London-based Houndinis? And latest show news

A little while ago I asked if there were any serial dog escapees out there to be filmed with Victoria Stillwell and there was a great response.
They are about to start filming and they'd ideally like just one more than is in the London area.
Does anyone know anyone who'd like a bit of help? They're using a great GPRS tracking device called the Zoombak.
If so can you contact Emma on or 020 3047 4000.

It's been ages since I've had time to write a traditional blog! You can guess it's getting really busy here can't you!
We've got some great news about the show! Kate and Gin from Britain's got talent are going to be performing!
It's still not too late to volunteer to be a steward or judge - come on don't be shy! You get free passes and a lunch. Just just need to love dogs to be perfectly qualified.
Must dash!
Just had a call from a local journo covering the show - it turned out to be Maggie Crowley who was Dogs Today's Editorial assistant back in 1990 when we launched. It's a very small world indeed!


Anonymous said…
Interested to read this about the Zoombak.

You maybe interested to hear that PawTrax will bt the CWNS showing visitors their GPS tracking collar which is in development and will soon be released. The beauty about this device is that it looks like a collar and not a plastic box!

PawTrax started just over a year ago as a lost and found pet website and the founder/webmaster wanted to do more to help reduce the numbers of lost dogs.

For details of the collar go direct to

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