Where's my muzzle?

Clarissa Baldwin was very good this morning on BBC1 Breakfast. So full of tact and reason. So difficult when the woman sitting next to you has lost her son in a dog incident.
Society is very respectful towards folk who have lost their children.
Apologies if what I am going to say offends anyone. But I need to get this off my chest.
The McCann's are always on our TV screens.
I am sure I can't be the only one at home thinking the same terrible thing.
How can they live with themselves?
Intelligent people, leaving their children alone while they go out to eat in a restaurant.
Who on earth does that?
I'd rather go hungry than leave my kids.
But how few interviewers ever make that point?
No one wants to rub it in. Their pain is so obviously so great in any case.
Everyone makes mistakes, but the consequences of this one were just so huge.
If you make a mistake you admit it and then sympathy follows.
I don't think you'd ever forgive yourself.
I'd feel such terrible shame.
The same is true with this woman on our screens this morning.
A young life ended is a tragedy that few mothers can ever recover from.
Is it a displacement activity to move the blame away from the only family you have left?
Is it logical or just part of grief to blame all dogs, rather than the humans in whom you put your trust?
When I entrusted the care of my son to my Mum she would never have put my son at risk.
She knew that babies and dogs do not mix.
And our dogs were Beardies, not Pit Bulls.
If she wasn't capable of making rational decisions like that one what other risks might my son be confronted by?
Might she not realise that boiling kettles should not have a trailing flex or that the bleach needs to be out of reach. But kids who die from other Granny-related bad judgement calls don't make the news and certainly don't result in campaigns to ban kettles.
How many of these incidents does there have to be before people work it out not to take unnecessary risks with their kids. That you don't leave your kids with Granny and your brother's Pit Bull unless you have an agreement that two are not to meet. And that it's not needed to be stated that you don't leave the child to sleep on the sofa with someone else's dog and then introduce food into the equation.
And as if it need saying - you also don't keep unsocialised Rotties locked outside in the yard all the time if you have little kids the other side who can open the door.
And you don't let your half insane tormented guard dogs kept chained on the roof of a pub anywhere near your newborn baby.
And if you do, you accept that you and/or your family have let your son down and you grieve.
True this dog had not killed a child before, but you know other children have already died in very similar scenarios.
Do you blame all the dogs in the world and or is it time for some quiet introspection?
It makes gripping TV, because no one dares to say what they really think.
Tonight's BBC1 documentary at 10.35pm looks to be 60 minutes of edge of your seat tension wondering how much worse they are going to make life for the Staffies especially.
Especially as dog law maestro Trevor Cooper's balancing footage has already been consigned to the editing room floor.
The press blurb comes with a dramatic photo of a dog who is probably barking but still looks scary. It seems people do like doing these easy to make documentaries that press people's buttons.
Remember 10 million dogs and 99.99% of these behaving themselves. But let's just freak everyone out and get some more knee jerk legislation that does NOTHING to make children any safer.
Slippers and balloons* kill more people than dogs and horses put more people in A&E - but let's not let the facts get in the way of a documentary.
Has anyone asked how many kids die while being looked after by grannies?
I think you'll find that dogs are not the biggest risk when grandparents get left to cope.
But are we ever likely to see a Death Row Grannies documentary? or A Dangerous Grannie Act?
I am a mother.
I am a dog lover.
My son is now 11 but I would never, ever have put my son in that situation when he was less than eight - and I certainly wouldn't entrust him to someone who didn't agree with me. And it wouldn't matter how nice the dog or how well brought up. Stairgates are great at keeping dogs and kids apart.
I do feel very sorry for their loss, but surely it is time to grieve and contemplate how this could have been avoided rather than mount an ill-thought out knee jerk reaction campaign.
Would they put a parent on the sofa at BBC Breakfast whose son had wandered out of the front door and been run over? Would they let that mother say that all cars must be made of sponge so this never happens again? Or would they think perhaps granny should have kept her son from danger when she asked her to babysit and that mum really needed to accept that painful fact and allow herself to grieve.
And would the muzzle-every-dog-all-the-time campaign have resulted in a sofa position today if it wasn't to plug a BBC documentary showing later today?
Using a mother's loss to boost ratings.
It's a cynical old world.
And to have a woman calling for more dog legislation who claimed to have not even known about the already existing Dangerous Dogs Act. If the DDA didn't work why did she imagine her brother would have complied with a muzzling order?

