Could something nice happen please?

I’m afraid I need to vent. Yesterday a very nice TV researcher phoned. Could I help? They were doing something the next day on the true cost of keeping a dog. We always try to help and even though we had a magazine to finish, most of us downed tools and got on the phones getting fresh, up-to-date information.
They phoned back an hour later. They asked if I could go on as an ‘industry expert’ to deliver the figures. I had a think – and a juggle and said ok I could do it. Live TV is always a gamble, though. I’ve been on live shows before that have gone wrong and overran and later planned items have been axed. But we’d put the research work in, so it was probably worth the risk.
Late afternoon the emails started arriving with scripts that needed tweaking so they could make up the bits that would flash across the screen as we talked. Last minute facts needed checking – so I got on the phone with pet insurers and vets.
Then at 6pm the call came that said – could I bring Oscar with me, my pale cream Bearded Collie. I said yes. Then I called him in from the garden.
I don’t know what the weather is like where you are… but only about 10% of Oscar’s fur was cream at that point. So I had two hours of bathing, blow-drying and grooming ahead of me.
My normal Thursday night routine was completely destroyed. No reading ‘just one more’ story to my little boy and tragically no lovely Grey’s Anatomy. But it was all going to be for a good cause – wasn’t it?
At 10.30pm – as I was packing the bag for the 7am pick up – my mobile rang.
It’s never good news at that time is it?
It was Animal Rescue Live. Not the lovely person I had helped all day for no financial reward. Probably her boss. Someone had to draw the short straw.
“We’re really sorry, but we’ve had to make a change. Someone from Battersea Dogs Home is going to read out your bit. But at least you’ll have a lie in.”
I was nice. I didn’t bite.
Maybe it’s the Bearded Collie in me that has trouble with displaying aggression.
No it’s obviously perfectly alright that me and my staff have researched your item for no fee, you’ve ruined my evening and now someone else is going to be attributed with our endeavours.
And guess what? At 7am my mobile went off. The car to take me to London was outside. They hadn’t bothered to cancel it.
So no lie in either!
Oscar is black again. The flood water in rising outside the office window.
Even a chocolate eclair didn't cheer me up!


Chapstaff said…
Bloody hell! What a rotten day & night.

Hope you don't get flooded out again. That would just be the icing on the cake I imagine..... (or the eclair)

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