Tired but moved

There are some very weary bodies tonight. We moved only a few hundred yards down the road, but we're all getting a bit too old for all this manual labour - and one of us is only 18 and 11/12ths! Total relocation twice within a year is a bit much for any business to take in its stride - but we were pretty spritely this time around. We all knew what had to be done. We'd had practise!

We've moved to Number 2 the Barns, Pennypot Lane, Pennypot, Chobham. GU24 8DJ. It sounds cute and it is. And it's dry!

We have moved physically but not yet telephonicaly. BT it seems make no allowance of floods and still say a sluggish 5-10 days for flicking a switch at the exchange to make the lines in our new office come to life and pressing the button to connect our life support system - Broadband.

A nice man called Angelo took us in when we were homeless. He has a Labrador that smiles. His dog Thorn and my son buddied up on first meeting and I suspect it was the dog that does all the checking out of prospective tenants. No BT-style stuffy protocols with Angelo - he just handed us keys on a handshake and we were moving our first desks in 10 mins later.

So don't expect us to be up to speed until August 1st at the earliest. Assistant Editor Karen works from home in Norfolk and all the calls are diverted to her until BT gets into gear. We are all on mobiles and some of us are working from home to get the net - so emails stand a better chance of being actioned than telephone calls.

We were relatively lucky, the whole country is taking a battering.

Bedtime can't come too quickly though tonight, suspect all the staff feel the same way!


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the good wishes for Prince. I'm pleased the move went well - I'm sure you slept like a log last night!
Chapstaff said…
Sounds like Angelo is a nice sort of chap. How temporary does this move have to be?

I mean - your previous landlord,(lady), I seem to remember, was in no hurry to contact you the first time the floods came, resulting in more irreplaceable losses than necessary.

Maybe time to relocate.

Good luck anyway

A different subject I know - but how are you these days? Have they found out what was causing you to be so ill?

Hope you are well now.
Em said…
Glad you've found a new home with what sounds like a great, dog-loving landlord. Hopefully the rest of 2007 will be comparatively boring for you - no more floods or hospital stays!!

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