An Inspector calls... eventually

In the last email from Jill, she was feeling slightly more positive. The police inspector had actually returned one of their calls!

He said that the police didn't give out the Crow's ex-directory number and mobile to the farmer's solicitor.... and they didn't have a clue where the info had come from that was revealed in the paper.

I have to say that generally the Sussex police force's detection skills aren't exactly impressing me!

But the Inspector is 'looking into' getting the dogs out so let's not be too rude about them.

Jill's MP has have written a second letter, too.

Watch this space and please think very positive thoughts!

Next blog is about Prince, honest. It'll be worth waiting for!


Em said…
I've run out of things to cross, so I hope the poodles get let out before I get cramp..
Chapstaff said…
I'm getting dizzy from crossing my eyes, so I'll stop.

Hopefully common sense is beginning (at last) to prevail....?

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