Home-A-Dog to Close

Just had this very sad news in from Demelda, those who have followed this story from the start will be devastated to hear this news:

As some of you will know we at Home-A-Dog have been fighting the planning department at Snowdonia National Park since we arrived in April this year to take over from Anne. This was a long standing issue that we were unaware of at the time but already having made the decision to move and to some degree having burnt our bridges in Cornwall we decided to accept the challenge and fight to keep Home-A-Dog.

To our great disappointment and sadness Snowdonia National Park refused the planning applications made in retrospect for the caravan and existing stray dog kennelling facility at Home-A-Dog, Llanbedr, Gwynedd.

We will of course fight this decision, however, the chances of altering this refusal are slim if not impossible.

This ultimately means that Home-A-Dog WILL CLOSE, leaving one less sanctuary for the stray and unwanted dogs of Gwynedd. To the best of my knowledge leaving only one such facility in operation - PAWS. With the best will in the world one rescue organisation alone will not be able to cope with the volume of stray and unwanted dogs in this area.

This means DOGS WILL DIE!

If you can help in any way -

Property or land that we could move our facility to.

Financial assistance to enable a move to take place.

The knowledge and time to source possible avenues of funding.

Or even just provide moral support. We are open to all suggestions.

Please contact Demelda or Colin Penkitty on 01341 241813

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Demelda and Colin were real troopers stepping up to the challenge and risking everything to help Anne in her moment of need. We all need to get behind them and do our best to help the stray dogs that could be saved in this area of Wales judged too beautiful to house a small and incredibly efficient rescue organisation. Just kind words of support may help them keep their chins up a this very difficult time - but obviously anyone who can give practical or fund-raising support would be very warmly welcomed.


Chapstaff said…
Oh no! How could a dog rescue place with no neighbour problems be considered unsuitable in a "place of such beauty"

Maybe they'll put a factory unit or a block of flats in its place. Grrr!

I signed the petition, but I can't offer any help unfortunately Demelda & Colin. You uprooted & put you hearts & souls into Home A Dog. :o(

I'm soo sorry
Chapstaff said…
Sadly I've received a letter from the council saying planning permission has been refused.

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