London Tonight

It went okay, I think. Although I hate watching myself on TV so I haven't studied it. It was live and I didn't see the video so I was commenting a bit blind.

Here's the link if you want to see it click here

I can't get it to work properly - but I'm on a Mac, so nothing new!


Jontus said…
You need to install to run it on a Mac (with Firefox). Download Flip4Mac and then restart your browser.

Unfortunately it's not available to viewers outside the UK so I couldn't watch it.

If anyone posts it to YouTube, please share the link ! I would be interested to hear what you said.
Beverley Cuddy said…
The web address is

but as to how to post it You tube I have to confess complete ignorance!
Chapstaff said…
You did well Beverley.
You stayed calm & reasonable, so at least people would be listening to you.

It's a shame you couldn't have had a half hour slot to put the case over for responsible dog owners, but you did very well in the time allowed.

Thank you for speaking up for us.

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