mean that the Endal legacy will carry on - that a little bit of that Endal magic can be brought into these returning troops lives. Everyone needs a friend, to make waking up each morning something to look forward to rather than dread. Who could not be moved by a Labrador pup's enthusiasm for life?
The idea is for a dog that will go down the pub with you as well as pick up your keys if you drop them. If your battle scars makes it hard for even your own mother to look at you without crying - it is so powerful to have a dog that just sees the person inside. A dog to love you and remind others that there is still a real person inside - even if it wasn't the one who went to war.
A dog to spread some much needed joy, love and hope.
These next few days will be especially hard for the Parton family. There's no hurrying the tears that need to fall, Endal didn't touch their lives lightly - he leaves a massive gap.
I'm sure Ikea and EJ will be trying to lick away the sadness and will be a huge comfort.
Endal will never be forgotten.
He changed the world and what he started should never stop.

The Endal Sky Real Lives Documentary repeats frequently, all the more poignant now we know he's gone. After it airs there is now a small tribute to mark Endal's passing.
Endal the movie is now in production and Allen writes a monthly column in Dogs Today each month.
Hounds for Heroes website is http://www.houndsforheroes.com/ - but the two other charities that Endal was closely associated with (apart obviously from Canine Partners) were Labrador Rescue and Dog Theft Action.


Anonymous said…
Thinking of you all at such a sad time. Endal was one amazing dog. He will be sadly missed by everyone. Run Free Endal x
Susan Rowe said…
Sending you all lots of heartfelt love at this very sad time. Endal briefly touched my life, as l know he touched many others. He was very special. You were blessed to have him, and he was blessed to have you. He will never be forgotten, love, Susan x
Anonymous said…
Only those who have lost a beloved pet know the extent of the pain which comes with that traumatic time. Endal was not only a much loved member of the Parton household but a legend amongst dogs. His name will live on in the hearts of those who knew him and had their lives touched by the incredible story of Alan and Endal.
We send our love Margaret and Janet
Anonymous said…
I cant even begin to imagine the pain Alen must be feeling at this hard time. Endal was more than a dog, he was a hero and a special friend. He will never be forgotten and will live on in everyones heart. Lets hope he gets his well deserved rest in heavan, where he will no doubt wait for Alen. My thoughts and prayers are with the family. Goodnight Endal, the sweetest most amazing dog that ever lived, you will be greatly missed by all,
Ruth xxxxxx
Anonymous said…
So many people in heaven needed Endal so he had to go
god bless you
what a dog he was
Anonymous said…
I was so very sad to hear that Endal had gone to the bridge. But also had a warm happy glow remembering his life and how much he gave to others, as I wrote a little tribute to Endal on D for Dog this afternoon using snippets from articles Allen had sent me over the years.

Endal will be dreadfully missed but I think what Allen said to me by email today is lovely:

"Endal was all about looking forward with hope and not back with sadness."

Endal was such an amazing dog and companion. Read all about Allen and Endal here:

Anonymous said…
I didn't know Endal's story until this week when I read the book, Endal. I turned each page eagerly, hoping that when I got to the last he would still be alive. I tearfully read the final pages this morning and was relieved to know that although he was near the end of his life, he was still alive. And then my husband read the article in today's Daily Mail telling me that Endal had died yesterday. It's so sad, Allen and his family will miss him greatly. Endal was truely a remarkable dog, bringing happiness to Allen, his family and lots of unkown people like me who now know of their story. Karen
Anonymous said…
My deepest sympathy and condolences go to the Parton family. Such an amazing dog can never be replaced. I am so glad that he will live on in the hearts and minds of so many and through Allan and Sandra's fantastic book.
Anonymous said…
I was totally shocked to receive Allen's e-mail to tell me the sad news about Endal.
I know how Allen and his family must be feeling and I send my love to you all.

I can say that all at Labrador Rescue South East and Central will be so upset to have lost one of our Patrons, he was an inspiration to all of us and we loved him so much. Give EJ an extra cuddle from us. Love Sheila
I have had many wonderful pictures and messages from Allen over the years and have always been impressed with the obvious love and the close bond he shared with Endal, you have been truly blessed.

God bless Endal, you will never be forgotten because you have a special place in all our hearts x
Anonymous said…
What a shame to lose Endal, it always comes as such a shock even though we know we will out live our friends by many years, I think we half expect them to live forever and they will in the hearts of those who love them.

Allen you have my deepest sympathies and I hope you are not too sad as he enjoyed wonderful years with you.

Run free Endal enjoy being young and well again xx
Anonymous said…
I had the privilege of photographing Endal many times . He was a true professional , always doing what was asked and making it look easy. He was a very special dog .

Jenny Goodall - Daily Mail Photographer .
Mindy LRSE&C said…
Endal will live on in our hearts. We were so proud to have him as one of our Patrons of Labrador Rescue South East and Central. He was allways such a star at our annual Labrador party and was an excellent judge of our fancy dress. That job will be EJ's now but I am sure Endal will have passed on his judging skills.

Thankyou Endal for helping us all at LRSE&C.

Rosie said…
I was very sad I was to hear of the death of Endal. Even though we all feared he was on borrowed time I’m sure it was a shock when the time came to say goodbye. He was such a wonderful dog – he had an aura that radiated strength, wisdom and compassion, and he leaves a special legacy – as well as a huge gaping hole in your hearts. I hope that in time your pain will ease and the tears will flow less frequently and you’ll be able to remember Endal with more joy than sorrow.
Anonymous said…
A vey "special" boy to all who met him run free at the bridge Endal....

Kathryn. Lab Rescue NW.
Anonymous said…
What a wonderful tribute, from Allen, to Endal his faithful companion for the past 12 years.
Endal was one dog in a million and will always be remembered.
My thoughts are with the family at this very sad time.
Run free Endal.
Anonymous said…
A fantastic, totally devoted dog, never to be forgoten. He will be waiting at rainbow bridge for Allan. Bless him.
Anonymous said…
Endal was truly an AMAZING dog. You couldn't ask for a better one. Endal reached my heart, and many others. He will be missed by all and he will never be forgotten. Goodbye Endal. Love Melzie x
Anonymous said…
I didn't know you Endal, nor Allen and Sandra, but I felt I did. Run free now at the Bridge sweetheart, you are free of any further pain, but assured that you you are still loved and your memory treasured by so many people. Goodnight, God Bless. xxx

Sending hugs and healing thoughts to Allen and Sandra as well.
Anonymous said…
So sorry to hear this sad news, though we know they are not with us physically forever it is hard to take when they leave. My thoughts are with you and yours Allen. I found these words and thought they were apt, hope you agree.

"The glory of friendship is not the outstretched hand,
nor the kindly smile nor the joy of companionship;
it is the spiritual inspiration that comes to one when
he discovers that someone else believes in him
and is willing to trust him."

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Karen xx
Anonymous said…
There are very many dogs in the world and god every so often graces us with
angels in furry coats. These are the dogs who have been here before and
choose to come back and change people's lives for the better.

Every year at Crufts I met with Endal,Allen and Sandra, After I lost Bella
they were such a support to me and Endal was the first dog I saw and I cried
into his fur.

A dog he was, yes, , but when you look into the eyes of Endal you see a wise
spirit destined to be sent to this world to make a difference.

