Friday, 22 April 2011

Seeking Salukis and Shelties!

At our next photoshoot we will be featuring Salukis and Shelties - so if you have a litter, a pup or just a gorgeous adult you'd like captured by Tim Rose, probably the greatest dog photographer in the world please email with more details. The shoot will be in approx 6 weeks time, on a weekday in Surrey. It'll only take about 30 minutes as Tim works very fast!
Rachael would also like to hear from you if you'd like to write about what it is like living with a Saluki.
And if you're likely to have a pup of any breed in teh next six weeks also get in touch as we do love photographing pups!
If you'd like to see what goes on at a photoshoot click here to see a video of one of our previous shoots at our old venue in Slough.
Please spread the word about our search! You get to keep a disk of all the photography and who knows, your dog might end up on the front cover!

Did you take any photos?

I'm compiling pix of the recent Dunbar birthday bash and wondered if you took any photos if you'd mind emailing me your pix? I'll be putting some in the mag - the rest on the blog. My email is I know I took a camera and a video camera - but did I take any pix.... oops, no! Somewhat distracted by talking to interesting folk and patting gorgeous doggies! Be grateful for helping me out!
 Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

Here's some photos of the cake btw.... I'm available for weddings, birthdays etc should you want one rustling up! (joking!)

Thank you so much to Claire Goyer of the Haslemere Pet Co and Karen Wild for taking these photos!

Pets with cancer - a gentle alternative

Over on one of our sister blogs we just had a very moving update on how Lily Twinkle is doing with her battle against Lymphoma.

Regular readers will have already heard of CV247 and the amazing and sadly late vet John Carter, but if you haven't or even if you just want to know more about this gentle method - do stop by our dedicated blog...

Here's the link:

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Three legged race for Tailwaggers

A collie cross and his owner are undertaking a staggering 70-mile trek in aid of Tailwaggers Club Trust. Jennie Keighley and seven-year-old Troika will take on the challenge between 16 and 23 May along the Cumbria Way in the Lake District.
Jennie met Troika while volunteering at an animal shelter in Lancaster, when he was 18 months old. She said, "He came from a young owner who couldn't afford to keep him any more. Apparently, he had broken his back leg badly as a puppy, and the vet was unable to fix it, so it had to be amputated.  

"I hope to show that disabled animals can still live happy and fulfilling lives, and want to raise money to help treat ill or disabled pets, like Troika, and Tailwaggers fits the bill perfectly."
 To make a donation towards Jennie and Troika's trek, click here or send a cheque (payable to 'Tailwaggers Club Trust', marked 'Jennie and Troika'), c/o Dogs Today, 4 Bonseys Lane, Chobham, Surrey, GU24 8JJ

Friday, 15 April 2011

Today's the day!

We're off to the Dr Ian Dunbar birthday bash in a few moments to set everything up ready for the 4pm kick off!
Don't mention it, but I'm now covered in edible glitter after assembling the cup cakes (don't worry those that know of my catering abilities - cakes made by Waitrose, only the doggie decorations all our own work!).
If you're on Twitter, follow the excitement on #dunbarty and have a look at the Dogs Today facebook page as if there's wifi at the hotel I will try to do live updates and photos. I'll also have the trusty video camera with me to hopefully catch some of the interaction!
There's a prize for the best party trick so I hope everyone has been practising!
Thanks you to the lovely Daisy's Dog Deli for the delightful doggie catering and Claire Goyer at Haslemere Pet Co for volunteering to be our accident and emergency clean up squad and liver treat interventionist for any doggie argie bargey that might occur although we're not expecting any obviously as all the dogs coming are angels!
And of course thank you to all the lovely people who bought tickets making this a sold out event many weeks ago.

Let's celebrate Ian's birthday in style and reward ourselves with a lovely day out!

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Would you like a Free trial of Purina

I've been asked to put this on here by Purina. If you'd like to take part in their trial, please email me as below, I understand that dry complete is not for all - but if you already feed this type of food this might be of interest! Please don't use this post as a starting point for a food debate generally though - plenty of opportunity elsewhere for that!

