Do you have a dog for Dot?

I’m trying at the age of 91 to get over having just lost my beautiful tricolour Border Collie bitch, who was 16 and a half. The poor darling became paralysed due to a slip on grass when she was five years old, and the vet warned me then that she might have problems in old age. She is buried in my garden with spring flowers all around her; I still talk to her every day.
Would there be any chance of me being able to offer a wonderful home to an oldie? How would I go about it? I live alone in my own house. I’d love some advice to cheer me up. Lucky was my shadow. She understood every word and was adored by all who met her, even other dogs and cats.

Dot K, Isle of Wight

Please email if you think you might have a dog for the fantastic Dot.


Chapstaff said…
Hello Dot,
I can well understand how lost you feel, dogs really are the very best friends for someone living alone.
It sounds like Lucky lived up to her name living to that fantastic age.
I think you could offer a lovely home to an oldie, there must be many elderly dogs who would love the kind of lifestyle you could offer. I just hope a rescue centre will realise that a quiet loving home & a relaxing life would be so much better than a life in a concrete cell which is what many elderly dogs have to contend with.
The only real problem might be the cost of vets bills & what would happen to the dog if it outlived you.
There is a charity called the Cinnamon Trust.
Taken from their website:

"The Cinnamon Trust
The only specialist national charity for people in their last years and their much loved, much needed companion animals.
A network of 15,000 volunteers “hold hands” with owners to provide vital loving care for their pets. We keep them together - for example, we’ll walk a dog every day for a housebound owner, we’ll foster pets when owners need hospital care, we’ll fetch the cat food, or even clean out the bird cage, etc.
When staying at home is no longer an option, our Pet Friendly Care Homes Register lists residential/nursing homes happy to accept residents with pets. And when a pet is bereaved we take on full time, life time care."

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