Something for nothing!

Would you like to road test a brand new product for dogs called SF4, the main ingredient of which is Green-Lipped Mussel Extract. SF4 is distributed in the UK by New Zealand Biolabs Ltd.

SF4 is specifically designed for dogs, and costs £7.95 for a pot of 100 tablets. We have a pot to give away to 200 readers both via the mag and the blog, and would like you to let us know what difference it makes to your dog.

Bernd Linke, of New Zealand Biolabs, has owned crossbreed Radar for nine years, after she was abandoned at a rescue centre with two puppies. Radar is now about eleven. Nine months ago Bernd put her onto SF4, and explains “The first thing I noticed was an improvement in Radar’s coat, and she just seemed to perk up generally. I have kept her on it since.” Most owners report that their dogs seem to become more alert and lively – possibly because they were previously in pain that had not been picked up.

You may have heard of Green-Lipped Mussel Extract (GLME) as a treatment for Arthritis in people. 30 years ago researchers were looking for a possible treatment for cancer, and included the Green-Lipped Mussel in the programme. This shellfish is found only in New Zealand waters. It turned out to have no effect on cancer, but the research indicated that it did demonstrate significant anti-inflammatory activity, and it has since been used with great success worldwide as a natural treatment for arthritic conditions. It has none of the side-effects associated with normal anti-inflammatory drugs. The mussels are now grown commercially in marine farms in the clear, unpolluted New Zealand waters.

A valuable feature of GLME is that it has natural gastroprotective qualities. Many anti-inflammatory drugs can cause digestive upset. GLME has no such undesirable side-effect and can even help protect the stomach from damaging effects if a standard painkiller has to be used at the same time. There have been no reports of any contra-indications when GLME is taken with other anti-inflammatory products, whether drugs or natural preparations.

SF4 is a natural food complement to help maintain joint mobility and also provides essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals. It is an excellent overall conditioning agent for dogs. Tablets are given orally, with the number based on the dog’s weight, from one tablet for a dog up to 10 kilos, to six for a dog weighing over 46 kilos.

Send your request for a free tub to SF4 Road Test, DOGS TODAY, Town Mill, Bagshot Road, Chobham, Surrey, GU24 8BZ by July 3rd, 2008. Or email your name and address to (sorry for the typo earlier everyone!) marking SF4 in the subject line. We will need your postal address to send you the product.

If you are not lucky enough to be one of the two hundred picked out of the hat, you can still order a tub at £2 off the standard price by calling Aromatheutics Ltd on 01933 410055 and quoting DOGS TODAY offer.


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