Puppy Love - about to go to press!

We are about to go to press on the Puppy Love feature - which is an attempt to give a puppy owner the very best advice before a new puppy comes home. You've got till Tuesday to add your comments and words of wisdom, please do take part as many minds can make all the difference.
Here are the topics and the links:

Puppy Love 1 - Security and fencing
Puppy Love 2 - Feeding
Puppy Love 3 - Insurance
Puppy Love 4 - Toys and treats
Puppy Love 5 - ID - get me back home
Puppy Love 6 - Training
Puppy Love 7 - Poo and wee and other toilet problems! 

If you struggle to post, and some people do find it a puzzle, then please do email me direct. beverley@dogstodaymagazine.co.uk

I'm disappointed there's no one been on to recommend Indigo collars yet, I'm going tohave to do it myself! Come on folks, pass on your best tips to others! Don't be shy. and please send this far and wide so others can join in!


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