Everyone (nearly) is a winner!

Ok - we now need your names and addresses for the prizes and to publish in the mag.

It's like the Golden Globes isn't it - or Dancing on Ice....

The winners, in no particular order are...

"I hate designer labels, I know dear but not everyone recognises a Poodle"- kizkiz noble - think we have Bev's details so don't worry!

"Right, when she opens the door, run for it - I'm not being dyed pink again!!!" - anonymous!

"I know I said change the plates on this stolen van....but are you sure the false plates arent going to link it to us????" - bailey boy

"I know they advertised this parlour as compact and bigou but this is verging on ridiculous " - Mudgie

We have the details for the other winner already.

Anyone not claiming their prizes by the time we go to print will have the prize donated to Caroline and Harry the dog and owner living in a housing project on a very low budget!

Please email your name and address and which caption is yours ASAP to julia@dosgtodaymagazine.co.uk

Well done everyone - great showing via the blog this time!


Anonymous said…
Fantastic - Nacho will love his new toy :)
bailey boy said…
we are delighted...cant wait for the post!thank you!

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