Allen and Sandra were blessed to have him in their life following such a
tragedy and he was blessed to become a famous dog leaving behind a legacy
for millions of people.

At Crufts 2009 I gave Endal a kiss in the press room (he was on his bed and
we had a nice cuddle after what was a very long day for him) I told him he
was special and loved - I did not know then I was saying goodbye. It is with
great sadness I write this tribute but I know where Endal is going - back
home to where the angels live and I am sure my Bella will be there to greet

Jill Moss
President and Founder
The Bella Moss Foundation
knines said…
Thinking of Alan, Sandra and family on their very sad loss.

Endal was a great ambassador to the canine world and it was a privilege to meet Alan and Endal at Crufts for many years. He will live on in EJ.

Endal is now pain free and at peace.

Remember the 12 years you had together and and all the memories.

Thinking of you all.

Penny, Tuppence and Amber and their mum and dad.
Anonymous said…
My family and I are so sad to hear of Endal's passing. We where only watching his documentary on Sky Real Lives on Thursday. What an inspirational dog he was to all and taught so many people just what Dogs can and are capable of, not just Service Dogs but Dogs in general. There constant companionship, love and devotion, no matter who you are, what you've done or what you look like. Endal has so definitely earned his place amongst the Angels and our thoughts with Allen, Sandra and family at this incredibly difficult time.

Louise & Family x
suesjeff2 said…
We followed Endal's amazing life throughout, and in 2006 were privileged to meet Endal with Allen at Crufts. Endal allowed me to give him a hug, but he never stopped keeping an eye on his best friend!
God Bless Endal and Allen and family - you showed how love will always prevail. You are our thoughts always -
Sue, Dusty, Chez - HULL East Yorks xxx
Anonymous said…
Goodnight and god bless sweet boy, you will be sadly missed by your family and all your devoted followers, one in a million.

My deepest sympathy to all the Parton family

Love Woodysmum xxxx
Anonymous said…
I will never forget the day that i met Allen, Endal & EJ. Allen using a wooden ramp so that Endal could clime into the back of my taxi. listining to Allens incredable story it bacame clear that Endal was no ordenary dog. He will be sadly missed. in the 12yrs that i have been a taxi driver no one has made such an impression on me than Allen. my Deepest Sympathy.
helen said…
Every pet that passes takes a little piece of our hearts. They are a part of our family and their love is unconditional. Endal was something very special. He was a part of all our families and he takes a piece of all our hearts.
We were honoured to have known Endal through his work for Labrador Rescue South East and Central. He never forgot his duties and he truly was a gentleman amongst dogs.
We feel you loss Allen. Our thoughts are with you and your family. All our lives are better for having known Endal and all our hearts are saddened by his passing.
Cross over the rainbow bridge Endal and run free x
Joy said…
I heard about Endal's passing over our Labrador Forum yesterday. Some years ago I stumbled upon Allen and Endal's story on their website. Their story touched my heart and over the years, I visited their website to read about any new updates and photos. Endal, you epitomize the true character of what the Labrador Breed is all about and a wonderful blessing to Allen and his family.
Anonymous said…
My name is Jill Brooks and I am a helper for Labrador Rescue South East and Central. I had the privilege of meeting Endal and Allen at one of our annual Dogs' Parties and it was a magical time. I knew about them from the 'Dogs with Jobs' documentary programmes that were on the National Geographic channel and never thought then that I would meet them. As you must know, they became patrons of our charity. I had a wonderful conversation with Allen last year when the Endal montage was unveiled at Crufts and would love to buy a print for myself if there are any. Since 2003 I have rehomed many labradors and have told Endal's story to many of the people who adopt our dogs. Always they are open-mouthed at the achievements of this wonderful labrador and this very brave man and his family. It is a story worth telling and it is good to know that Endal and Allen are now so well-known.

I can imagine how they must feel because I, like hundreds of others, have had to lay my own dogs to rest. It is the final gift we can give them when it is time to go. EJ, I know is doing really well so Allen will once more have the help and assistance from this very special breed.

There must be hundreds of tributes pouring in but probably not many of them were able to meet this wonderful combination of man and dog. How very lucky I am. Endal's picture has been on my desk, next to this computer since the day I met him and there it will stay.

With best wishes
vikki said…
My thoughts are with all of you at this sad time, it is now time for Endal to run free at the bridge. His work has been done and he has touched in so many places that maybe he will never quite know and understand, but all those left behind will never forget. You have been loved more than you will ever know and that love will never leave you. Run free Endal, Vikki, Baja & Mole
Anonymous said…
I'd heard so much about Endal before meeting him that I was half-expecting him to be wearing a super-hero cape when we were introduced! He lived up to every expectation - bar the outfit, of course - and had the most wise, gentle eyes.

He was Allen's rock - but an inspiration to everyone. Everyone who met him - or even read him - smiled, and he has done more for promoting how 'the dog factor' than any canine I know. In this time of anti-dog propaganda, he showed what dogs are all about - unconditional love and many, many smiles.

Sadly, those smiles have turned to tears now he's gone - but they will come back with time. He was a dog in a billion - and we'll all miss him.

(I still suspect that he wore Superman pants under his dog fur, however, and changed into a cape when needed - such as when he put Allen in the recovery position, or pulled the plug in the bath when Allen lost consciousness....)

Endal, you were a hound for a hero - and a hero yourself, big guy.

Anonymous said…
Allen and Sandra, my heart goes out to both you and the children. Endal was an exceptional pooch, a truly remarkable partnership, enlightening so many lives, thank you Endal. It was an absolute pleasure knowing you. Sweet dreams
Brian T. said…
Really sorry at your loss, just think of the good times and the wonderfull life shared between good friends, and remember the Rainbow bridge will welcome you both agin, while gone from your life but never absent from your heart.
Anonymous said…
From Pete and Cherry

Thank you Allen for sharing Endal with the rest of the world. He was an absolutely INCREDIBLE dog and did things far, far beyond any of his training.

Give a special hug to Ikea and EJ (& an extra biscuit).
Beverley Cuddy said…
We met Allen and Endal at a conference a few years ago held by Oscar Pet Foods when we were part of the franchise.

We were both very touched by the genuine kindness they showed each other and were proud to have known them.

We watched the programme last week about The Dog That Saved Our Marriage and feel that that is a very fitting tribute to such a wonderful friend and companion.

Our thoughts are with the Parton family at this sad time but feel it is time to look back and celebrate Endal's life.

Patrick & Jean Harnedy - Herne Bay
Anonymous said…
The recent loss of Endal, arguably the best known "assistance dog" will obviously leave a big gap in the lives of the Parton family.

Endal and Allen have for many years been prominent and very energetic ambassadors for all that dogs do for humans. They frequently appeared at major events throughout the country and supported a large number of worthwhile causes. These included all the various assistance dogs organisations and forces welfare.

Another passion has been Dog Theft Action, a charity dedicated to help prevent dogs being stolen and to assist those who have been victim to this despicable crime.

The passing of Endal is also a sad loss to all dog owners as his high profile in the media can not be over-estimated. He became a real personality and championed the importance of dogs in all our lives.

However, as Endal leaves us his replacement is now preparing himself to act as Allen's aid and companion. EJ ,as he is known, will continue championing so many causes as he inherits Endal's place beside Allen.

