Out very early on iPad...

We have yet to see the lorry with our super advance copies of the May issue of Dogs Today, but due to the brilliance of technology people world wide can now read the May issue at the click of a button!

Plus the iPad, iPhone and iPod editions are interactive. If there's a website mentioned in editorial or an advert - just click the yellow box and you're there without any rekeying!
And if you download the Dogs Today app (only 59p including your first edition!) you'll see that it's a very clever programme which means you can flick the pages just like a real mag!
And if you stop and buy a back issue or the Perfect Pup book you've got them stored so you can look things up without hunting under the bed or wherever you keep your mags! Or you can take out a six or 12 issue sub for a discount and use some of those issues to buy back issues or the Perfect Pup book.
The Perfect Pup works really well interactively, click on a breed and it'll take you straight to the relevant Perfect Pup website page too where you can order online a pdf of the much longer Fido Facts for more than 150 breeds.
We're expecting to see an actual May magazine sometime tomorrow and the paper copies should be in the shops on Thursday (we always come out on the second Thursday of every month) and the subscriber copies hitting the doormat just before that.
We hope you enjoy the magazine in whatever format you read it in, but we're so excited to be one of the first magazines in the world to be on iPad and delighted that it makes it so much easier for our overseas readers to read us quickly and cheaply!
Here's the link to the App store.
If you don't have an iPad, iPhone and iPod but would still like to read the magazine online on a computer go to pocketmags
Sadly that edition isn't interactive and you can't get the 59p offer, but it is still a very nice programme! Android versions will be along soon, too!


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