Here's the press blurb...

Death Row Dogs looks at the growing problem of illegal fighting dogs and “status dogs” on the streets of Britain. Despite being banned in the early 90s, pit bulls have become the dog of choice for criminals and irresponsible owners; sentences are lower than for carrying a knife or a gun but the results can be just as severe. However the problem isn’t just confined to pit bulls, injuries caused by dogs are at record levels and rising. Sadly fatalities are not uncommon.  

Pitbulls were one of the named breeds banned by the 1991 Dangerous Dogs act – but the numbers being bred and crossed with other, legal breeds like Staffies and English Bull terriers is on the rise – making the job of tracking them down, even harder…

This film gains access to the work of the West Midlands Police Dangerous Dog Unit led by PC Keith Evans, as they try to tackle the growing problem. These officers have the unenviable task of rounding up the area’s dangerous dogs and taking them quite literally to dog death row, closely guarded kennels where the animals await destruction. We see raids on high profile gang members, crack dealers, a suspected fighting dog ring and a mother who keeps a pit bull for protection. Under current law the police sometimes have to destroy a friendly sociable dog, as they are prevented from rehoming and let the potentially violent ones go free.

We also follow the tragic story of one family whose toddler son was killed by an out of control dog. How did it happen? Could it have been prevented?  And how have the family dealt with the shocking trauma of such a brutal death?

The film explores why dangerous dogs like the fearsome pit bulls are such an issue and what is being done to stop the problem getting worse...and the film  illustrates that the current legislation is left wanting…

Executive Producer: Paul Hamann  
Filmed, Produced and Directed by: Jon Alwen

* Someone here thought I was joking about slippers and balloons killing more people than dogs. Here's the book if you'd like to read it.

Dogs are dangerous. And they are more dangerous to children than to adults. Not as dangerous of course, as kitchen utensils, drapery cords, five-gallon water buckets, horses, or cows. Not nearly as dangerous as playground equipment, swimming pools, skateboards, or bikes. And not remotely as dangerous as family, friends, guns, or cars.
Here’s the reality. Dogs almost never kill people. A child is more likely to die choking on a marble or a balloon, and an adult is more likely to die in a bedroom slipper related accident. Your chances of being killed by a dog are roughly one in 18 million. You are five times more likely to be killed by a bolt of lightning.
The supposed epidemic numbers of dog bites splashed across the media are absurdly inflated by dubious research and by counting bites that don’t actually hurt anyone. Even when dogs do injure people, the vast majority of injuries are at the Band-Aid level.
Dogs enhance the lives of millions more people than even the most inflated estimates of dog-bite victims. Infants who live with dogs have fewer allergies. People with dogs have less cardiovascular disease, better heart attack survival, and fewer backaches, headaches, and flu symptoms. Petting your dog lowers stress and people who live with dogs just plain feel better than people who don’t.
Yet lawmakers, litigators and insurers press for less dog ownership. This must stop. We must maintain perspective. Yes, dogs bite. But even party balloons and bedroom slippers are more dangerous.



Kirstin said…
Extremely well said
Anonymous said…
Didn't offend me. I think your right, people just need to learn more about dogs. Stop blaming the dogs!
Anonymous said…
Didn't offend me!
Tracy Rice said…
I couldn't have put it better myself Beverly - stunning piece of writing. This world is over-run with unfit parents who will blame anything & anyone for their own failures. As Ian Dunbar points out in his seminars, the reason the news doesn't feature children killed by their own parents as headline stories in the same spectacular way that children killed by dogs are featured, is sadly because it is so commonplace. In the US, 2 children a year are killed by a dog; 2000 a year are killed by their own parents. It would become as commonplace as the weather report.

