An invitation!

Trinny and Susannah’s
Dog Walk Show!

Trinny and Susannah are holding a fun dog and fashion show for dog lovers, about dog lovers!

Oakwood Park Show Grounds
TN22 3EE
Thurs 12th June from 2pm

Please come along with your dog to see their fantastic make-overs of doggy Lovers and to have a chance to enter your dog into our light hearted dog show.

Please note the aim of the event is that ITV Productions Ltd are filming scenes during the day for the next series of Trinny and Susannah Undress the Nation. As such it is possible that you and/or your dog may be filmed during the course of the day. It is also possible that events may take some time so please be prepared to stay for a few hours to enjoy the show.

If you are interested in coming along,contact Jo on 0207 1574663 or


Chapstaff said…
How exciting. Wish I could make it, too short notice.
bugs said…
Wish I could make it, but just too short notice. Thanks anyway.
Chapstaff said…
I wonder how it went

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