Top of the Pups?

After discovering the fantastic "Elsa's Lullaby" this week and loving it so much that I've played it a million times, I decided to write an article about the greatest songs about dogs ever written. Can you nominate any?
Here's Neema's beautiful song first in case you've not heard it.... I say it's a torch song for every much loved rescue dog.

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and here's the first nominations:


Via Twitter some fantastic suggestions!
The lovely Dean Friedman, one of my favourite song writers not only sent a special link to the lovely song he wrote about his naughty dog (who was the one?). Here it is
plus he nominated Henry Gross' 'Shannon' and Boothby Graffoe's 'Planet Dog' ...

Again from Twitter

From @MarthatheWestie of course!
@thepinkwhiskers nominated...

David Bowie, Diamond Dogs from Simon Lillie on the Dogs Today facebook page...

And there's one more that I nominate - stumbled across another Martha, I so love theSmashing Pumpkins! Their lovely 'landslide' is the ringtone on my phone!

And just in from Luke, a desk away from me the following list:

Hi Beverley,

There's Hounds of Love by Kate Bush, covered by The Futureheads about 
5 years ago, and Black Dog by Led Zep.

Winston Churchill used to refer to his depression as a black dog that 
followed him around, something that Nick Drake expanded on with Black 
Eyed Dog.

New Zealand's fourth most popular folk parody duo Flight of the 
Conchords have a song called Epileptic Dogs, appealing for funds to 
help pets with the disorder. Sample lyric: "Send a cheque in the 
letter to make a Setter feel better".

Just Googled 'songs about dogs' and apparently Pink Floyd have a song 
called Dogs.

Then there's Who Let The Dogs Out? by the Baha Men.

Cheers, Luke

And on facebook ...Pink Floyd's Seamus, Tesla's Government Personnel, Michael Schenker - Let Sleeping Dogs Lie, Deep Purple - Mad Dog, Led Zep - Black Dog, Nazareth - Hair Of The Dog, AC/DC - Givin' The Dog A Bone (not necessarily a canine reference) and various hymns mentioning Akitas! (All things bright and beautiful, Akitas made them all...!)

And Luke also located the great article in Feb 2006 Dogs Today about dogs in songs by Mark Gordon Palmer - and - blushes - guess what the headline on that article was?
Only Top of the Pups.... and I thought I was being so innovative!


Any more suggestions! Do email me


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