Time for tea and time for a cow's ear? 11 minutes actually!

Christine in accounts said knowledgeably that 'cows ears are less greasy than pigs ears'. Tess was thrilled with her 'less greasy' teatime cow's ear treat and remarkably she took a full 11 minutes to finish it. There was much crunching and her teeth and paws were kept very busy.
Oscar was initially pleased and got stuck in. That pink blur is indeed his unfeasibly large tongue and not bubble gum! But sadly, after a bit of nibbling, he proved easily distracted.
The black blur is new office pup Ferris. Oscar is in love and Ferris is much better than cows ears, it's official.
So - for Oscar. Cows ears are a fail. But for Tess, it's a big thumbs up - if she had thumbs!
13 minutes on and the cows ear has lost all its alure - although Tess has her beady eyes on it! And can you believe that only yesterday, less than 24 hours ago, Oscar had a complete wash and brush up. What a mess! The office is looking gorgeous too isn't it? Where's my phantom anony-mouse blogger commentator to complain about the housekeeping standards and the poor interior design?
So the verdict.
Cows ears from Mutley & Mog cost £8.60 for 20. That's 43p each.
Cost for keeping Tess occupied 4p a minute!


Anonymous said…
the poor dog being tied up to a desk, Ithink that is very cruel, the RSPCA should ban such things.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for that. My two boys love pigs ears but they last a matter of seconds and are quite stinky - have not tried the cow as anything beef tends to lead to wind but will give them a try.

By the way - Oscar looks just as he should do - natural.
Beverley Cuddy said…
Hmm Anony mouse, great idea, yes let's ban dogs being on leads!


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