Do you breed? Willing to take part in some research?

I've been asked to find 125 breeders who register their dogs with the KC and 125 who don't for a serious policy research project.
Nothing too difficult or time consuming, you just need to answer the researcher's questions.
Just need a name and an email address to take part.

If you are interested can you email me with:
'KC reg' or 'NOT KC reg' in the subject line.
My email address is

I'm sure they'll tell you more about the project if you email in. Sorry to be mysterious, but it's a good cause and for the good of dogs. 


Fat Mama said…
My Dogs are AKC and IKC reg. I moved my two Newfoundlands over from the states to Ireland and now have them reg here plus one new pup from here that is only IKC reg
Anonymous said…
Hi Beverley - yes, if you need people please count me in!
Beverley Cuddy said…
Hi Katie

Just need you to email me with 'KC reg' or 'Not KC reg' in the subject so I can forward your details to the researchers.


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