Ready for a change of scenery?

I've just got off the phone talking to a true character. One of life's true eccentrics.
I have always thought he looks a little like Dumbledore crossed with Merlin. A man with such an interesting and long life.
A published poet. A magician. A glittering career in advertising, a man who has run orchestras, had a brush with the Beatles... I could go on and on. I have had so many long lunches where I've been entertained and fascinated by the life this man had already lived before he arrived in the dog world.
He lives in a beautiful part of Wales in a pretty cottage.
If 10 cars drive along his road it is a busy day.
It is 3/4 of a mile to the village - but there are no longer any shops.
It's a further three and a half miles to the nearest shop and 11 miles to the coast and the university town of Lampeter.
He has a car, but sadly he can no longer drive as he is having problems with his eyesight.
There is a Dachshund and a feisty Jack Russell for company but their conversation is limited.
Sadly this gentleman has recently lost his devoted wife.
She looked after him so very well that now he is feeling completely lost.
I feel sure there is someone out there who would make a fantastic au pair/companion for this fascinating man. Someone perhaps who would enjoy driving him to the occasional dog show to see old friends. That may help him proof read his weekly column  or the two books he's is writing.
That could rustle him up something for dinner that didn't come out of the microwave.
If you are interested in this position can you email and tell me about yourself and why this opportunity appeals?
Both dogs are male - so a female dog may be best if everyone is to get along - if you have a dog. There are kennels outside - but they haven't been used for a very long time. If you had a horse, that's a possible, too.
You might be a student. You might be a dog person keen to learn more - this man is a legend in the terrier world. You might just be someone who would like to move to the country and have a fresh start.
I am sure the perfect person is out there for whom this would be mutually beneficial.
There is good Internet access so this could suit someone wanting to be somewhere they could work remotely.
Email me at if you'd like to know more.
You'd need to be able to drive although you'd not need a car as the gentleman has one, to be preferably computer literate, be able to cook and operate a dishwasher and washing machine as there are no instructions and the gentleman in question is still trying to puzzle them out!


purefinder said…
Wow. If only I could drive. That sounds perfect and I would love it!

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