A vigil for Bruce

Just highlighting this comment on the earlier post about poor Bruce. A dog in Northern Ireland who has hurt no one but is facing execution just for the way he looks. Click here to read earlier post:

A world-wide candle lit vigil is being held for Bruce on Thursday 23rd July 2009.
Everyone can take part-in your home, your town showing your support, standing united for death row dog Bruce who will on that day have been imprisoned for agonizing six hundred and seventy three days.
Here’s how it works:

What is needed.

1) A candle

2) A sign saying ‘Save Bruce’ 'Let Bruce Live' or similiar and location (county/state/ country)

3) A camera

What to do.

1) Persuade, cajole, bully, bribe and threaten as many people as possible to join in the photograph.

2) Take photograph

3) Upload photo and email it to mail@dangerousdogsact.co.uk.

What happens then?

1) On Friday 24th July the pictures will be published across the Internet

2) A press release will be issued by DDAWatch.

3) A new video will be released with the pictures included.

Points to remember.

1) Make the sign big, clear and central

2) It’s a sombre purpose so big, cheesy smiles are probably not needed.

3) If you are under 16 then please make sure that a parent gives permission and is in the photograph too.

Join Our Call to "paws"

"Paws" for a moment of silence and join us in lighting a candle in honor, support and recognition of our beautiful canine friend, "Bruce", an innocent victim and pawn of Northern Ireland's Breed Specific Legislation law.

We can not do many things for Bruce as he still sits - just under 2 years - caged, isolated, and physically neglected at the hands of a government agency. These laws were enacted to decrease harm to its' citizens but is now causing harm to many dogs, including Bruce, and their families.

We can not break him free.

We can not ease his confusion and sadness of being taken from the only home he has ever known.

We can not relieve his suffering, and the pain that he continues to endure, nor can we replace his once-beautiful and healthy tail, now amputated from this government's abuse and neglect.

What we can do is pause "paws" for a moment of silence and light our flame in honor of "Bruce", in support of his steadfast-unwavering courage, continuing trust and devotion, and in recognition of his undeniable "spirit", that continues to touch the world.

We can "paws" to honor all of our canine friends and their families around the world who have lost their lives to Breed Specific Legislation and Dangerous Dog Act Laws, this criminal - breed genocide law, and vow to make a change, worldwide, one goal, one purpose, uniting us all in solidarity to repeal this law of inhumanity.

On Thursday, July 23rd 2009 at dusk in your part of the world, with your beloved pets safe at your side, light a candle and "paws" for this powerful moment of silence in honor, in support, and in recognition for all of us fighting to "Bring Bruce Home" uniting to make a change for "Bruce" and the many lives already lost--so that they did not die in vain.

Capture the moment with a digital photograph or video and please send to: mail@dangerousdogsact.co.uk and/or Facebook-Events so that we may record this historical moment in our fight for justice and publish these touching moments for the world to see.


gartom said…
Today (15.07.09), to my shame is the 1st time I've heard of Bruce's plight.
I type this having just watched his video with tears streamng down my face.
That poor poor dog and his family, it's disgraceful the way he is being kept!
What on earth has happened to good old fashioned common sense when it comes to the DDA?
wellie boots said…
not only that, why are the kennels not being investigated? Look at the state of him.

Now. Where's me candle...
Anonymous said…
candles at the ready, Bruce we are all thinking of you at Dfordog.

jo siemieniowski said…
I have sent my photograph in for Bruce, I only hope it does some good, I have also put the video of Bruce on facebook in the hope that many of my friends will do the same. Anyone who watches this video will hopefully feel the sorrow that I felt when I watched it. God bless Bruce, xxx
Unknown said…
signs are made, candles are ready. Tears falling as I get ready to drive to the meeting place.

It is incomprehensible that Bruce is STILL being held.

What an absolute waste of his puppy years.

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