What's in a name?

Just got the call, for some reason Oscar and I are on the GMTV couch tomorrow morning. Yes, that's the same Oscar who has dirty feet and a beard that's less than pristine. And as for me... I think I could do with a trip to the dog groomer, too.
So tonight will be bath night for us both!
Can anyone out there help me with researching the item we're supposed to know about? As I'll be busy with the comb etc?
I want to hear the best dog names you've come across. The funniest, the tackiest, most embarrassing, most appropriate etc etc.
Anyone heard of any dogs named after celebs? Films? Any obvious trends?
Are dog names replicating baby trends?
Any Obamas yet? Any other really topical names?
Do help me out and I might give your dog's name a name check tomorrow morning!
That's if a real news story doesn't break and we get bumped that is!


Heather said…
My dog's name is Athena. She's a 20 pound shiba inu mix and she wears pink. My boyfriend said if she was going to wear pink she needed a "tough" name. What's tougher than the goddess of War!?
Anonymous said…
My first Poodle was called Folly because I was mad to spend so much money on my first Pedigree dog!
will try and watch
fraserke said…
My border collie was called Caesar. He came after the cat, a Burmese called Pharaoh.
Lucy King said…
Mine is called Chloe, but her show name is Kaliska Mali.

It's an old Native american for 'strong, beautiful friend' and 'coyote with flapping ear'

I called her that because she has one floppy ear and shes my best friend.
Anonymous said…
Madi was originally Madonna at the rescue centre. It was just a bit too glam - or holy - for me! The fosterer shortened it to Madi and thought it appropriate as, at the time, Madi had eye problems: Mad Eye (it was also the time of Mad Eye Moody in the Harry Potters!)

Good luck tomorrow. Any idea of what time you'll be on?

Mina said…
There was a GSD named Trigger at my old training centre. Very apt, he would go off at the slightest 'trigger'!

Also Beauty is very apt, she's always being told how beautiful she is by strangers who seem delighted to hear that's her name. I think it's her nature rather than her face that is beautiful!

More people seem to be giving their dogs human names than I remember from when I had Buster first, but I guess I know a lot more dogs these days.

I seem to meet a lot of Jack Russells called 'Jack' which always strikes me a little odd.
TJam said…
My first dog was named "jump the dog" because my friend's daughter had an imaginery friend called Jump-the-dog (and soon after, one called Jump-the-bumblebee). Soon the girl started to become Jump-the-dog. Something had to be done! So we named my puppy Jump and the imaginery friend turned real (and the girl stopped galloping around on all fours)

Jump was very jumpy. so much so that the little girl said I should call my next dog Lie-down.

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