New Year? New Home? Great opportunity

Our January edition (out in December) will be an adoption special. For the first time in our history we'll be opening up many of our pages to free adverts for dogs looking for homes. Here's an example of the sort of thing we'll be including...


I’ve been waiting for 18 months, but I've never given up hope. People keep picking the dogs on either side of me here, but you'll come for me soon - I know you will. I’m very lucky to be safe, but I’ve so much love to give - seems such a waste to be stuck in the waiting room of life. I was sleeping in a car - I didn’t know any better and I had 10 pups. I lost my ‘home’ the next time I came into season. I loved my people and lived with children and cats - I even slept on my master’s bed when I got the chance. I’d prefer to be the only dog, although I used to live with many others.
Name of dog: Milly
Type of dog and size if not obvious: Staffie
Approx age: (in years) 4
Sex: Female
Neutered? Yes
Housetrained: Yes
With other dogs? Probably prefer to be the only dog
With cats? Was brought up around them
Good with young children: Possibly
Good with older children: Yes
Location (County): Surrey
Or phone:  020 8274 0471
Foster or forever home? Either

If you know of a dog that needs a new home here's what you need to send to me:
  1. A good photo (ideally 300dpi and remember a picture is worth a thousand words, so take one that is in focus! And send as an attachment - not embedded in a document)
  2. Name of dog:
  3. Type of dog and size if not obvious:
  4. Approx age: (in years)
  5. Sex:
  6. Neutered?
  7. Housetrained?
  8. With other dogs?
  9. With cats?
  10. Good with young children?
  11. Good with older children?
  12. Location (County):
  13. Contact details: (Web and phone)
  14. Foster or forever home? 
Plus 100 words written in first person (ie as if the dog is looking for a new owner) - something that makes people think of this dog as an individual. Don't over sell - just make the dog seem real.

Please include a web and phone contact as not all of our readers are Internet savy.

Email your words and pictues to
and put ADOPT ME in the subject line so I don't lose them.

We will include as many dogs looking for homes as possible, those coming with the correct word count and good photos will be chosen first above those with incomplete information, so please try to follow the instructions!

And yes - this is FREE!

Please do spread this opportunity far and wide. If you volunteer in a rescue kennels and you know a dog that you think deserves this opportunity please do offer to complete this on behalf of the kennels, that's how we heard about Milly and how this idea came about!


Anonymous said…
What a wonderful idea, will be looking forward to my copy x
Tracy said…
I wish I had acres of land, a huge house and lots of money so I could adopt all the abandoned dogs .... sadly I have none of the above and room for only two dogs, who are my 'babies'. Maybe one day I'll win the lottery. In the meantime, I hope the dogs you feature will find their forever homes. xx
D for Dog said…
Will help you spread the word
Dawn said…
I think this is a fantastic idea, far to many people don't give the idea of a rescue dog a second thought.

Especially the Golden Oldies, who in my experience make fantastic pets. Housetrained and usually with wonderful manners, all they want is love and a comfy bed to see out their years in a forever home.

OK you may only have them a few years, but you will bring them so joy and they will return your love tenfold.. I would rather rehome an older dog, as they have a certain something about them, either their habits or mannerisms.. So much better for them to see out their days in a forever home than in kennels..

We are constanly bombarded with adverts for puppies these days, whatever happened to only breeding when you had bookings for pups???

As I said a fantastic idea, if people know a bit about a dogs history it will make the decision process so much easier, plus to see a picture is so much better than a just a write up ..
Anonymous said…
Staffs are dangerous and should be put down
Doug.Rescue said…
"Staffs are dangerous and should be put down" ....
ignorant fools like you should be rounded up and locked away from the rest of SANE society. Staffies are wonderful little dogs that if abused and ill treated learn to defend themselves. YORKIES would do just the same, but wouldnt look STREET on the end of a lead held by a chav.
what a stupid and pathetic 'anonymous (says it all really)' individual saying staffies are dangerous!! thankfully its small minded idiots like that who are a MINORITY and normal average people know better!! why not check out the statistics for Labradors, Collies and Westies or Jack Russells before commenting on 'dangerous dogs'.

anyhow- fantastic idea- well done on promoting the rescues and their dogs who are now at bursting point as more and more people are struggling to cope with today's economic recession.
adopt dont breed!!!

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