It's a new year - a new start?

After more than a decade in the job, I've just heard that very sadly our ad sales lady Fiona Sachs has decided to call it a day. Even though she obviously looks much, much younger than her years, she could have officially retired a few years back - so I guess it's not completely unexpected, plus she's not been at all well this year. Fiona is a huge character and will be much missed. She's going to be very hard to replace.
I was just writing the job adverts for the local papers and I thought, why not try the blog first?
Anyone out there think this is the job for them?
Selling is something you can either do, or not do - but this requires a gentle but persistent charm - to build relationships with people for many years to come. I sold the ads for the first couple of mags after the MBO back in 1992/3 and I was hopeless - but I had to do pretty much everything in those days! Everyone got a bargain as I wasn't great at closing and even gave a few away, but I spent hours chatting to people which was nice! Our advertisers are lovely. We need someone unafraid of talking about money and keen to sniff out new opportunities, too.
Ideally we want someone to be based in our office - that's in Chobham, Surrey. We've got so many home workers already and it's a huge office - so it would make sense to have our new person based here - so that would be my first choice. It may be that after a few months it could become a home-based job, but in the early stages I suspect a degree of hand-holding would be good. Plus you'd get to feel part of the team by being part of the team. Ideally I'd like our ad person to always be in the office as I like to bounce ideas around and there's bigger projects we could work on together if that was the case.
Unusually, there's a possibility for our ad sales person to perhaps do a bit of editorial too - in bigger publications that's usually impossible as the ad sales and editorial team are completely separate. But as one of our team will at some point in the future need maternity cover (sworn to secrecy so not telling which - but it's not Luke!) there's a chance for someone to take on some editorial duties, too.
If this sounds interesting or you know someone who would be perfect, please pass it on. My email address is


Ems said…
Gah! I would love to work for you - shame I live in Manchester..I think thats a little bit too 'home based' really..
Anonymous said…
B*gger, b*gger, b*gger!! Scuppered by the location again!
Flowerpot said…
I know someone but she lives near me in cornwall - not ideal!

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