So, with the passing of Endal, a wonderful era comes to end but another undoubtedly begins with his replacement, EJ - Endal Junior.

Neil Ewart

The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association
Anonymous said…
With deepest sympathy to all the Parton family. Endal was such an incredible dog. After reading the book I felt that I could truelly relate to it as it was confirmed in January that I have been accepted to have an assistence dog, also from Canine Partners. I know how isolating having a disability can be so I could empathize more with Allen. Dogs do not judge - no matter your disbility etc and that was emphasized in the book. Even though I didn't physically meet Endal, I would have loved to. He was very special and he has touched so many lives. He will be sadly missed and never forgotton. Love Kayleigh x x x
Anonymous said…
Endal was an amazingly talented dog, he was far more than just an assistance dog. He had a special ability to tune into Allens thoughts and he knew that Allen needed him that's why he was so determined to get Allens attention and become his life long companion. It's a very rare event when a dog as special as Endal comes along, he was sent to Allen because he was the only one who could get through to him. Endal touched the hearts of everyone who had the privilege to meet him and even those who didn't meet him. I feel tremendously honoured to have been lucky enough to have met him.
Run free Endal, happy, healthy and pain free.
God bless all the Parton family
Gail Stewart
Anonymous said…
Allen & Family,
I am really so sorry for your sad loss of dear Endal. To lose such a wonderfully, talented pet who has made such a dramatic difference to your lives must be just heartbreaking. He seemed like a fabulous dog who touched many lives and I am sure he will be looking down on you and your family right now with a big smile and a wagging tail.
God bless you all
Lyndsey xx
Anonymous said…
I was fortunate to have become acquainted with both Endal and the Partons through the genuine honour of being commissioned to paint the old boy's portrait. It allowed me an insite that perhaps not everyone has had and for that, and the great pleasure I derived from actually paint his lordship, I shall be iternally grateful. I can only begin to imagine the pain and emptyness you all must feel right now and I wanted you to know that I share it.
Nigel Hemming
taxpayer said…
I have many good memories (and some good pictures) of Endal (and also Allen) - driving them to LHR for the Airport TV program, going on various "adventures" to photograph Endal on the bus, trying out the new 444 trains, using the Gosport Ferry, trying out the train at LGW, posting a letter at the local postbox.

The pictures will continue to remind us of what Endal was and I expect that in the fullness of time we will have a collection of pictures of EJ emulating Endal.

Thank you for the pictures Endal - RIP
Our dog, Elliot, now retired as a canine partner, was trained alongside Endal when Alan was befriended by his beloved dog. We are so sad for the Parton Household and our thoughts with you.
Elliot wears his 'friends jacket' with pride when we are out in the City and so many stop and want to talk. There is now an extra topic to pass on, and the name of Endal will live on forever.
All our love J & D XX
Beverley Cuddy said…
Dear Allen and Dear Endal you have been an inspiration to me all the years I have known you. You have made me laugh and you have made me cry - Allen, the witty and Endal, the beautiful. You may have met in a chicken shed but what became of that meeting has shown the world so much about wisdom and fun and love. We are all in your debt

Endal last came to see me in January, bringing Allen, Sandra, EJ and Ikea with him.
As ever he created a relaxed atmosphere in the studio. We were in the presence of a really remarkable character.
I always knew I could rely on Endal to get on the background as he had done for the past nine years and persuade Allen to perform. Truly inspirational.
Anonymous said…
To Allen, Sandra and family and everyone at Canine Partners,

I just wanted to write to say how sorry I was to hear the very sad news about Endal. I know Endal enriched your lives and he also made a big impression on everyone he met.

I (and my own Labrador ) had met Allen and Endal on several occasions at events over the years. He was a truly remarkable dog and will certainly be missed by many.

I’m sure you’ve heard it before but Rudyard Kipling couldn’t have put it better…..

Brothers and sisters, I bid you beware
Of giving your heart to a dog to tear.

Thinking of you at this difficult time.

Debbie Rowlands
Anonymous said…
Just wanted to say how much Endal has touched my life…….. I purchased the book at a book store on the Sunshine Coast in Australia a couple of weeks ago and just could not put it down…read it in a day. Such a wonderful book and so well written. The book really touched my heart so I decided to send an email to the author and his wife, just to compliment them on their achievements. To my surprise Allen wrote to me, a wonderful email which I will always treasure, not only did he write once to thank me but he sent lots of media coverage and beautiful photos of his dogs and his wife. He truly is an amazing guy. He also informed me of the documentary of Endal that was shown in the U.k which I got a friend to tape for me.
Today my Father in the u.k informed me of the sad loss…so I consequently emailed Allen and his wife and received an absolutely wonderful reply. My heart goes out to them both at this sad time. Having had a couple of Labradors I know just how much joy they bring into our lives and when you lose them it is incredibly painful, and a large part of your life dies.
Endal was a truly amazing dog and has done so much in his life to bring such joy to so many people. Even though I had never heard of him before the book I read a few weeks ago, he has really made an impact on me and I am just so sorry that I will never be able to meet him.
Kind Regards
Denise Edwards
Bribie Island
Anonymous said…
In a world where dogs are fully aware of the human psyche but most humans are unaware of dogs' basic communication signals, Endal took on his service dog role with a professionalism that would put most human workers to shame. I am very proud to have known him through the columns of my online magazine. His life story is an example of total canine dedicaion, loyalty and service. He will be sadly missed. Much love on your newest journey. XX
Anonymous said…
I was saddened to read of Endals passing. Many times our paths crossed, one time was when we (holly and I) were in the awards at the wag and bone show 2004 when Endal received his lifetime achievement award. He was a wonderful dog who will live on in our memories. I wish Allen, Sandra and family the best with the future. My thought are with them at this sad time. Endal touched many hearts and will live on through them.
niki and holly
Anonymous said…
We first met Alan and Endal through our involvement with LRSEC as they have been active patrons of the charity. Endal was always pleased to see anyone who approached him. I can remember his deep throaty bark of excitment to say hello. Having lost a dog myself, many years ago, I can remember the pain of his passing. So I can only guess at what the Parton family are feeling at the moment. In time the pain fades and you are left with joyful memories that make you laugh until you cry and this is great. You never really lose an exceptional dog. They are always with you while you remember them. Endal will be remembered by so many people that it will be impossible for him to fade from memory. Which is just as it should be. We are sure that in time, EJ will prove a worthy successor and wish the Partons, and EJ, all our love. Pat, Doug, Fidget & Bosun
Anne Tipper said…
I am so sad that Endal has passed away . I was never lucky enough to meet him but feel I know him from reading articles and the book of his journey with the Parton Family and I know both he and Allen have inspired many people to pick themselves up and get on with what life has thrown at them. I cannot imagine the huge hole left since he has gone but his memory will live on and I'm sure he's in heaven now,lying upside down with his legs akimbo waiting for the next "task " to come his way - Night night and God Bless to the Dog of the Millenium and our thoughts to the Parton Family - Anne and Duchess xx
Sparkles said…
I watched the TV program today and was so touched by Allen and Endal's story. What a remarkable dog and a wonderful story. It's great news that EJ is turning out to be such a great dog too - Endal certainly trained him up well. Endal & Allen's story is such a strong message about the strength and power of our relationships with man's best friend.
Lucy Mars xXx
Anonymous said…
I read Endal's story over the weekend in a newspaper and rushed out to get the book as well. This is the most heartwarming story I've ever read and serves as a reminder of just how wonderful dogs really are. Here's to Endal and his new life across the bridge.
Anonymous said…
Meeting Allen and Endal made a huge and everlasting impression on me. Endal was an exceptional dog and his and Allen's partnership was very special. Allen, I have no doubt you were Endal's forever person and he was your forever dog. My thoughts are with you, your family, EJ and Ikea.
Lucci and Endal will now meet in heaven
Anonymous said…
My heart is breaking for you Allen and family - its so terriby hard to those we love so much. Just looking at the beautiful photo of Endall that Beverley posted shows what a wise and loving soul he has. I am sure Endall's spirit is still with you and he will live on in your hearts and in the memories of the thousands whose lives he touched.

