Another urgent request

Just had an urgent call from the wonderful Vera "Meg" Mattinson who says discreetly she's "nearer 80 than 70". She's going to the RSPCA AGM on June 28th and has tabled a motion for the RSPCA to attempt to get dogs (in addition to apes) exempted from laboratory research and would very much like to hear from any other RSPCA members who might help her put the motion as she very candidly told me she's lost her glasses and has some short term memory problems.
She made a similar motion about eight years ago that did get passed, but she feels it needs raising again as Britain appears to becoming the centre of Europe for testing on dogs, and this is a trend she'd like to see reversed.
Members (which must have joined in excess of three months ago) need to book their lunches and confirm attendance by tomorrow - which they can do direct with Tracy Reed at the RSPCA -
Vera would love to hear from any like-minded members attending ASAP - please email me for her phone number -


Chapstaff said…
I'm a member. Where & what time?
I'll email you for Tel No Bev

I received the RSPCA newsletter today, but nothing in it about this meeting.

bugs said…
Well done Chapstaff.
Chapstaff said…
No good for me. I'm working 9 - 2pm & 2 hours away from London. Out that evening too.

Anyone else who lives nearer?

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