Feeling a bit off...line!

I have abandoned my lovely newish home office to walk over to the pleasant-office-in-my-home to blog about how totally frustrating it is not to have a working Internet connection over in our real office.
It died over there on Thursday afternoon - just as we were trying to finish the last few pages of Dogs Today's September magazine via email and Internet.
I had just got a huge bill in from BT for moving their very clever phone system from our damp office to our dry office, so the irony of it breaking on deadline was not lost to me.
We have to have a fancy phone system because lots of our staff have opted to work from home, probably saving the planet but when it goes wrong it doesn't save my blood pressure!
With the Internet line out of action our remote workers can no longer answer our phones and all our good staff can't access email or web - which when you have a designer in Herefordshire, a chief sub on the Welsh border and a Deputy Ed in Norfolk it kind of makes eco-friendly working somewhat unattractive.
Things break, true. But then they should be capable of being fixed in a reasonable timescale.
On Thursday I was told it would be Friday before we were all able to talk to each other again.
On Friday I was told Saturday.
On Saturday I gave it a rest and went to Brighton.
On Sunday, I was told that they had no idea why I'd been told Saturday as the engineers don't work at the weekend unless you're really important - ie like a bank!
Today I was told they had been working on Saturday but they needed a part and it would be fixed - probably - by the end of Tuesday.
But I've heard that it'll be fixed tomorrow story before. And each person I've talked to at BT has told me a slightly different and equally convincing story.
Apparently the problem lies with some 'faulty pairs' or the 'ADSL board'. Or that it needs a special engineer to replace the card at the exchange. I have also been told it's a part that's on order that is causing the delay. If that version doesn't suit you, I've been told that we were thought to be part of a cluster of faults at the exchange, but when they fixed the cluster they forgot to check that we individually were okay and now they know we're not we are back on the list as being an individual fault again.
How are we expected to earn the money to pay for BT's enormous system relocation bill when they can't actually get us up and running?
If we were really important - like a bank - would we still be left with no service?
I feel better now - I have vented.
Will go back now to the non-tech office, it's like time travel. It's how we used to work 20 years ago.
I need a cup of tea and a lot of jaffa cakes. But being on a diet and excluding milk there's not much chance of that either!


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