Competition time again!

Can you guess which breeds Beulah's parents are? Deadline today and no one has guessed correctly! Clues coming if we don't get a correct answer in the next hour! Send your guesses to
The first correct entry will win either a specific breed book or a general books of dogs courtesy of Interpet Publishing.

We have a winner - the answer was Chihuahua ex Lowchen! Still time to enter the Caption.

Also today we'll be judging our caption competition - so hurry along with your best caption ideas. The winner this month will receive a Cool Kong courtesy of the Company of Animals. Five runners up will receive a Kong Flyer again from the Company of Animals.
Again email ASAP!


Chapstaff said…
My emails to you keep getting returned as spam Beverley, so here's my offering

"Buy this one mum, we fit on here nicely"
"So - can you pick the culprit from this identity parade?"
"Now which small white dog was it who dug up your front garden madam?"
Not the usual line up of suspects!

A real benchmark of quality

Caroline Chapman

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