I always find this poem helps a little so I hope it may do for you too:

Do not stand at my grave and weep;
I am not there. I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the morning's hush
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry;
I am not there. I did not die.

Love and blessings, Mandy xx
Anonymous said…
I am so sorry to hear of Endal's passing.

I met Allen, Sandra, Endal, Ikea and EJ when I worked at Canine Partners last year. Allen and Sandra were particularly welcoming to me and attended exhibitions that I organised with huge enthusiasm and I shall remember Crufts 2008 fondly with all of them being there. The bond between Allen and Endal was superb to watch both taking care of each others needs instinctively. Endal has left a huge gap that needs to be filled but EJ had an excellent role model/tutor and I know that Endal will be pleased to see his good work being carried on from above. RIP Endal. Lesley xx
Anonymous said…
I was saddened to hear of Endal's passing. He was a special boy who Allen was destined to meet that day when an inseparable bond was formed between them.

I can only say to Allen that Endal will always walk by your side in spirit - small comfort, I know, Allen - but he will never leave you. Part of him lives on in EJ, and he will be keeping an eye on you both from his comfortable spot at the Rainbow Bridge, no doubt lending a guiding paw now and then.

Jill Dellow
Corby, Nothants.
sue said…
What a privelege to have been involved from the beginning of this remarkable story as Endals
breeders.How proud we were every call or email from Allen updating us.Endal was unique, his devotion intelligence and perception evoked emotion from everyone he met.Never a dry eye after an Endal moment even now as i write this.God bless the greatest canine ambassador ever. "our boy" Sue and Barry
Anonymous said…
I am a new foster puppy parent but have learnt how much a dog like Endal can enrich and save lives, through reading the book. Endal was a one off but I am sure through his story he will continue to inspire others to get involved with other canine partners. He will not be forgotten.x
Chapstaff said…
I've just finished reading your book Allen,your wife is a very brave & caring lady.
I found it very poignant reading about you & your family preparing for Endal's retirement :(

I'm glad he didn't have a prolonged illness & that it was quite quick in the end.

Endal will be a hard act to follow, but you have a gift with dogs, so I'm sure between the two of you you'll get EJ trained up well.

I hope he gives you some comfort.

Love from Caroline, & Staffie licks from Tala x
Anonymous said…
I have read the tales of Endal, EJ and Allen over the past years in Dogs Today and came to feel that I knew them in some small way. The antics of both dogs and Ikea making me smile when I too was low during my own fight with illness. The loss for the Parton family will be a huge one which will take time to accept. Many tears will be shed I am sure, both happy and sad. Endal truly was a special dog!!

I have been to be able to get to know Allen better over the last few weeks via direct correspondence regarding his new charity Hounds For Heroes which I have become involved with. I am truly honoured that Allen has asked me to become one of the trustees of his new charity and look forward to working with him to ensure the legacy of Endal goes on.

Allen, Sandra and family, my thoughts are with you, but together we will make sure his abilities and special character go on to help other injured service personnel.

With love
Anonymous said…
I was honoured to meet Endal several times at an annual Christmas Fayre when the Canine Partners stall was next to the stall I was running. Endal was still quite young and fairly new as a member of the Parton family but even then he was a credit to them and loved the attention he got. Who would think he would go on to be as famous as he was. If I am so saddened by his loss I can't imagine how Alan, and his family, must be feeling.

Endal was not only an amazingly clever and intelligent dog he was an example to us humans of what true love, loyalty and commitment are.

Keep that tail a wagging Endal. XXSu
Anonymous said…
I just wanted to say i am really sorry to hear about Endal & am thinking of you, I was hoping to meet you all at Crufts this year & did go on the Saturday but didn't find you & now i am really gutted I didn't get to meet the original wonder dog.
I read the book & thought it was excellent.

You, Sandra & Endal are a true inspiration & hopefully EJ will do his predessor proud.

Thank you for publishing your story, Hope to see you all at Crufts next year!

In memory of the lovely Endal.... cheers.
Anonymous said…
Dear Allen and wonderful family, with love from Lorna and Rhys xx

Allen - thank you so much for the direction to this blog. We are honoured to be able to tell you how much Endal touched us when we watched that TV programme. We fell in love with him through the screen and I had a lump in my throat from the moment we learned of his athritis. I even shed a few tears at the end when we learned of the sad, sad loss. But to spend his last moments in your arms is sheer happiness and perfection. What an incredible dog. We have joined to facebook support page and would be delighted to hear how the gorgeous EJ is getting on.

Allen - we admire you and your family greatly after the programme telling us of your struggle over many years. My partner Rhys currently serves in the armed forces and wishes to send you his upmost regards and respect.

We will miss Endal with all our hearts and will be thinking of you at this sad time. With all our love to you, Sandra, your children and your beautiful dogs Ikea and Ej xxx

May your life be filled with smiles x
Anonymous said…
Dear Allen,Sandra and Family

We are all thinking of you at this sad time. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Endal was an amazing dog and we will all miss him.

Kindest wishes

Love Denise C
Anonymous said…
I first met Allen and Endal in the press office at Crufts 2005 and since then have seen the Dynamic Duo on numerous occasions – some formal, some informal. The thing that always struck me about this incredibly intelligent and handsome dog, who behaved impeccably during public appearances, remembrance parades, TV interviews, dog shows and demonstrations, was that he was also a very happy and much loved pet with an endearing capacity for mischief.

Allen sometimes grumbled that Endal needed a bath after rolling in something unpleasant or he had chased a rabbit into the undergrowth while out on walks but in the final weeks of Endal’s life he slept beside him on the floor so that his beloved dog – always on duty - would not wake during the night to check on his master. I could not help but laugh when Allen complained that he woke up one morning to find that Endal had availed himself of the comfortable settee during the night while Allen remained on the floor.

Although we were all expecting it, I was personally devastated to hear the sad news about Endal on Friday 13th March – it felt as though my own dog had passed away. Since then I have realised that the Parton family have shared Endal with dog lovers all over the world for 12 years. The intrusion into family life must have been hard to accept – but I’m so glad they did and I thank them from the bottom of my heart. Endal made us all feel better and I will miss him more than words can express.

Margaret Nawrockyi
Anonymous said…
Goodbye Endal and Thank You

It was with great sadness that the Trustees of Dog Theft Action (DTA) learned that their first Canine Advisor, Endal had died at his home in Portsmouth aged 13. His owner and partner Allen Parton, Vice Chairman of DTA rang to say that the vet had come to Endal at 11.00 on Friday 13th March. Only a week earlier Endal had made his final visit to Crufts 2009 at the side of Allen’s wheelchair.

