Calling all budding cover stars

We're doing one of our famous photoshoots on Wednesday May 26th and we're on the lookout for gorgeous dogs to photograph.
We're always particularly keen to capture little pups in all their cuteness - so if you do have a pup at the moment and can get to the shoot do contact Julia ( with your dog's details and we'll reserve you a slot.
The shoot is taking place in Martin Dawe Photography's wonderful photo studios in Slough, Berkshire. It's a very calm environment, easy to find, air conditioned and loads of car parking. Our photographer Tim Rose is probably the best dog photographer in the world. You get a disk of your images to keep and a doggy bag of stuff to take away. Plus the possibility of walking into Smiths and seeing your dog in the magazine - possibly on the front cover.
Each dog's session only takes a few minutes and we use reward based methods and work really quickly to keep the dogs from getting bored.
Dogs who are scared of flashes are probably the only ones that won't enjoy this experience, and while we do breathe a huge sigh of relief when we get a dog that can do a sit stay, we have become adept at getting the best out of every dog and pup and have lots of tricks up our sleeves to get the perfect shot!
Email with more about your dog/s and if poss a pic.
We're interested in all types of dogs but we are definitely doing in-depth breed features on Nova Scotias, Bullmastiffs, Curly Coated Retriever and German Shorthaired Pointers - so we're keen to hear from people who have dogs of any ages in those breeds. 
Do please pass the word on that we're especially keen to photograph some gorgeous dogs! It could be your dog on our front cover next!


Anonymous said…
I've sent an email :) I've tried numerous times before, hopefully i'll be lucky this time.

Anonymous said…
I brought my Cockerpoo puppies to the photo shoot last year all the way from Cornwall and we had a blast.
The puppies loved all the attention and their mum loved the ham and sausage!.
Even better was the C.D with all of the pictures of the puppies on and then seeing them on the FRONT cover of my favourite magazine.
So go for it you will not regret it.
Tony Cruse said…
Merlow is interested. He's a 14 week old Nova Scotia...

And I'm free to drive him!

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