What's next? Will they have a long sofa installed on breakfast TV & put all the scum of society on it - then campaign to ban the rest of the world from doing anything on the same basis. The mother who killed her baby? Ok, all women must be sterilised - we need to ban mothers! The Priest who abused young boys? Religion is to be outlawed immediately. The youth who was jailed for knife crime? We must all try to eat with spoons from now on as they are banning sharp cutlery.

We live in a society where there are too many people unwilling to step up and take responsibility for themselves, their own actions & choices, and those who are dependant on them. There are also very few interviewers who are prepared to push for the gritty truth for fear of offending someone. It's just easier to blame the dogs. Makes me furious.
Moomin said…
Thank you for a more balanced viewpoint, well expressed, I always ask myself 'Would Jamie Bulger still be alive if his parents had kept a better eye on him?' Dogs & children are a responsibility & a privilege, not a right, not toys.
Anonymous said…
Not offended at all...a well written article.
Anonymous said…
Not offended at all...a well written article.
Anonymous said…
Hear hear!
Anonymous said…
Not offended and well said!I missed this mornings BBC program with Clarissa but did watch The Wright Stuff on C5 which discussed Dangerous Dogs....the first non biased 'anti staffie' program I've watched!!!With the emphasis on RESPONSIBLE dog owners rather than the breeds being discussed-well done C5!!!!!!
Joanne Orrell said…
I hope you posted this to the BBC, you certainly should. Very, very well said.
Anonymous said…
More children are killed and injured by their parents and close family (including mum's boyfriend) than by dogs.

My two are the softest dogs but I would never leave them alone with a child - my neighbour's daughter is 8 but she isn't allowed in the house if myself or my son isn't around. I would never forgive myself if anything happened.
Lorraine said…
"..And our dogs were Beardies, not Pit Bulls."

Would/should the breed make a difference.? So called "Dangerous Dogs" wear all sorts of coats & come in all sizes.

Some Dogs just by the nature of their breed will chase & shake fast moving squealing objects. It's up to us, the owners to know our chosen breed inside out, as well as the nature & temperament of the individual animal.

I see Dog owners more outraged by a Dog on Dog attack than they are by an attack on a child...can that be right ?
Beverley Cuddy said…
It was exactly the point I was making - that no dog should be left with a young child.
Anonymous said…
Fantastic! Well written and to the point.
Anonymous said…
Not offended. You put your case forward very well.Cant wait to see the programme tonight.Bound to be feedback from it.Parents need to educate their children in how to behave around dogs, lots of rescue centres will provide educational material to help.
Ian said…
It is using a loss for ratings, and to be honest I would welcome some strict and enforced canine legislation, but lets face it, how the hell can it ever be enforced? Id be ok with dogs on leash unless in designated areas, Id be ok with muzzles being compulsory in parks, but what of the dog that attacks a kiddie at home? what of the numerous 'scrotes' who have dogs for 'protection'? The police cant, and dont have a way of enforcing current leash orders and muzzle orders, so what chance has any legislation got?
dalriach said…
Few of the media reports on this case mentioned that the owner of the dog who killed the child had previously owned two other dogs of the same type, and one of those had been killed by the other two. Would you want to have a toddler anywhere near a dog who had already killed another dog? If you owned a dog that had killed another dog, wouldnt you have seriously considered putting it down before it killed again?
nellie1972 said…
Absolutely brilliant!!!
dalriach said…
And having had one of his dogs killed by the other two, the uncle of the dead child then went on to breed the two killer dogs, a dog and a bitch, together. Now why does somebody breed two dangerously aggressive dogs together? To produce more aggressive dogs? Not something any responsible breeder would do.
And what did he get when he was sentenced? Just four months in prison!
Karen said…
Well said! Thank you for saying what I've always thought but nobody seems to have the guts to say it, at least not in the media. I didnt see the programme with Clarissa but did catch the mother on BBC tv much earlier this morning saying how she wasnt aware of the Dangerous Dogs Act, well sorry but I find that a little hard to believe. The media coverage of ''banned'' breeds and bull breeds has been widespread for many many years now, did this women not realise that her family owned a Pit Bull & that it was a Bull breed? Just because of her imcompetance at keeping her children safe why should my dogs be muzzled? My oldest dog is 11 years old, has never bitten anyone in her life and has grown up with children from the age of 8 weeks - why should I muzzle her? She isnt a danger to anyone. My children were always supervised around the family dogs, the dogs were always supervised around the children and we've lived as a family with dogs for over 20 years without any of our children being bitten or our dogs biting anyone. Is this luck or is it sensible management of children and animals together? I feel this mother needs to take more responsiblitiy for what happened to her son, tragic as it is, not blame every dog in the country.
Nathaniel said…
Sorry but its not the dogs fault nor the bread of dog that makes any difference!

