Seeking Salukis and Shelties!

At our next photoshoot we will be featuring Salukis and Shelties - so if you have a litter, a pup or just a gorgeous adult you'd like captured by Tim Rose, probably the greatest dog photographer in the world please email with more details. The shoot will be in approx 6 weeks time, on a weekday in Surrey. It'll only take about 30 minutes as Tim works very fast!
Rachael would also like to hear from you if you'd like to write about what it is like living with a Saluki.
And if you're likely to have a pup of any breed in teh next six weeks also get in touch as we do love photographing pups!
If you'd like to see what goes on at a photoshoot click here to see a video of one of our previous shoots at our old venue in Slough.
Please spread the word about our search! You get to keep a disk of all the photography and who knows, your dog might end up on the front cover!


Anonymous said…
Saluki's are my favourite breed, so I am really looking forward to this article! Sadly...I haven't found the perfect one to own yet, but someday.

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