Tested on animals

How refined, Thursday elevenses for Oscar and Tess were Venison ears from Burns via Mutley & Mog. Both dogs were very keen to take part in this trial. The ears, to my eye, looked very white and didn't seem too exciting by smell, either. But the dogs' senses were obviously enlivened, so maybe they appeal on a sensory level we mere humans don't have the bandwidth for!
Tess had consumed hers in a moment, as expected - far too quickly to capture on film. Oscar took exactly five minutes to polish his off, which feels longer than he usually takes to chew a pigs ear, which seems from memory to be a bit more brittle. You can really hear them crunching them, but today Oscar was quiet and determined in his destruction of the ear. But to be honest, I've never timed the dogs' eating pigs ears, so will have to do that test on another day so I can say definitively!
Oscar was very keen to get on with it and didn't much appreciate having his photo taken. As you can see from the look he's giving me!  He was definitely in the zone eating his venison ear and wanted to concentrate, but for five minutes he stopped trying to sit as near to the new puppy as possible, which I have to say is his favourite occupation apart from eating strange animal parts!
Only downside, there were only three Venison ears in the packet - one and half pairs.
Who deserves that final one?
Price £2.29, per ear 76p
Price per minute for keeping Oscar happy 15p!


Mandy said…
Having also just tried out these Burns Venison ears, I have to say I was disappointed with how "processed" they are - as you say, very white and don't smell even remotely meaty - Oboe, my BSD, was quite happy to eat them but as a mostly raw feeder I won't be getting them again. I do recommend the dried venison strips I bought a few weeks ago, however for anyone who wants something that seems more like the real thing - I got them from Zoo Plus (link: http://www.zooplus.co.uk/shop/dogs/dog_treats_chews/venisondeer/146434
and I see they also do many other unusual dog treats like wild boar sausages and rabbits' ears, so I might be trying Oboe on some of those next!

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