Crocodiles rock

The great treat trial continues. Over the weekend we tried out the crocodiles, but I have to say any nod at science literally went AWOL!
Both dogs regarded their crunchy crocs as very highly prized, so they wanted to take them out of the house into the far reaches of the garden to eat in privacy. Which all got a bit complicated as I couldn't see both dogs to time them.
Predictably, Tess finished first, probably taking 10 minutes - although it may have been a few minutes more or less!
Oscar was slow to get established and kept moving home with his croc, which proved his downfall.
Tess being quite the cunning dog, staged a diversion, barking at the gate and poor old gullible Oscar fell for it. So we will never know how long it would have taken Oscar to finish, as Tess stole it!
"What's that Tess? You say there's a large delivery of sausages at the gate? I'm on my way!"

The winner takes it all!

And victory tastes very sweet!

The dogs were testing Antos Cerea Crocodiles, bought from Mutley & Mog. They cost £1.05 each. 11p a minute for Tess, but probably left to his own devices Oscar would have taken half an hour so the price would have gone down to  a bargain 4p a minute.
These are vegetable-based snacks said to be good at cleaning teeth - and I'd like to reiterate that no crocodiles were harmed in this experiment.


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