Beginnings are fun

Don't know about you, but I'm never happier than when there's a blank screen or a blank page. I love being immobilised with a pen in my hand and a list ready to be made. Be it stuck on a plane or sitting in the hairdressers with loads of silver foil on my head. When there is no opportunity for you to do any of the million other things that are pressing - it's my luxury.
Like I really know I should be sorting out all the socks and putting the laundry away, getting everyone dressed and ready for the day, but the computer is calling me.
What I really want to do is start coming up with mad ideas for the Cold Wet Nose Show. Just posted something on a Yorkie forum saying what about a ring called "It's a small world" as there's never much for little dogs at shows. Mini agility, mini-training, how about every little breed rescue or pet owners' club has a timeslot where they have their own get together or competition. Maybe look for the smallest dog with the biggest personality?
Then I started thinking every type of dog could do that. Have a reunion or a gathering, use the space for their own picnic or strawberry tea. Beardie people have some lovely fun events for pet people all the time - the Tramps tuck in - or Beardie bounce-ins. Why not use the venue for those sorts of summer gathering? It's 10.30 - all Cocker Spaniels to ring 20 to find the dog with the saddest face, the most persuasive eyes capable of talking you out of eating that last bit of your dinner. It's 11am All Bull Terriers to ring 25 to for the Morris Memorial Award for the owner with the most imaginative insurance claim resulting from a typical Bull Terrier-related incident. At 11.30 all collies please herd their owners to ring 15 for a competition to find the collie with the highest IQ. And for crosses who may not know much about their relatives, can all the dogs who are unique go to rings 45-50 to see if anyone can spot a possible brother or sister!
I think Loseley has a marriage licence - and I've heard of two people who can't come cos they're getting married - why not get married on site! How memorable would that be!
Anyway my son is calling for me to play Lego Star wars with him, which beats sorting socks, but please if you should be stuck somewhere with a moment for contemplation please have a dream about what you'd like to be doing on July 12th and we'll see if we can make it happen.
I'm going to need loads of people to help on the day, doing nice jobs - not car park or poo picking or stuff, there'll be people to do those sorts of things - we need people who are doggie who are going to enjoy running a ring or judging or stewarding. There'll be perks, promise!
The website has a holding page, now - we're starting to fill in that blank page - how exciting! Please bookmark it or click here.


Lorraine said…
My latest "Brainwave" is...a meeting area for all the internet users, who belong to various groups, boards, forums etc.
Many "speak" to people everyday but have never met them.
All it needs to be is, an allocated spot on the perimeter fence..with a card on it with the forums name. Each forum could arrange a meeting time prior to the show & a person to pick up the card on entry & place it on the fence.
Silly idea, but nice for people who are attending alone.
Beverley Cuddy said…
Hi Lorraine - Great idea. I seem to remember in the olden days at Crufts people used to do a similar thing at our stand. One year I kept noticing people with wooden spoons and other kitchen items in their hair! We eventually discovered it was a doggie forum running joke after someone had misspelt something to make it sound like a kitchen utensil and that everyone had agreed to wearing kitchen items so they could spot each other! Cheers Beverley
Molly's mum said…
Please could you organise a stand or noticeboard for different regional areas showing dog clubs, sponsored walks, walking pals etc. Molly, my Havanese, wants to go to indoor training classes but with smaller friends as she is nervous of bigger dogs. Maybe areas of the show could be for specific groups, like companion dogs or working dogs as different groups are interested in different things. Also it would be great if there were an area for security promoting microchips, tattoos and DNA registers. Sorry but so many ideas sprung to mind just had to mention some!!
Anonymous said…
To keep in with the fun side how about mass picnic for the retrievers. Could also run comp to see if labradors really are the biggest eaters out of the the retrievers.
My 2 golden retrievers would put up a good competition in eating stakes along with some of the weirdest stuff eaten too!!

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