Where is it best to be a dog?

I am working on something that needs a global perspective and I am looking to hear from people who have a positive experience of dogs in other countries.
I'm looking for the best country in the world to be a dog.
In which country is the dog treated with the most respect?
Which country has the least number of dogs in rescue? Least number of dogs put to sleep compared to the general population. Any countries where you can't find a dog for sale in a pet shop? Any ideas we can be inspired by? Anywhere getting something right?
Does getting it right mean being more restrictive as to who can breed, who can own? Does fewer dogs mean a better standard of living for the chosen few or does it mean that only the rich can afford dogs? A dog tax?
Please email me direct if you have anything really positive to say about any country you have experience of.
I'm on a tight deadline, so any help most gratefully received!
Please cross post and translate if necessary. I'm sure there's something we can learn from almost every country.
I'm very keen to talk to anyone living in a country that uses a breed master system for example. And I'd love to hear from people who have bred dogs in several countries so can compare the different ways of doing things.
This is meant to be a very positive piece for a global market, looking at good ideas rather than looking at the bad!


Indiana Rowz said…
I've just come back from Austria, a country I visit regularly two or three times a year.
Some years ago, I saw a Bernese mountain dog for the first time. It was sitting (with its owner) at the bar of the hotel owned by our friends. It was only when I questioned them that they told me that throughout Austria dogs were made very welcome. I was amazed and began to take more notice - and it was very true. They are allowed in hotel rooms, not just designated ones, they are also allowed in restaurants and bars. Everywhere we go we see happy owners and happy dogs. There is water outside many establishments, including banks and very smart shops. It is such a contrast to this country.
I now have my own Bernese and would dearly love to be able to take him to Austria. My idea of the ideal holiday would be to walk him in the fabulous mountains.
So I nominate Austria as the most dog friendly country!
Deborah said…
Definitely NOT the USA. I'm not sure about breeding practices in Europe or how many dogs are in shelters or are euthanized, but I do know on my visits to France, Austria, and Germany dogs went everywhere their people did--shops, restaurants, bars, all transportation. EVERYWHERE!!!!! Things might be the same in other European countries. I traveled in most, but the three I mention stand out. Perhaps by coincidence I just ran into more dogs in those countries. I also did not any dogs running loose or homeless. There must be some, but unlike Greece, for example, it didn't seem to me there were many,

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