Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Competition time again!

Can you guess which breeds Beulah's parents are? Deadline today and no one has guessed correctly! Clues coming if we don't get a correct answer in the next hour! Send your guesses to
The first correct entry will win either a specific breed book or a general books of dogs courtesy of Interpet Publishing.

We have a winner - the answer was Chihuahua ex Lowchen! Still time to enter the Caption.

Also today we'll be judging our caption competition - so hurry along with your best caption ideas. The winner this month will receive a Cool Kong courtesy of the Company of Animals. Five runners up will receive a Kong Flyer again from the Company of Animals.
Again email ASAP!

1 comment:

Chapstaff said...

My emails to you keep getting returned as spam Beverley, so here's my offering

"Buy this one mum, we fit on here nicely"
"So - can you pick the culprit from this identity parade?"
"Now which small white dog was it who dug up your front garden madam?"
Not the usual line up of suspects!

A real benchmark of quality

Caroline Chapman