Happy holidays!

Yes I know I've been quiet. It has not been quiet here.
My lovely boys broke up from school three weeks ago!
I thought I had it sussed and got Kieran and Cammy booked into a day camp this week and encouraged another mum to book her son into the same camp.
First two days wonderful. I was able to at last get stuck into work.
Night of second day at camp we had tears. Friend was not going the next day, and Kieran didn't want to go if his best buddy wasn't going to be there.
"I want to spend more time with my family..." sob. Real tears and everything.
"I go to school all year, this is mean to be my hol..i..(sob)...day!"
I caved in. I said okay. I wanted him to go to sleep happy, I know I had already paid, had a stack of work to do. But I'm obviously soft.
So now we have children in the house, I am variously having to help out on World of Warcraft or provide catering.
Juggling was never easy, but a 9 and a half week summer break seems a little excessive!
How do others cope?
Had a lovely day out at the Guide Dog Experience at the weekend. Oscar and Tess came, too. Oscar met loads of Beardie enthusiasts, amazing how a Beardie acts like a magnet in a crowd. Each one told wistfully of a Beardie past or present that has touched their lives. Oscar loved all the fuss and Tess felt a bit put out.
Springer people are different, maybe its because there are more of them that people don't feel the need to do the equivalent of flashing the car headlights in recognition.
Kieran came too and I wish I'd taken photos of him sharing his ice cream with the dogs and using Oscar as a cushion.
I was judging kids handling and I appointed Kieran my co-judge and he asked the kids difficult doggie questions.
We also stumbled upon a great new motorcaravan that has been doggified. Have my fingers crossed we can get to road test it. Kieran loved the idea and I have to say it is as near to camping as I'd want to get! Very luxurious.
Anyway back to the juggling. It's now pouring down, so our plan to get the kids to teach the dogs clicker training and jumping may have to go on hold. I'd got a book, bought an agility jump and everything!


Julia said…
There - I've noticed that about Springer people too. Even when you try to say hello most virtually ignore you. Staffy owners / lovers are so different.
In the pink said…
Ah the motorcaravan...had one for the last 6 years and the dogs just LOVE it. They are so wellbehaved - much more so than at home!!!!!!!!!!

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