My vaccine reaction was "How much?"

We've just taken Tess and Oscar to the vets for boosters. We've lost their vaccination certificates and couldn't remember exactly when they were due.
As they're off to kennels for two weeks later in the summer I wanted to make sure we weren't going to get caught out as they do check these things.
Both needed the kennel cough up the nose thingey, only Oscar needed a normal jab and I thought I'd stock up on three months Frontline for them both, while I was there - even though its cheaper on line (you still have to remember to order it!)
Guess what the bill was?
Imagine if two had been boosted!
Do I have the most expensive vet in Britain? I was given no bill to take away other than a credit card receipt so I've no idea of how that breaks down.
If there is a meaty profit margin in there he obviously doesn't spend it on the surgery infrastructure - the surgery appears to be held in a very elderly Portacabin!
The bill could have been even larger.
Oscar was a couple of months late for his booster and there was talk of starting his vaccinations again from scratch. Also as Tess wasn't due for her booster till November there was the suggestion of bringing hers forward so both dogs were on the same calendar.
As she had a vaccine site reaction last time I certainly wasn't having her done early!
Off I go much the poorer to the phone and broadband free zone that we call our new office.
BT were saying it'll be Thursday before they can get everything working. Much pleading got it improved to Wednesday. I will embarrass myself again later by begging in the hope of getting them to move it another day forward.
Apparently BT have cancelled all overtime in our area - so that the engineers can be called on to work in areas affected by the floods! I did point out that we were indeed one of their customers affected by the floods and that's how I got them to move to one day quicker! (They had promised us Monday when we first reported the problem - but that was another department of course.)
Stress, ugh - where are the jaffa cakes? I really must find more entertaining ways of dealing with a crisis. Cakes just don't seem a very grown up vice.


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