Its the owner's' that make ANY BREAD of dog they way they are! We have 2 staff's (use to have 3, but the mum died a couple of years back from old age), anyway, all of them are great friendly dogs which have grown up with small children in the family and would never harm them or any other child (or human for that fact).

So that just goes to show that people REALLY NEED TO STOP PUTTING BLAME ON THE DOGS BREAD!!!

Those that do are miss informed and ignorant! Its just the same as singling out a race of religion and saying "he is black so he gunu stab me", which aint right!

Would just like to say thats not a racist comment but a simple example to hit home so everyone will understand that breads make no different, just like the colour of skin dont!
dalriach said…
If you think that what breed a dog is makes no difference to its capacity for aggression, why do you think it's only a few breeds that are used to produce fighting dogs?
I wouldnt disagree that the way dogs are raised and socialised can affect their temperaments and behaviour , that there are psychotic dogs as well as psychotic humans, that any breed can throw up the occasional aggressive dog (I've been attacked by a Yorkie),and that some dogs who will attack another dog are not necessarily dangerous to humans, but I still think some breeds/types are more likely to produce dangerously aggressive dogs, and that is why those breeds are used to produce fighting dogs.
While I wouldnt necessarily want to ban those breeds altogether, there could reasonably be a case for more regulation of how those breeds are kept and bred from, a requirement for additional security measures, owners/breeders being licensed to own/breed those breeds etc
Anonymous said…
Excellent article which I will be sharing. I'll watch the documentary tonight. I really hope the BBC read this, especially the person responsible for editing the balancing footage.
Annie Macfarlane said…
I think you've explained how you feel very well Beverley and I have to say I agree with every single word. There are norms in society that stop us saying how we feel about certain situations. I do think that people who feel guilt when something tragic happens want to transfer the blame onto something or someone else. It's them trying to justify the incident to themselves in an attempt to come to terms with it. I've spent all my life with dogs and I can honestly say I would never leave a child alone with a dog. It's my job as an adult to protect the child but also protect the dog. I'm not looking forward to this documentary tonight...I feel a lot of dogs will suffer because of it. Thank goodness it's not airing during prime time. We can be thankful for small mercies I guess.
Anonymous said…
Well said Bev, it's about time people took responsibility for their own actions. My children were never left unattended with my dogs and the dogs were always put in another room when friends came to play .
I would never have allowed my children to be left with an unknown dog even if it belonged to a family member.
Anonymous said…
The comment the woman made about James Bulger was totally out of order.....his mother lost sight for seconds....very easily done! and his killers were two evil pieces of scum that were old enough to know what they were doing. Dont ever blame the mother in that incident, why blame the victims! blame those 2 evil nasty devil kids that should have been drowned at birth!
Anonymous said…
Breed is not the same as Bread!
Anonymous said…
Not offended at all. It says everything but in a much more constructive way than I feel I can. Should we curfew all teenagers because there are a some rogue ones terrorising the neighbourhood, courtesy of not being controlled by their parents? Should we murder (put to sleep) someone for their nationality (breed)? No. I can't watch the programme. It makes me too angry to hear such bigotry. There are bad dig owners - we know that. There are bad parents - we know that too. Why Is it ok to judge one by the minority and bit the other?
Anonymous said…
But who should educate people as to the right kind/breed of dog for them or indeed if they are or are not suitable to have any kind of dog? I cant see the RSPCA making a good job of this, TV prgrammes have dozens of trainers curing problem dogs, but none show how those choose a dog in the first place and why they might of been better not taking on a dog, the problem in society is not helped by TV/press who show others who use these dogs as weapons or status badges which then let other fools think its also a good idea to have, the modern culture of drugs and violence has been shown bythe media to be "part of modern life" and in a twisted way acceptable!
Julia said…
Spot on!