PRO PLAN® 5 Point Promise Challenge

Want to be in the magazine to tell your story about your dog’s diet and the benefits it has?

Would you like to try a premium dry food for a month free of charge? Purina PRO PLAN is looking for five people to take up the PRO PLAN 5 Point Promise challenge.  Ideally to do this challenge you’ll already be feeding a dry complete as this is for people who’d just like to try a new high quality brand rather than change their feeding regime.

You’ll keep a diary and at the end of the trial write up your findings. The editorial team at Dogs Today will then choose a selection of the write ups which will then be used in the magazine.  All five will also get another bag of PRO PLAN food at the end of the trial as a thank you and to continue to help support your dog’s health and wellbeing! 

You’ll gradually introduce the appropriate PRO PLAN food (puppy, adult or senior) over the first week, then you’ll be asked to rate your dog’s body condition, food enjoyment and interaction with the family over the following three weeks. There’s an easy scorecard system in the pack but for this trial you’ll also need to take photos and write a short piece about how the trails went (max 350 words).

So, tell us all about your dog, their current feeding regime and overall health status along with a photo.  Email and put ‘PRO PLAN 5 Point Promise Challenge’ in the subject box!

Our five promises are:

1. proven results based on breakthrough science
2. great taste and enjoyment due to high quality meat or fish, as the main ingredient
3. the high digestibility of our carefully selected ingredients will help your dog absorb the correct amount of nutrients
4. to help your dog maintain robust health and boundless vitality due to more essential amino acids and functional nutrients
5. PRO PLAN contains specific Omega 6&3 fatty acids and extra micronutrients to help support skin and coat health

Can you DNA test poo?

We've had a distressed lady on the phone who is in a bit of a state. She saw a chap not picking up after his dog yesterday and offered him a bag. 
He didn't take it well and came back today with some scary mates saying they were going to report her for not picking up her dog's poo.  
We told her she was not to be worried but what she wants is the number of a company able to DNA poo and link it - or preferably not link it - to her dog so can prove her innocence. Anyone know of such a company? Be interested generally. Does such a service exist?
What horrible bullies.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

A limited edition just for you

Here is the first of our exclusive limited edition prints. Dogs Today artist Kevin Brockbank's work has featured in the magazine for the past 14 years and last issue (April) we did an in-depth feature on his work. We asked you which illustrations you'd most like to see turned into prints, t-shirts etc and the answer came back that this was your biggest favourite.

We call this 'The Howl'  and its obviously inspired by Edvard Munch's famous painting 'The Scream'.  (the copyrighted wording would be removed obviously!)

You can order one of these vibrant A3 prints for just £25 if sent by recorded delivery within the UK.  £30 European Union, £35 ROW

Or if you want something a bit extra special we can send you a signed limited edition print (total run 250) sent by recorded delivery in the UK for £50. (£55 European Union, £60 ROW).

We will have a limited number of prints available to buy at the Dunbar birthday bash on Friday where Kevin will be on hand to personally sign your prints, so do come armed with money if you'd like one! We'll even have some framed versions at the event!

If you'd like to order before then call 01276 858880 during office hours or email You can pay by paypal or all major credit cards - or you can just send a cheque made payable to Dogs Today and post to The Dog House, 4 Bonseys Lane, Chobham, Surrey, GU24 8JJ.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Out very early on iPad...

We have yet to see the lorry with our super advance copies of the May issue of Dogs Today, but due to the brilliance of technology people world wide can now read the May issue at the click of a button!