Endal joined DTA in 2005 and was always present at DTA events as well as on the stand at dog shows where he patiently and kindly greeted the public, posed for countless photographs and demonstrated the potential of the microchip.

Endal was also our canine representative in the Houses of Parliament. Every month Endal and Allen would travel to Westminster to represent DTA at the Associate Party Group for Animal Welfare. There Endal was a favourite among the members and would participate in appreciation for presentations with a gentle and encouraging ‘Woof’.

At a recent Annual General Meeting of DTA Trustees the secretary’s report read as follows,

“Our dear friend Endal – the very first DTA canine advisor is now enjoying a peaceful retirement at home in Portsmouth. I would like to express my sincere thanks to Allen for all his efforts in ensuring that DTA was included in Endal’s list of public appearances which I know could rival that of any movie star or premier footballer.

“The contribution Allen and Endal – the Dynamic Duo - have made to DTA’s understanding of complex issues, morale, integrity and constancy is priceless. So thank you Endal – it has been wonderful having you with us and have a long, healthy and very happy retirement.”

The Trustees were very much aware that Endal’s health was not good. He had been injured at Crufts 2007 and struggled to recover. It was always a delight to see Endal at events and shows but it gradually became more and more apparent that old age was taking its toll. It was wonderful to see Endal in the press office at Crufts 2009 but we knew it would be our final meeting with the Dog of the Millennium.

The Trustees send their very best wishes to the Parton Family at this sad time and
celebrate the life of this wonderful dog who touched the heart of everyone he met.
Anonymous said…
endal was a very special boy and although i never met him i feel very sad at his passing. R.I.P Endal, go play with my boys at rainbow bridge xx
Anonymous said…
Thinking of you all at this sad time.

Endal was a very bright star but I am confident his son EJ will shine just as brightly. I am sure EJ and Ikea will also continue to raise awareness of a very important issue which needs a great deal of support in order to improve the lives of so many injured service men and women.

x Alli x
Anonymous said…
Sending heartfelt wishes to the Parton Family on your sad loss.

Endal touched the heart of millions across the globe and his memory will live on in EJ and Ikea.

Having just finished your book,Allen and Sandra you are a true inspiration to us all.

Run free Endal,with much love to you all xx
Sandy BB said…
Endal changed my life forever for the better. You only had to meet Allen & Endal for a moment to see the amazing bond they had.The two were a ray of sunshine, on a cloudy day.A constant source of inspiration to me.
My heart is heavy to think of Allen with out his constant companion. But Endals work must have been done here. He worked his magic- lit the flame of goodness for Little EJ to help Allen continue on doing all the good they do in the world.Making all the world a much nicer place to be.
I could go on forever- But the entire Parton family is in my prayers as always, hoping time will make the saddness more bearable.
Allen always reminds me- "Endal was never about sadness"-
Love to you,
Sandra in America
Anonymous said…
When I first saw the little yellow puppy sitting by himself, I had no idea that he would one day be one of the most well-known and internationally loved dogs - Endal. He passed my assessment and began training as an assistance dog for Canine Partners, and was always a sensitive and intelligent little chap. Allen needed a dog to bring out his personality and confidence, whilst Endal needed a handler who was patient and encouraging to allow him to achieve his potential.

The wonderful thing about this relationship was that they were made for each other. Together they achieved more than most people could imagine, and yet little would have been possible without the support of Allen's wife Sandra and their children. Team Parton made sure that the concept of dogs helping people stayed in the public's mind, and counteracted much of the negative publicity about dogs that recurs in the tabloids and on the television. Allen reminded people constantly that there are dogs everywhere doing extraordinary jobs working for people.With Allen by his side, Endal was bold enough to fly in planes, do brilliant unrehearsed exercises for live TV, appear at Crufts, and be filmed by hundreds of film crews. He was one of the truly great dogs, and will be very sadly missed by all who knew him. And he leaves some very big paw prints indeed for Endal Junior to fill!

Nina Bondarenko
Phoebe said…
Endal has been touching the hearts of everyone during the last 13 years. Even though he has fallen asleep, he will stil be touching all our hearts, throughout the world for many years to come. Let's not look back on Endal sadly, but look forward and rejoice his life. Endal will go down in history as a wonder dog, whom was such a joy to everyone.
My thoughts go to Allen, Sandra and EJ at this hard time in their life, and may our thoughts brighten up their lifes, at this moment in time.
Thanks to Allen and Sandra for their book as no-one who has read it will forget this golden joy.
Farewell Endal, we love you.
Lucy xxx
Anonymous said…
What a beautiful, wonderful, loyal friend Endal was to Allen & his family. He came just at the right time when everything else had failed, and he rescued Alan and his family right back from a very dark place. I never met Endal (but I really wished I had!!!!!!!). I have just read his book which made me cry. Endal was so selfless, he never once thought of himself, he just wanted to look after Allen and please him. Well he certainly did that, he achieved everything he set out to achieve and he should be so proud of himself.

I can't imagine the pain Allen and his family are going through at the moment, but my thoughts are with them at this sad time.

I no that Endal will be watching Allen, and he will be feeling very happy with himself at all he and his family have achieved. I know that he would not like Allen to be sad because he's gone, he would want him to remember the good times and look forward to his new life with EJ whom I know he loved dearly.

This is a truly remarkable story, and just shows how animals can touch our lives. Each animal has different qualities, but what they all are is extremely loyal, with endless love.

When I found out Endal had passed away I was so upset, I couldn't believe that such a special dog was no longer with us.

Endal will be remembered by everyone who had the privilege to know him, and everyone who had the privilege to read his book.

God bless you Endal, you are a one in a million.

Tanya & Murphy (lick lick)
Anonymous said…
Endal and Allen not only touched my life but also the lives of all the guests at my wedding back in 2003. We asked for donations to CPI rather than wedding gifts and were absolutely thrilled when Allen and Endal came along to receive the cheque. Allen spoke so movingly about Endal and how he had changed his life and I think everyone in that room that night was humbled, touched and moved by what dogs can help their humans to achieve. Allen has stayed in touch with me ever since and remembers my Mum ever year when she pounces on him and Endal at Crufts! She was so happy to have been able to see Endal this year at his final public appearance. Endal was a remarkable dog who was able to reach his true potential in Allen & Sandra's care. Endal touched many many lives and his legacy means that he'll continue to do so for many many years. Tamryn xx
Anonymous said…
What a wonderful dog "Endal" will never be forgotten. All the great things he did will live on for ever and the new dog who takes over will have a hard job to match him but life must go on and we wish you well for the future.