No one wants to take any responsibility for their own actions these days. I work in insurance and it's quite astonishing when people have reversed into a post/garage/parked car, that they blame the object rather than accepting they were not paying attention!
Alexandra said…
Are you seriously saying that any dog is as likely to kill a dog as a pit bull is?
Alexandra said…
Trusting that you will also delete this, thus keep it private between us:

I would like to know why you deleted my question instead of answering it.

I would also request that you read the following:




You know as well as I do that pit-type dogs (including 'Staffies') aren't like other dogs. I'd like to see some explanation from you why you are publicly pretending otherwise.
Anonymous said…
Sputnik is right, and I'm wondering why you haven't answered the questions s/he posed. I'm wondering why anyone who claims to love dogs would -- even now -- be persisting in this Politically Correct but totally wrong, purely egoistic, denial of the reality about the pit-type dogs.
Anonymous said…
So I take it that you are suggesting that we don't try to prevent dog bites or deaths by canines. Most things are accidents, death by canines usually can't be classified like that. Here in the States, pit and pit types are committing 2/3rds of the deaths by canine. If we have baby cribs causing deaths, we recall them. If a model of car is causing deaths, we recall them. If one type of dog is causing the majority of deaths, what do you want us to do about them? Just tell all those families attending a closed casket funeral to think about all the "good" pits out there that never do anything, THAT WE KNOW OF. Pits are found daily, tortured, dumped and why do you think this happens? Because the pit has attacked would be a good answer. If you want to sit around making excuses that don't hold water and let the maulings and killing continue, do that. I on the other hand will campaign with all my might to stop children from living with life altering scars from a pit attack. Denial and making excuses like you are doing only cause more closed casket funerals. That is the legacy of this piece of writing.
omg so well said beverly!
a bedroom slipper SOMEHOW chewed through the bedroom closet door and then escaped through the front door and killed my old neighbor mr jones as he was taking out the trash. if only mr jones had been schooled in bedroom slipper behavior and knew how to respond, he would still be alive. education is the key!
this happens more than people realize but the media unfairly focuses on the poor misunderstood wiggle butt.
the horror!
Anne King said…
this article does really sound like we are to believe any dog can kill like a pit does...well, why not keep this premise up, it will put more money into the hands of backyard breeders, and put more pits into the hands of people who can't handle them, then in turn, add to the millions of pounds of pits are already waiting their turn to be PTS...real smart...how about we tell the truth, and save the lives of some pits, and prevent future victims...
Anonymous said…
Humans come before dogs , the fact is , humans can not be trusted with dangerous breeds like pit bulls and staffies , as has been proven time and time again by all the attacks and deaths . You write a interesting article , with some valid points , but i just don't buy it , children have to be protected from dangerous dogs and from parents who should know better but don't . Any breed of dog that has a history of violence should be restricted . Humans come before dogs ....
Anonymous said…
Just thought you would like to see how the anti pit bull community (which I am not part of) tries to get their comments posted. Keep up the good work, about time people stand up and tell the truth!!!

Jan Smith PLEASE will some of us go there and comment? Pretty please? This woman has a lot of influence in the UK and is now shamelessly whoring to the PB 'Staffie' crowd.
Yesterday at 9:10am.

Jan Smith I added a comment as Anonymous, but I don't know if this blogger will allow it to go through.
Yesterday at 9:13am.

Harve Morgan I wrote a comment but doubt she will publish it.
Yesterday at 11:58am.