Plus the iPad, iPhone and iPod editions are interactive. If there's a website mentioned in editorial or an advert - just click the yellow box and you're there without any rekeying!
And if you download the Dogs Today app (only 59p including your first edition!) you'll see that it's a very clever programme which means you can flick the pages just like a real mag!
And if you stop and buy a back issue or the Perfect Pup book you've got them stored so you can look things up without hunting under the bed or wherever you keep your mags! Or you can take out a six or 12 issue sub for a discount and use some of those issues to buy back issues or the Perfect Pup book.
The Perfect Pup works really well interactively, click on a breed and it'll take you straight to the relevant Perfect Pup website page too where you can order online a pdf of the much longer Fido Facts for more than 150 breeds.
We're expecting to see an actual May magazine sometime tomorrow and the paper copies should be in the shops on Thursday (we always come out on the second Thursday of every month) and the subscriber copies hitting the doormat just before that.
We hope you enjoy the magazine in whatever format you read it in, but we're so excited to be one of the first magazines in the world to be on iPad and delighted that it makes it so much easier for our overseas readers to read us quickly and cheaply!
Here's the link to the App store.
If you don't have an iPad, iPhone and iPod but would still like to read the magazine online on a computer go to pocketmags
Sadly that edition isn't interactive and you can't get the 59p offer, but it is still a very nice programme! Android versions will be along soon, too!

Caption competition to be judged at 1pm!

Hurry to enter before 1pm! Here's the photo again...

You can either  email to or enter via Dogs Today magazine's facebook page. Best online entry will win one of these gorgeous sausage dog bags as well as Company of Animals Clix prizes.

And if you don't win - here's how to order the bag or just browse some of the other lovely bags!

Friday, 8 April 2011

Top of the Pups?

After discovering the fantastic "Elsa's Lullaby" this week and loving it so much that I've played it a million times, I decided to write an article about the greatest songs about dogs ever written. Can you nominate any?
Here's Neema's beautiful song first in case you've not heard it.... I say it's a torch song for every much loved rescue dog.

You’re watching Elsa’s Lullaby. See the Web's top videos on AOL Video

and here's the first nominations:


Via Twitter some fantastic suggestions!
The lovely Dean Friedman, one of my favourite song writers not only sent a special link to the lovely song he wrote about his naughty dog (who was the one?). Here it is
plus he nominated Henry Gross' 'Shannon' and Boothby Graffoe's 'Planet Dog' ...

Again from Twitter

From @MarthatheWestie of course!
@thepinkwhiskers nominated...

David Bowie, Diamond Dogs from Simon Lillie on the Dogs Today facebook page...

And there's one more that I nominate - stumbled across another Martha, I so love theSmashing Pumpkins! Their lovely 'landslide' is the ringtone on my phone!

And just in from Luke, a desk away from me the following list:

Hi Beverley,

There's Hounds of Love by Kate Bush, covered by The Futureheads about 
5 years ago, and Black Dog by Led Zep.

Winston Churchill used to refer to his depression as a black dog that 
followed him around, something that Nick Drake expanded on with Black 
Eyed Dog.

New Zealand's fourth most popular folk parody duo Flight of the 
Conchords have a song called Epileptic Dogs, appealing for funds to 
help pets with the disorder. Sample lyric: "Send a cheque in the 
letter to make a Setter feel better".

Just Googled 'songs about dogs' and apparently Pink Floyd have a song 
called Dogs.

Then there's Who Let The Dogs Out? by the Baha Men.

Cheers, Luke

And on facebook ...Pink Floyd's Seamus, Tesla's Government Personnel, Michael Schenker - Let Sleeping Dogs Lie, Deep Purple - Mad Dog, Led Zep - Black Dog, Nazareth - Hair Of The Dog, AC/DC - Givin' The Dog A Bone (not necessarily a canine reference) and various hymns mentioning Akitas! (All things bright and beautiful, Akitas made them all...!)

And Luke also located the great article in Feb 2006 Dogs Today about dogs in songs by Mark Gordon Palmer - and - blushes - guess what the headline on that article was?
Only Top of the Pups.... and I thought I was being so innovative!


Any more suggestions! Do email me

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Pulling on the lead - a Think Tank casebook

Here is a special report from Liz Dixon, Commercial Director of Dogs Today...

