Blog experiment week one

Today Oscar and Tess started a blog experiment. Both dogs have some coat issues.

Tess's coat has never been the same since she was spayed. See above.

Oscar's coat is washed every two weeks in an attempt to remove the mud (and frogs... long story) so he tends to be tinder dry.
I had contemplated just putting a splash of olive oil in their dinner each day, but I've found something a bit more interesting to try out and I thought I'd share both dogs progress with you - I'm full of good intentions to take a photo every Sunday from now on. Let's see how I get on!
Here's what we're using.

It's called Yumega. And now for the sciencey bit - it contains high levels of essential Omega 3 oils from golden flax seed and Omega 6 from starflower, antioxident vitamin E from natural plant sources to mop up free radicals.
I'm not entirely sure I understand much of what I've just written - which as you might guess I've pretty much copied off the box!
The dogs thought the name was appropriate, but 'Yum-eager' might be an even better name for this additive, but as both dogs will happily eat the inside tube of a toilet roll perhaps they are not quite the Michael Winners of the canine world (but that's probably not a bad thing!)
So watch this space for more details ... how will Yumega fair? Will we see any gloss returning to Tess's bum? Will Oscar stop looking like a haystack?


Chapstaff said…
With Tess's coat it must be hormonal as it happens when bitches are spayed. It will be interesting to see if this product helps.

It will be a shame if it works on Oscar's coat though, I loved the story of the frog in his coat. :o)

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