Harve Morgan Thanks, Alexandra. This is what we need, to inform each other, to support each other, to give a show of unity via comments.
Yesterday at 11:59am.

Maree Fagan I left a comment as well , but it seems like she is only publishing the comments that she agrees with .....
17 hours ago.

Tamie Beitz Williams My comment doesn't seem to have been posted either, but at least it had to be read
15 hours ago via mobile.

Alexandra Semyonova Tamie -- you got it in a nutshell! This Cuddy nutcase is used to getting a rain of 'You're GOD!' comments when she goes pit-nutter. It's really important to give her a COLD shower (whether she publishes it or not) instead, make her go to bed feeling still filthy because of her pit-whoring.
12 hours ago.

Harve Morgan Yep, Alexandra, I write comments knowing they will never be published but I do know that someone has to read them before making that decision. That's enough to make it worthwhile.
6 hours ago
Harve Morgan said…
Anon be so kind as to give equal time to what the pro pit people do. Here is one good example from the Washington Post of their spamming to alter one town's poll from their citizens, not from outsiders. You posted your comments as if the pro pit people are so innocent. You would not believe the comments I have seen with threats of violence toward those of us trying to stop pit bull attacks. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/12/08/AR2007120800094_pf.html

Those of us trying to stop the attacks, trying to stop the abuse of pits, are attacked daily by pit apologists with threats of violence. So we are organizing to offset the damage these pit apologists do. And you seem to condemn us for trying to save lives and even the lives of the breed.

You can't change the facts. The fact is that certain breeds are only here because of aggressiveness and viciousness. They were bred to endure pain, to never give up, to fight to the end. And those breeds have no place in polite society.
Anonymous said…
Phyllis Daugherty Aka Harve Aka DubV aka Notbornyesterday, pay attention. Your messages are being posted.
Anonymous said…
This is disgusting i dont know how anyone could try so hard to kill innocent dogs...pitbulls are beautiful dogs and deserve life just as much as any other creature i can never understand the hate that comes from these people as i make well known in my youtube videos which i hope one day i wont have to make since people will come to their senses.

if anyone wants to have a look and leave some feedback please feel free as i want to make a change and save these dogs once i can get the funds in order

tae said…
Harve morgan Harve morgan, when will she stay on her own little page with her small group of brain washed lunatics. Harve when did you become a authority on child abuse? Dont flap your gums about something you know nothing at all about! I have many years experience working in that exact field and believe me your comments regarding this are complete shit, not unlike anything else that falls from your mouth I guess.
tae said…
Harve morgan, why dont you stay on your own LITTLE page with your brain washed pathetic group. For a person who will not allow comment on their own pages you sure do spend a lot of time on others trying to ram your narrow minded and bias opinions down everyone elses throats. Why dont you stop flapping your gums about things you know nothing about and crawl back into the dark stinking hole you came out of? I have worked in the field of child abuse for many years and have seen and heard things idiots such as yourself could not even imagine, your comment regarding child abuse are both untrue and uninformed, how does this shit run so freely from your mouth? Do us all a favour, go back to your own pages, educate and inform yourself on a subject befor you offer your biased brain dead opinion again, better yet find something constructive to do with your clearly boring life!!!
Anonymous said…
Harve, how many personalities are you up to at this point? Any chance of the Dr. increasing your crazy pill.
tae said…
harve morgan and company should go back to their own LITTLE page and have their dummy spit there. Harve feels the need to comment and rant on everyone elses pages but wont allow comment on her own pages! Harve and those like her close their pages to comment because they cant stand others having a opinion that differs to theirs.They should stop flapping their gums about things they know nothing about and crawl back into the stinking holes they come out of.I have worked for many years with child abuse victims and you people are very narrow minded and pathetic!! If only we could sterotype a abuser by their choice of pet! Stop rehashing bullshit and get your facts right before you try and ram your idiotic opinions down the throats of others. I realize it might be a challenge for you to bite your tounge but unless you are willing to do your home work you should keep the dribble that seems to so easily run from you big mouth to yourself.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous and Tae , can you not see , that by name calling , and making derogatory remarks about people that have a different view point to you , that you only enforce the view , that pit owners and their dogs are violent and uncontrollable . Now i know that probably isn't true , just as you know , that there are good well behaved pitbulls , with good owners , but there are equally , bad , violent pitbulls with bad owners and these are the ones i am concerned about , that is why i believe these dogs need to be regulated ...
Anonymous said…
That's right Harve and the rest of the little anti pits, you people have nerve complaining that Bev isn't posting your comments. All you people do is make fake accounts, block and delete any comments or FACTS we try to make. I agree, give it up, the Pitbull community isn't going to stop defending these dogs, you on the other hand, need to RETIRE!
Anonymous said…
Definately think the Botox is going to her head, that is right, I said HER. California has had enough of her lies!
Anonymous said…
Man, all that botox is going to Harve's/Phylis's brain LOL..

