Four posts in one day...

We just phoned the guys in the neighbouring office. They are normally two very jolly South Africans and we had chatted earlier about the water situation. Pierre had said with confidence it wouldn't flood, that he wasn't going to panic. Stuart was looking a little more concerned.

Seems I was right to be pessimistic.

The water has just started coming into their office.

My fear is the water will go even higher again this year. It was a foot deep inside last time. I worry if it goes over desk height we'll lose a lot more again. We've lifted most things off the floor - but will it be high enough?

It took from August to February for us to get the repairs done last time. It seems just any flood water means knocking stuff down, replastering and all new electrics - ugh!

My husband has ventured off to have a look.

I think we'll be homeless again on Monday by the sounds of it. Sounds like taking the computers home was a very smart move. Good job we put the next edition to bed this morning! If this happened in the middle of an edition how would we cope?


PBGV princess said…
Hi Beverley,
Finally got back about 4 - what state is the office in at the moment?

A x
Beverley Cuddy said…
Hi Amelia

Graham just waded in to Chobham - it was up to his waist.

It was six inches and rising inside the office with more rising to come.

I will come up with a plan over the weekend. We have space at home for some desks in the interim till we find some new offices.

We're not having the best of luck are we? But we did well to save the computers and the relevant files.

Try to have a good weekend - and glad you got home safe. Not yet heard about Colin, but Julia and Jen made it ok.

We've overcome this before...!


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