Office dog Ferris is a young German Shepherd dog, just over a year old - a happy, healthy boy with a fantastic temperament and a lovely disposition.
He is my second GSD – I had a boy before – Jack – but this one is different in so many ways not least his desire to jump into every lake and river he encounters! A joy to walk off the lead, his exuberance and sheer delight at all he encounters is in turns entertaining and hilarious but the minute he goes back, or even starts on the lead, the trouble begins!
He leans into the lead like a plough horse – his objective seemingly to pull me as quickly as possible to the nearest field, tree, friend or foe and, at times, to try to dislocate my shoulder or his neck!
It had got to the point where I dreaded taking him anywhere on a lead and had restricted his walks to the fields opposite my house – boring for both of us, but essential for the well being of my back.
Working for Dogs Today Magazine has afforded me the opportunity to read about and talk to various experts about lead training. To say I had been blinded by science was probably an understatement and I was getting desperate for a cure. Christine, in the office, suggested we offered Ferris’s behaviour as a challenge with a view to seeing if we could find a cure and it was while talking about this to Alex Wilson at Xtra Dog, he offered to be the first to try to cure my hauling hound.

Xtra Dog specialise in and promote Tellington Touch, including Tellington TTouch ground work which creates balance and harmony in a dog’s posture ensuring that it walks comfortably alongside its owner rather than pulling.
Alex first demonstrated the concept with his own dog – Arapahoe (a beautiful Siberian Husky) and then it was Ferris’s turn. We had chosen to meet at Richmond Park, so a more distracting place could not have been found – we were contending with deer and their seemingly very entrancing droppings, rabbits and their equally diverting contribution, other dogs, walkers, bikers and a whole myriad of smells. Ferris was in seventh heaven and he was off like a rocket. We gave Alex a very clear demonstration of how well Ferris pulled – he would make a great sled dog!
The next thing was to fit Ferris into one of Xtra Dog’s special harnesses. I had sent over his measurements prior to meeting Alex and so, we were pretty much spot on first time. These harnesses have a ring on the breastbone and also in the middle of the shoulders, which allows for the double-ended lead to be attached. This lead, also, is special as its connectors are different sizes – the front (chest) one being smaller so as not to irritate the dog.
Once fitted, we set off with me holding the lead, hands up and apart with my right hand slightly in front of Ferris’s head. The idea is to pull gently and equally and then, as the dog gets into the correct position, gently ‘melt away’ the contact. At first, this was a constant interaction – pull and release (or ‘melt away’), pull and release – but gradually, Ferris started to slow down and respond to the gentle pressure, gradually walking to heel without any intervention from me at all!
We carried out some simple exercises designed to make the dog concentrate and slow down, and despite the many distractions, Ferris responded well to these tasks and did very well. The first one involved creating a ‘labyrinth’ on the ground through which we had to walk slowly, pausing at each turn for Ferris to sit and the second one was a series of lines over which we had to step which meant that he had to be careful about where he was putting his feet. I have to say that Alex’s ingenuity was impressive – he used long and narrow plastic pipes to designate both the maze and the ladder, which worked very well!
Lastly, Alex demonstrated a calming and attention grabbing method of stroking the lead upwards and away from the dog, pulling it towards you and ensuring any loss of concentration is quickly regained.
I was convinced!

Ferris was actually walking to heel and I was actually enjoying the experience! Hurrah!
But, I couldn’t help worry, what would happen the next day when I took him out for his normal constitution?
Well, I am pleased to report, I needn’t have worried… If anything, he was even better in his own neighbourhood, and didn’t pull at all. He now walks beautifully on the harness and lead – I even got to try it with one hand and it worked!
I know that I’ll have to keep up the ‘training’ and exercises, as I cannot expect a year’s bad habits to disappear totally in one day, but, so far, so VERY GOOD!
Thank you Alex and Xtra Dog – you have made my back and my dog very happy!
Liz Dixon, Dogs Today

Taking those puppies out of the pet shops

Fantastic news, Petsville, the pet shop in Kingston that was infamous for selling puppies looks to have closed! Well done to the campaigners if this is indeed the case - job very well done.
It takes guts to stand up for change and recently things turned rather sinister on the Petworld picket line, the owner drove his car out displaying in the window the home address of one of the protestors. a really sinister "we know where you live".
The next peaceful protest is on Saturday 16th April at 1 o’clock. The address is Orpington Bypass, Badgers Mount, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN14 7AP. This is 5 mins from Jct 5 of the M25. Please join them or support them anyway you can.