Great article btw:)
Anonymous said…
Scary to think Phyllis/Harve is involved with animals at Devore Shelter in San Bernardino. She praises that hellhole too. She is a liar and as fake the hardened skin on her face. It's got to suck being an old bitter lonely hag.
Anonymous said…
How many facebook pages, articles, blogs can the anti pit people make. It is about time people stand up for these amazing dogs. Thank You Bev, you have a ton of people behind you.
Anonymous said…
I think legislation is needed for people that claim they help animals, when clearly they are just taking money. Bev, you keep doing what you are doing, the fake people that lie and make up stats will find something else to ban, like broccoli.
tae said…
Anon, I did not start the name calling! If you care to go have a good look at some other pages you will see very clearly that Harve morgan is a old hand at not only name calling but stereo typing people based on the pet they choose to own. I do not and have never owned a pit but i do keep staffies, according to her this makes me either violent, stupid or a child abuser? I stand by my statement that unless she will open her own pages to comment she should keep her miss guided uneducated opinions and bias to herself, I for one am sick to death of her. People such as her do more to harm anti pit pages than good, most are willing to listen to both sides provided its a educated debate not just a hysterical bitch with a axe to grind!
Anonymous said…
See here is the problem, people claim they are animal lovers but want to ban, eliminate certain types of "gripping" dogs, we to me, and many more, then you aren't an animal lover. You can't pick and choose which breeds live! That is like picking a certain race of people. People, that do this are HYPROCRites! How dare you people call yourselves animal rights people, huh, I say.

Bev, don't mind no attention to these people, they are just mad someone can write better than them!
Anonymous said…

Don't mind the pit bull haters, they have no life. Most of them are probably criminals, steal people money from fake 501c, or are unstable in their own skin. Have a heart, love all types of dogs!
Anonymous said…
NO dog should be left unattended with a child, the responsibility lies with the parents. Even the most educated, professional person can own any type of dog. It only takes a second for an accident to happen. Good read Bev.

The rest of the people that don't agree, stop blaming the dog! Parents own up to the responsibility!
Anonymous said…
Y'all are funny, but at the end of the day the anti pittie people have nothing!