Ann & Bob Hatcher
Anonymous said…
Having grown up around Labradors I had some idea of their generous and intelligent nature, and their unconditional love towards their owners, but after reading Allen and Endal's story I was overwhelmed. I bought the book for my mother, who suffered a brain hemorrhage in 2004 and we have found it to be an immense inspiration to us all. I will also be passing it on to the people I work with, who also suffer with serious brain injuries. Endal was surely one in a million but he has shown the way for many to follow in his paw prints :) Love and thoughts to the Parton family, and to all those who's lives have been affected by war - there is a beacon of light out there and it comes in the form of a golden yellow labrador :)
Elaine Mansfield said…
I have just finished Endal's story, what an amazing dog,such devotion and unconditional love. Allen, you and your family have been through a lot but what a true joy to have Endal in your life. I am very saddened indeed to learn of Endal's passing, my heart aches for you in your loss. Be assured of my thoughts and prayers and in the knowledge that Endal knows you made the right decision for him.
We will all meet our canine companions at 'The Bridge'.
Endal will long be remembered by many unknown people, especially me, who now know his story.

'Gone from our sight
But never our memory;
Gone from our touch
But never our heart.'

Kindest regards,
Elaine (Mansfield)
Hobart, Tasmania
Anonymous said…
I have just finished reading the book after meeting Endal at cruffs this year. He is an amazing dog and is very inspiring to all dog lovers. Thinking of you! Ellie X
Anonymous said…
Thinking of you all at this sad time, I know how you feel as I lost my own dog in 1991. But have now got myself a Westie named Monty. He keeps me going as I have my bad and good days as I too have a disability. Your book was really good you should be very proud of Endal. He will not be forgotten Jen
karen moroney said…
My thoughts are with you and your family at this very sad time. Endal was a truly amazing dog and will stay in your hearts for ever. He was unique and loved you as much as you loved him. I can empathise with you so much as I also lost my beautiful goldlen lab in Dec and am finding it so hard to cope with the immense loss, but know that I will meet him again one day as you will Endal.
Love Karen xx
The story of ENDAL and the tributes posted here can only begin to show the tremendous force for good that an assistance dog - and ENDAL in particular - can play in someone's life.
Such working dogs literally transform the existence of the person lucky enough to receive one. Even so-called 'ordinary pets' have great potential to change lives and of course we love them all.
There are hundreds of dogs out there, working to help people, whether they be Guide Dogs, Canine Partners, Hearing Dogs for the deaf etc. ENDAL was an exceptional dog and showed what can be achieved. Please support the training of these fabulous dogs, in ENDAL's memory.
Terry Knott
Sue Edwards Gough said…
The very first time I met Allen and Endal I was blown away by the capabilities and wonderful calm nature which Endal had. I am not a "dog" person and indeed for many years had a fear of dogs but within minutes of meeting them both Endal was there at my feet keeping a close eye on Allen who was seated next to me and I was extremely comfortable with him being there. I had the privilege of meeting them both on a number of occassions in my role as a charity co-ordinator for Zurich as they formed a partnership with CPI to raise funding for these amazing dogs. I was extremely proud also to host a visit to Newcastle by Allen and Endal, which turned out to be a very emotional visit for Allen. Endal was a huge hit with everyone in the office and took a liking to a number of girls legs as they were wearing Nivea cream which he had taken a liking too - crafty or what?

I am sure Endal will be teaching a lot of old dogs many new tricks in his new life - God bless him.

I have been in contact with Allen and I know that Endal will be a huge miss to them all but I also know that they will all carry on with the amazing spirit always shown by the Partons.
Anonymous said…
In response to Mr Knott's, CEO of Canine Partners, comments above. To use a Endal's good name in his death to promote your charity is absolutely abhorrent. This blog is simply about Endal and it is obvious that you really never fully understood what Endal truly meant to so many and what he represents even now after his death. Promote the charity with one of you many living dogs don't stoop so low as pretend to care now with such hollow words. Endal devoted his whole life to Allen Parton, he showed little EJ the ropes and in doing so gave Allen such hope for the future. Was it not Canine Partners that robbed Mr Parton of that dream, yet now still want their pound of flesh!
I'd not donate a penny to your charity one that is obviously so shallow and morally bankrupt. I would imagine the other organisations you that you have mentioned would feel equally uncomfortable at you poorly executed pitch at fund raising.
Beverley Cuddy said…
What an amazing dog Endal was. He showed the true qualities of a canine companian such as love and loyalty. I think Allen should be so proud of Endal, just like the rest of the dog loving world is.

I read Allen and Sandra's wonderful new book and I loved it. Hearing of the how one dog did so much in his life time was so very moving and this couple should be very pleased with what they have managed to achieved with the help of their loveable Labrador, Endal.

Like the death of any special dog, Endal's will probably not be easy. There will always be a part of the Parton family missing. The part Endal has taken with him on his journey to heaven, along with all the other good dogs and friends.

I wish Allen luck with training of EJ and I am sure he will try to lick away all your tears and pain. I know it feels to lose a dog you love but the hurt will soon tranform into happy memories over time because that is how Endal would want you to remember him.

Jessica Ellis, age 13
Beverley Cuddy said…
What an amazing dog Endal was. He showed the true qualities of a canine companian such as love and loyalty. I think Allen should be so proud of Endal, just like the rest of the dog loving world is.

I read Allen and Sandra's wonderful new book and I loved it. Hearing of the how one dog did so much in his life time was so very moving and this couple should be very pleased with what they have managed to achieved with the help of their loveable Labrador, Endal.

Like the death of any special dog, Endal's will probably not be easy. There will always be a part of the Parton family missing. The part Endal has taken with him on his journey to heaven, along with all the other good dogs and friends.

I wish Allen luck with training of EJ and I am sure he will try to lick away all your tears and pain. I know it feels to lose a dog you love but the hurt will soon tranform into happy memories over time because that is how Endal would want you to remember him.

Jessica Ellis, age 13
Linda Jane Burr said…
I am so pleased I have read your book Allen and Sandra because it is one of the most moving books I have read and will stay with me. I think Endal was amazing but then you are an amazing family to. Endal is an inspiration or should be to us all. I feel priviledged to have discovered him through your words and he shows just how important dogs are to us.
Amanda Bennett said…
Good night and God Bless Endal. Allen Endal is in your heart and he will always be there, his body may have given up on him but his spirit is still living on in your heart, he has so profoundly shaped the person you have become, that gift he has given is a legacy that won't ever leave you.

Take care and Endal you are another little star twinkling in the sky.
Beverley Cuddy said…
Dear Beverley
I started reading the Endal & Allen book in early March 09, it was the cover that attracted me with the picture of a labrador on it. I was hooked and read about an amazing dog and the courage and sheer determination of his owner and family. I was glued and finished it tht same afternoon. My connection is that I too own a yellow lab - a girl named Honey, aged 11.5 years.
Sadly we learned on Friday 13th Honey was extremely ill and passed away on the morning of the 14th. We decided immediately another dog was not for us, as no one could ever replace our beloved pet but we wanted to do something in her memory, having the book close by I remembered Allen's charitable work with Labs and wrote to him, by return I learned the sad news of Endal's passing too. A double devestation in one weekend. I know exactly how they must be feeling.
Well in both their memory's we have set-up our standing order to the Central Region Lab Rescue, knowing the spirit of Endal will live on in EJ and Honey will be at peace now. Endal - you were one shining star and hope your glow touches everyone in heaven, you and Allen were truly inspirational partnership and hope you managed to impart all your skills to EJ who can continue your loyalty and service.
With our love and thanks for sharing your story, The Goodwin Family, Telford, Shrops.
Beverley Cuddy said…
Mr Parton and Family

I cannot express how sad it was to hear of the passing of your dear ENDAL.