Click here for a facebook link

Have a cup of tea turn the speakers up...

Just been sent this beautiful, beautiful song... made me cry. This song could be the theme tune for much loved rescue dogs everywhere...

If this link has died try this one...

Do you have a dog for Dot?

I’m trying at the age of 91 to get over having just lost my beautiful tricolour Border Collie bitch, who was 16 and a half. The poor darling became paralysed due to a slip on grass when she was five years old, and the vet warned me then that she might have problems in old age. She is buried in my garden with spring flowers all around her; I still talk to her every day.
Would there be any chance of me being able to offer a wonderful home to an oldie? How would I go about it? I live alone in my own house. I’d love some advice to cheer me up. Lucky was my shadow. She understood every word and was adored by all who met her, even other dogs and cats.

Dot K, Isle of Wight

Please email if you think you might have a dog for the fantastic Dot.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Have you seen this dog?

£1,000  REWARD  for his safe return

An eye witness saw him being taken in a blue saloon car, possibly a Mercedes from Crewe Road, Nantwich last September.  He is black and tan, rough coated with a grizzle head.  He is a very friendly, lively two year old. He is microchipped.

Great anxiety and distress caused by his loss.

If you know where he is please help.

Call, text or E-mail 01270 627467 or 07926 194301.

Here's a copy of the police report...

Our black and tan, wire haired, male Border Terrier, Rufus escaped from the garden at about 3.00pm on Thursday 23/9/10. He had chased a cat.
We went into the fields at the back of the house to find him.
At 3.10 we had a phone call from a man who said he had picked him up from Crewe Road, opposite Hillside Vets, he had had him in the car but Rufus had jumped out of the window, his wife was not very good with dogs. He said Rufus had run into the front garden of a house opposite the vets. He asked Rufus’s name, saying that he would have called Rufus back.
When the man called, I was outside the Vets myself looking for Rufus, the man said he was now on his way to Stoke.
My wife and I spent the rest of the day until dark looking for Rufus, putting notices with photos through neighbours’ doors and asking everyone we met if they had seen Rufus.
Nobody had seen him and nobody called our number from his tally.

We informed the police, rang the local, the Wem and the Stoke dog wardens and dogs’ homes and sent posters to all the Vets in about a 30 mile radius. We put ‘missing’ adverts in the local and Stoke papers and put out appeals on Radio Stoke.
On 14/10/2010 Mrs Dawn Owen, having seen the advert in the paper, contacted us to say that she had seen couple pick Rufus up. She stopped and spoke to them, suggesting that they take Rufus to Hillside Vets as Rufus had run into the wheel of a passing car. The man who had hold of Rufus said that he was a dog lover, he felt over Rufus to check for injury. Mrs Owen saw the man get into the passenger seat of the car with Rufus. Mrs Owen returned to her own car in the lay-by and in her mirrors saw the man and his wife drive off toward the Peacock pub. She did not see Rufus jump out of the car as the man claimed.
The man was in his 50s, dark haired with some grey, well built and looking a bit scruffy. His wife was also in her 50s, blonde, well dressed and well made up. The car was a mid blue coloured Mercedes.

We are convinced that Rufus was taken by this couple for the reasons below:
From Mrs Owen’s account.
The fact that we did not find Rufus when we looked and have continued to look.
Nobody else telephone us from the number on his tag.
That despite him being microchipped, he has not been found by or handed in to the dog warden or any vets.
His body has not been found either on the road side or in the local fields that we have searched.
That the man telephoned us and asked for Rufus’s name but that his mobile phone number was with held and he has not answered our appeals for his help to find out more details of what happened on that day.

Friday, 1 April 2011

A sneaky peak... the next edition. Here's the cover and a sample of some of Karen Parker's gorgeous photography from Crufts...

 Check out more of Karen's Crufts photos in the May edition out April 14th and before that on iPad.