Ms. Beverly, I do believe you have struck a nerve. GOOD FOR YOU!
Anonymous said…
I myself , will NEVER resort to name calling to express my opinion , what does it achieve , nothing , only sets the tone for a nasty debate . This debate needs level , cool heads and the debate here has definately had its day , too much name calling and aggression , any wonder there are closed pages ......
Anonymous said…
What about the terrifying attack on the five police officers yesterday? Are all you Staffie defenders going to say "it could have been any dog that did it?"
What you must understand is that it's the potential of these dogs that have been bred to fight that makes them dangerous. People are right to be worried. Of course there are "nice" Staffies but if they go on the rampage other dogs get killed and people really badly hurt (or killed as well).
Maybe the mistake the police team made was not having Roger Mugford go with them to offer the dogs some treats.
Any one who thinks these dogs are the same as other dogs is in utter denial of reality.
Why would they be used for fighting, and not a dog like a Lab or a Spaniel? That's what you need to ask yourselves.
Ownership of them must be restricted in some way, otherwise people and other dogs are going to continue to get killed.
J Lewis
Anonymous said…
What about yesterday's incident, where those five policemen were savaged? Are you Staffie defenders going to say "it could have been any dog that did it?"
Or that it's all the fault of the "media circus", because that's what I hear again and again.
If so, you are in serious denial of what these dogs have been selectively bred for - fighting.
They have the desire to fight/attack and the physique and jaws to match.
Of course there are nice ones, but it's as clear as daylight that they have a far greater potential to do serious damage or kill than "ordinary" dogs.
That's why some sort of restrictions on fighting breeds are urgently needed.
Here's the link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2118774/Five-police-officers-mauled-pit-bull-type-dog-raid-suspects-home.html
J Lewis
Anonymous said…
Beverly's blog on this issue , only scratches the surface , of the pitbull/ staffie debate . There is a big problem in England with gangs and vicious dogs and this author offers no worthwhile suggestions or ideas on how to tackle the problem . The whole article is far too simplistic .. Humans are being killed , bitten and scarred , no breed of dog is worth more than a human life .
Anonymous said…
Apologies for having put up two almost identical posts! I thought the first one hadn't gone throujgh because every time I wrote out those words in a box I got it wrong, despite trying again and again. Then the post completely disappeared. I then wrote another post and the same thing happened, so I thought neither had got through. Do delete one, if you want, as I don't want to clog up the thread.
J Lewis
Anonymous said…
Blah, blah, blah, is all I am hearing. THe SBT and any I have ever come across in the last decades haven't been breed to be aggressive, fought, rather breed to be family dogs. Stop trying to blame an entire breed for the FEW Staffordshire Bull Terriers that have been involved in bites etc. I don't see you people bringing up other breeds NOW DO I?
Anonymous said…
In regards to the "closed groups", that is the anti pit community of not dealing with PRO PIT facts. What I have found is when you debate and have valid points, they delete, block or ban your comments. If you want to debate put your big girl panties on and discuss with us. And furthermore, who is the one that calls us Pit NUTTERS? HMMMMM??
Anonymous said…
Must have hit a real big nerve,I guess the anti pit people have now moved to closed, secret groups. They aren't looking for solutions, they just like to post links to horror stories of pit bull bites. When you actually want to debate and look for solutions, come out and debate, instead hiding
Anonymous said…
WELL WRITTEN THANK YOU, As for the hypocrite pit haters on the page instead of hiding under your fake profiles and your closed pages put on your big girl/guy panties and debate like adults should. You cant though can you because you know us "pit-nutters" are right and your all just a bunch of scared ass ignorant beings who feel the need to power trip on one breed of dog that can end up in the wrong hands and do damage just as any dog in the wrong hands can do. Instead of spending your days trying to "eradicate" or "kill" all pitbulls why not go after the pedo's living in and around your neighborhood.....but children being molested isnt a big deal to you is it it only matters if a dog attacks them......you all seriously need to get a life up your meds or sign into a mental hospital......your all a bunch of sheep who follow the flock and cant think for yourselves......STOP HIDING AND WHINING and act like mature adults or do as said above and climb back into the stinking hole you came out of and shut the hell up.
Anonymous said…
Mmmmnn the last four posts say it all , belligerence and name calling , AGAIN !!!!
Anonymous said…
Well I do believe pit bull haters are wasting their time trying to ban the breeds. there are more important hazards in life such as pedo's, drugs, dui's, the environment, the economy, and in case you haven't notice these "things" I speak about go on in every town, state, country. So I guess having child molesters, drug addicts, drunk drivers, etc is not that important to you haters?? SAD SAD SAD, because I worry about pedo's near my chidren then one of my dogs. See I guess you don't get out much, how could you, these people make fake accounts on FB, copy and paste all day, then make more groups, copy and paste all day, while children, adults, and the elderly are being robbed, killed, molested, abused, HELLO get out, and look around, the dogs aren't the problem, the PEOPLE are

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