It was always a pleasure to see both and sometimes three of you at the Crufts Dog Show. I always made a point of taking photos at the show and indeed the last photo that I took at the 2008 event was of ENDAL on his own, that came about because as I was walking along one of the many corridors outside of the main halls at the NEC I came across the two of you having a rest, when I asked if I could take a picture of the both of you, you moved out of the way with a cheery 'He is the important one'.
the photo that I took was of ENDAL wearing his mauve Canine Partners jacket, sitting upright and looking at you like a King.

No words can ever do him justice and I am sure the rest of your family along with EJ and IKEA miss him greatly, but although you can't see him I am sure he is still watching over you to make sure things are being done right.

If ENDAL is laid to rest at the Ilford PDSA Pet Cemetery, where he was the guest of honour when it reopened after the refurbishment, I am sure he will be well looked after.

Anyway, take care of all of yourselves, I just felt you had to know how greatly thought of he was.

ENDAL truly was THE DOG of the MILLENNIUM.

With great respect

Lesley Ford
Anonymous said…
I first met Allen and Endal in 2002 when he gave a talk at one of the Information Sessions at Canine Partners in Heyshott. Our club, Cobham Dog Training Club, had been invited to attend as we had been running some charity events for them. I remember being totally amazed at their story - it was so inspirational. The close relationship the two of them had was obvious from the start - it was as if Endal could read Allen's thoughts! However, he also had a lot of character and some of the things he did made us all laugh, including Allen. I know Endal touched so many people's lives - he was such a celebrity but throughout all this he wanted one thing only - to please Allen. I also think that by demonstrating his intelligence in so many ways e.g. placing Allen in a recovery position following an accident, has shown us what dogs are really capable of if we just help them along the way. It was probably because of this particular evening that our club decided to adopt Canine Partners as our main fundraising charity and since then we have organised quiz nites, charity dinners, first aid talks and sponsored walks to help raise money for them.
The book Sandra and Allen have written is both honest and heartwarming. Endal was very special because he adopted Allen, normally it is we who choose our dogs. It was a perfect relationship and I think the book will be a lasting legacy, particularly for Allen, but one that all dog owners should read. It shows what an influence dogs can have in our lives."

With kind regards

Pauline Scholey KCAI
TraceyDixon said…
I came across the book Endal whilst doing my shopping at Asda, and I don't think i have ever been so affected by a book in my life. Although I have never met the Partons or the wonderful Endal, i feel that through the book they entered my life. I was deeply saddened to hear of Endal's passing and I pass on my deepest sympathy, losing any dog is a deeply emotional time, due to Endal's commitment and work this must be ten-fold for Allen.
Endal was truly a dog in a million, an inspiration to many. God bless Endal x
Anonymous said…
Endal's story was inspirational and I was saddened to learn of his death in Dogs today. He was a truly remarkable dog. What a wonderful companion he must have been and I'm sure Allen and all the family will miss him very much. Pet bereavement is very hard because of the short time we have to share with them, but the pain does diminish with time and remembering them becomes easier.
Irene said…
I have just finished reading your book, what an amazing dog. You have both been so lucky to have found each other, I am sure Endal will be enjoying his rest while waiting for his Dad. God bless you Endal you are one in a million xx
Kelly- Kobelco Labradors AUSTRALIA said…
As a fellow labrador breeder in
Australia "Kobelco Labradors" any book with a lab on the front cover is going to comand my atttention. When i picked up the book I had no idea just how much attention, I could not put it down. Endal certainly was a special dog. I have since insisted that a friend who had a head injury in around 2001 read it, he has, and can relate to how Alan felt trapped in his body, his wife is one of my good freinds. thanks for such a great book.
Kelly- Sunny Australia
Wendy Seddon said…
Endal was very special and will be missed so much. He inspired me to become a PAT dog volunteer with our Border Terrier, Bill, which is one of the many examples of how he touched the lives of people who had never even met him. A truly devoted companion to Allen, I feel sure he is stood tall with his ears and tail up watching over the ones he loved. He will always be remembered. Wendy x
Erika Alberts said…
I saw the book on the shelf end March (in South Africa) and just had to buy it. It touched me so much that I have decided to search for Endal on the internet. It was with great sadness that I saw Endal has passed away earlier that month. He devoted his life to assist his master and I feel so sorry for Alan who feels this loss tremendously. Good luck to the Parton family! Erika - South Africa
rich said…
just think he is starting a new and fun life with so many dogs, what fun he will have. never forgot. just like to think he's playing with my boy sam. god bless x
Mandy said…
To allen and Sandra, my deepest sympathy and condolences go to you. I never have the opportunity to meet Endal but he has touched my heart enourmously, such an amazing dog. I hope in time your tears will ease. The book was wonderful and I was so sad to learn that Endal had passed away. You were both blessed to have had each other, stay strong.
Run free in heaven Endal
Denise Bradley said…
I have just read Endall- very poignant as my RAF husband has just returned from Iraq -it made us relaise how lucky we are. I could relate to it seeing our Cavlier King Charles Spaniel make my husbad smile when he was quiet and withdrawn. As an accredited counsellor I am fascinated particualry to read of how Allen learnt to love again through Endall ie the situation where the dog jumped up to get the yellow pages when his foot was badly cut.
I wish Allen and Sandra luck with Hounds for Heroes-a great legacy for Endall.
Sarah said…
Sending you all our love and prayers at this sad time. Endal is an inspiration to all other dogs and dog owners. I have 2 labs who are loved so much and the book about Endal has shown me how much they are capable of with hard work and commitment. My boys are only 2 so I have many fun filled years with them but the thought of losing them is beyond my imagination..... they truely are our best friends with a complete unconditional love xxx Thanks to you all for letting us share some of Endals life and I look forward to hearing more about EJ xxx
Unknown said…
Allen is a true gentleman, loved by a wonderful wife, and deserved the love of the most amazing dog.

I feel honoured that Allen responded to my appreciation of his book.

My yellow labrador, Baxter, chose me, when he was three years old as he came up to me just after my beloved Shane died. He sensed I would give him the home he was looking for.

I will never forget Endal, and thank you Allen and Sandra for writing your story because otherwise I would never have shared your experiences with a dog that words cannot justify.

Best wishes and good health for the future.

Jennifer Cairns
Zoe Maclean said…
Sending my all my love and support to the Parton family at this very sad time. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing story with everyone. It it is thanks to the fantastic teamwork of of Allen and Endal that people like myself and many others have learnt never to give up and believe in our ability even after the hardest of times. All we need is a little help from our four-legged friends. I feel sure that Endal's unwavering belief and spirit will live on in your family as he watches over you all. It will also live on in EJ and Ikea as they follow in his paw- prints. Run free Endal xx All my love to all the of the Parton family xx Zoe Maclean xx
Eileen and Chris said…
We give thanks that Endal found a wonderful family with whom to be,
that the Parton family found a wonderful dog with whom to be.
Pauline said…
Animals never cease to amaze me. What a wonderful team Endal and Alan made. You never get over the loss but live with the great honour of having been a part of their life......it truly is a privilage. Well done all.....keep Endal going with all that you are doing.

