Did you take any photos?

I'm compiling pix of the recent Dunbar birthday bash and wondered if you took any photos if you'd mind emailing me your pix? I'll be putting some in the mag - the rest on the blog. My email is beverley@dogstodaymagazine.co.uk I know I took a camera and a video camera - but did I take any pix.... oops, no! Somewhat distracted by talking to interesting folk and patting gorgeous doggies! Be grateful for helping me out!
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Here's some photos of the cake btw.... I'm available for weddings, birthdays etc should you want one rustling up! (joking!)

Thank you so much to Claire Goyer of the Haslemere Pet Co and Karen Wild for taking these photos!


What an amazing cake!!
dogsforlife said…
cakes look yummy are they for humans or us dogs?

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