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I've been asked to put this on here by Purina. If you'd like to take part in their trial, please email me as below, I understand that dry complete is not for all - but if you already feed this type of food this might be of interest! Please don't use this post as a starting point for a food debate generally though - plenty of opportunity elsewhere for that!

PRO PLAN® 5 Point Promise Challenge

Want to be in the magazine to tell your story about your dog’s diet and the benefits it has?

Would you like to try a premium dry food for a month free of charge? Purina PRO PLAN is looking for five people to take up the PRO PLAN 5 Point Promise challenge.  Ideally to do this challenge you’ll already be feeding a dry complete as this is for people who’d just like to try a new high quality brand rather than change their feeding regime.

You’ll keep a diary and at the end of the trial write up your findings. The editorial team at Dogs Today will then choose a selection of the write ups which will then be used in the magazine.  All five will also get another bag of PRO PLAN food at the end of the trial as a thank you and to continue to help support your dog’s health and wellbeing! 

You’ll gradually introduce the appropriate PRO PLAN food (puppy, adult or senior) over the first week, then you’ll be asked to rate your dog’s body condition, food enjoyment and interaction with the family over the following three weeks. There’s an easy scorecard system in the pack but for this trial you’ll also need to take photos and write a short piece about how the trails went (max 350 words).

So, tell us all about your dog, their current feeding regime and overall health status along with a photo.  Email
beverley@dogstodaymagazine.co.uk and put ‘PRO PLAN 5 Point Promise Challenge’ in the subject box!

Our five promises are:

1. proven results based on breakthrough science
2. great taste and enjoyment due to high quality meat or fish, as the main ingredient
3. the high digestibility of our carefully selected ingredients will help your dog absorb the correct amount of nutrients
4. to help your dog maintain robust health and boundless vitality due to more essential amino acids and functional nutrients
5. PRO PLAN contains specific Omega 6&3 fatty acids and extra micronutrients to help support skin and coat health


wellie boots said…
no thank you Purina, because it is made by Nestle - who we boycott because of their aggressive marketing of formula milk in developing countries...
Anonymous said…
Nobody should encourage any dog owner to feed their dogs dry dog food. -- Rod Russell, Orlando, Florida USA

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