Can you DNA test poo?

We've had a distressed lady on the phone who is in a bit of a state. She saw a chap not picking up after his dog yesterday and offered him a bag. 
He didn't take it well and came back today with some scary mates saying they were going to report her for not picking up her dog's poo.  
We told her she was not to be worried but what she wants is the number of a company able to DNA poo and link it - or preferably not link it - to her dog so can prove her innocence. Anyone know of such a company? Be interested generally. Does such a service exist?
What horrible bullies.


Sue Doran said…
What a horrible man! I saw a chap whose dog was "going" and I could see him frantically searching his pockets. Fortunately I had a spare in my pocket (I was without the dog for once as I was shopping); he was ever so grateful. SOME people are very nice.

Sorry I don't know about DNA testing of poo but it WOULD be interesting to know ...
Matron said…
Yes it does exist! There is a service in the USA(where else!) called 'poo prints' which can link DNA from poo to a specific dog! Have a google and find out about it.
Matron said…
Yes there is! There is a service in the USA (where else!) by bio pet vet lab called 'Poo Prints' which matches DNA from poo to a specific dog.
Anonymous said…
While you can DNA poo it stops there with no real use. You then have to test the dog and who would agree to that. When I was with the local dog squad the public would often mention this. Who will round up all the local dogs and get their owners to agree to testing and find the money to pay for it, it's not cheap.
Ever notice how those who do not pick up make the most fuss when mess appears on their land. You wouldn't drop a nappy in the middle of the park.

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