Love Pauline
Beverley Cuddy said…
Dear Beverley

Having met Endal and Allen Parton at the millennium Dog Calendar photo shoot I wanted to say how sorry I was that Endal had passed away. He was a wonderful dog and helped Allen and family remarkably. We won “best dog with children” with Bella who was September in the calendar and sadly we lost her on 1st March this year, it was heartbreaking. My sympathies go to Allen and his family.

Kind regards

Kay Love
Unknown said…
Endal has filled my heart with love and happiness and I have only known him through Allen's marvellous book. Allen you clealry had a once in a lifetime experience with this dear friend. There is nothing quite like a relationship with a dog - they are all very special but Endel seems incredible.
Treasure your memories - they are very special to all of us.
Thanks for letting us share your remarkable story.
Carol Oxborough said…
I have only just read Allen and Sandra's book, and watched the Real Lives documentary via the internet. I have been moved to tears on a number of occasions as I try to comprehend what this family went through. Endal made such a big difference and deserved every single one of his awards, and more. May he be sleeping peacefully, but watching over you both and EJ every day. He will never leave your hearts.
Thank you so much for allowing us such insight into your lives and I wish you happiness for the future.
With love and admiration. Carol x
Bernadette said…
I always says that dogs are the best people - and there was none better than Endal. Love, Bernadette x
Spencer 12 said…
I think endal was an adorable book it is cute and sweet and although im just 12 i can still say i loved the book i would defiantly recomend it. I think endal will touch everyones heart. he was sucha smart dog and its amazing that animals can become sucha help to humans.
lequinhas said…
My name is Sílvia Pedro and I live in Portugal. I've read about Allen & Endal history in an animal forum and was very touched by their history. Once more there's no doubt how wonderful animals are and how they can touch our hearts in such an amazing way. I'm really sad that Endal is no longer with Parton's family, but he left a good legacy and for sure will always be there watching over Allen. And as long Endal is remembered he will not be forgotten...
jan vickers said…
Endal has truly inspired me and reiterated the long time belief that our furry friends are more than just pets. I have loved this book and was truly sad to read that Endal had passed in March this year. I am telling everyone to read the book. What an amazing dog who truly loved his friend Allen. God bless little fella and one day you will see your human friend again ........... we hope xxx.
Anonymous said…
You, Sandra (what a strong lady) and Endal were a very special team. Glad to hear you now have EJ to take over but not to replace him. Glad to hear that www.houndsforheroes.com is going to let you help more of our young people as they come back maimed both physically and mentally. The book is fab and I hope the film wins an Oscar when it comes out. Keep up the good work. Dee xxxx
Sue said…
What an amazing dog. I just saw the story on sky and can't stop the tears. Animals are amazing and Endal was at the top of the league. Rest in peace Endal and much love and good wishes to the Parton family. You're story has touched my heart.
Anonymous said…
I can't put into the words the extent of the admiration I feel for Endal and the Parton family. Endal was so much more than a pet, he was a hero, saviour, best friend.....
The pain at his passing must be impossible to convey, only those who have suffered the loss of a pet can begin to imagine it. Rest in peace Endal, maybe now I do believe in miracles xxxxxxxxxxxx
Minnea said…
I just read the book Allen and Sandra Parton wrote about their lives and Endal... I love dogs and I know they are wonderful. But I must admit Endal was the most unbelievable and brilliant dog I've ever "seen". I'd like to say how respectful I feel for Sandra. You are almost as deserving as Endal. Long lives to both of you. I will never forget the story of Endal and I'll tell it to everyone I'll meet. All my love to a wonderful dog and a great family. Minnea from France.
pixelshots said…
me just happened to post some photos and the life story of Endal the miracle dog in pixelshots.The matter sent by Allen through mail. No question if the story touches your heart! Endal may be someone who proved to be more a friend than just being a companion dog

kerala photos
gina said…
Have just finished reading the book 'Endal' it has been a priviledge to share your life experiences and your pride in an amazing dog, he touched all our hearts.
Gina x
Unknown said…
Mankind is a strange word that we, as humans, give one another. Since the beginning of mankind we have always been at war with each other and killed and destroyed the other creatures we share this planet with. How interesting to read a story of a man scarred by the rages of war, and rejected by the institution he so proudly fought for to find happiness from a creature that so many people belittle as dirty or aggressive. Having read this wonderful book about Endal it reminded me of my own life's turmoils and how through courage and love we can find happiness after feeling in the depths of despair. Thank you Allen and Endal for sharing your story with us x
Anonymous said…
I just emaail Allen and he replied with a link to this article.

I just read 'Endal' this afternoon, and it was such an inspiring story.
It's hard to lose a pet, I've seen several of our own dogs pass on and it's never an easy feeling to bear.

Endal seemed like a truly remarkable dog. I wish I could have met him.

Reading the book taught me that every single moment is precious and that even when things seem hard to bear, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

God Bless, Endal.

Matt in Lindford
Lizbetbathory said…
I just learned about Endal. He and Allen have given me hope to overcome my own obsticles!
kelly said…
Thanks Allen for sharing Endal's story with us. He was an amazing companion as is Sandra!
Anonymous said…
I had hardly heard about this wonder dog, but I am pleased for him. I imagine that no other dog would act in a similar way. A sad occasion indeed.

R.I.P. Endal (1995-2009).
kathleen said…
I have just finished reading Endal's story. What a devoted pup and what a devoted family. RIP Endal and look after your loving family.
Anonymous said…
Allen & Sandra thanks for sharing Endal with us all...the essence of Endal should be put in the country's water supply..we would all be better people for it.. kind regards carole
Anonymous said…
Endal had a great mate in training. Elliot.
Elliot was partnered to a Lady for seven years and on retirement was 'adopted' by Jenny and Dennis.
Today Elliot has joined Endal for the final journey.
Both sadly missed but happy for their final retirement.
Have fun, both of you!! XXX
Anonymous said…
Right now, I suppose Endal is running in a field full of flowers and chew toys, waiting for his family. Endal still lives in EJ :)
Anonymous said…
only just found out that Endal has died so very sad.

he was a very clever dog who inspired a lot of people (together with his owner)

I really enjoyed reading all about Endal and the Parton family and have passed on the book to other dog lovers.

wishing the Parton family lots of love and happiness
Gadget said…
Having just read the book 'Endal' I'm gobsmacked at the devotion a dog is capable of showing to 'Dogs Best Friend'
Claire Gresty said…
I have just finished reading the book 'Endal', it has been an absolute priviledge to share your experiences. Endal really was an amazing dog, he has touched all our hearts. I for one, wish I could have met him. I cannot wait for the movie to come out, I will definately be watching that! Love and best wishes to the Parton family, and I hope to hear more about your adventures with EJ :-) RIP Endal xxx
sarah said…
I am not a book reader but i was really eager to read this book about Endal after my best friend telling me all about it...and I loved it so VERY VERY VERY much...Endal was one AMAZING dog and his legacy will ALWAYS live on...he is one dog who has touched so many lives reading this book...now i can say i am truly a book reader now and want to read many more books that will touch me like Endal did but obviously there is only 1 Endal and nobody can beat him...x x x x x x x ALL MY LOVE Sarah
Karen said…
A wonderful book full of emotion and an extraordinary tale of triumph against adversity. Endal was truly an amazing dog. I had the privilege to meet both Allen and Endal briefly some years ago, a moment which I have always treasured.
Endal will always be remembered.

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