Don't Cook Your Dog is up for Campaign of the Year!

Standing on the touchline watching my son play rugby, I saw an email from the British Society of Magazine Editor's pop up on my phone. They had finally announced their shortlists for their annual awards.
I clicked the link and it must have taken 15 minutes to download.
Talk about excruciating!
Eventually the page loaded - but the text was too small to read.
I fiddled with it and finally I could see the Best Campaign shortlist.
The other mums must have wondered why I was squealing.
Don't Cook Your Dog has been short-listed for Campaign of the Year by the British Society of Magazine Editors - the only magazine awards organised by magazine editors for magazine editors. The industry Oscars. A really posh do at the Hilton.
My first call was to Judith Broug - MissyRedBoots herself - campaign designer and joint organiser.
Now there were two people squealing incomprehensibly!
Here's a link to the short-list so you can see what we're up against, some really big names and slick campaigns.
How fantastic that our little pop-up campaign has been recognised by journalists - its success is due to so many people's passion.
After we stopped making noises only dogs could hear we spotted how much the awards do tickets are! It was free to put in the entry, but if we want to attend to hear who wins - gasp - it's just a fortune!
I guess if you're from a massive publisher its petty cash, but it's a huge ticket item for us.
I keep looking at how many stickers we could buy with that money and telling myself that being short-listed is the good bit and we don't really need the party and posh frocks.
Pretty much every influential magazine editor in the land will get to hear about the campaign on the night when the shortlist will be read out - so in many ways we've achieved that objective already.
This campaign has always made every penny count and it's not got a budget or a business plan. It's just been a case of someone having to do it and good people stepping up to the mark and making it happen.
It is a campaign which has unified dog lovers as never before and had organisations, charities, individuals and even rival publications all standing shoulder-to-shoulder.
Nearly 250,000 stickers have already been distributed and the next 150,000 are about to be ordered so we're ready for next year.
The Police are really getting behind the campaign and are ordering supplies and dog wardens are poised ready to distribute stickers, too.
The Indian summer made us realise that there's still so much to do. People were still taking risks.
The high-profile police dog case that inspired this campaign is about to go to court. When it does we hope the press will remind people about the Don't Cook Your Dog and that being short-listed will raise the campaign's profile again.
Don't Cook Your Dog harnesses all the pointless negative energy and turns it into something positive. We'll never bring those poor dogs back that have died in cars, but together we can stop other dogs dying.
The list of people to thank for making Don't Cook your Dog happen is epic.
Judith Broug of course for the brilliant design and the dynamic website and generally nudging me to get on with stuff. All my amazing staff for stuffing envelopes and humping boxes and just coping with the extra workload with good humour and enthusiasm.
Exceptional and timely support from Dogs Trust, RSPCA, Kennel Club, BVA, PetPlan, Wood Green, National Animal Welfare Trust, Mutley and Mog, Dougal's Den, Border Collie Trust GB, Boredom Busters, Springer Loaded, Stephen Fry, Jilly Cooper...and more, sorry if I missed you out!
And then there's everyone who has put up posters, stuck their stickers up, called it in when they've found a dog in distress.
The Association of Chief Police Officers, all the constabularies that have requested materials, the vet nurses, the vets, the pet shop owners, the dog wardens, Defra, Tesco, the PR company who worked for free, folks who RTweeted, who made a TV commercial.... Dog World, Pet Care Trust.... I could go on and on and on...people really have been just wonderful.
IF they did allow speeches, and IF we won and IF we were lucky enough to scrape together the money for a ticket - we'd be up there for several hours saying thank you and probably crying!
Here's the website again, do order your stickers and posters - the lifesaver packs are really great if you want to make a difference in your area.
And if you are a business or a charity and want to help fund some of the 2012 stickers please get in touch as hopefully all these magazine editors will help spread the word even further. Email me
And if anyone wants to give us a free ticket to go to the awards bash we'd be really grateful! (printers, distributors, lottery winners... I don't mind begging and signing lifetime deals!!)
I'm sure they can post it to us if we win!


Chapstaff said…
Yeeeehaaaa!! Woooohoooo!!

Sorry ((blush)) I'm so so pleased for you, a well deserved shortlisting.

Let's hope Dogs Today wins & therefore all the doggies too.
dalriach said…
Congratulations! Great campaign, hope you win!

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