A big day for the dogs of Oz

Pedigree Dogs Exposed is on Australian ABC1 tonight prime time and is programme of the week in many TV listings. So that's 12.30 our time - lunchtime here. The pre-show reviews I have seen are all very positive. Not long now till it is shown in America.
I know the show is on tonight for a variety of reasons.
The most amusing is that 20 something years ago when I worked at the KC I met an Australian journalist called Brian Kelly who was being groomed as my successor as I was off to a glamorous new job at... BT! (From one unpopular two letter abbreviation to another!)
Working closely together we ended up seeing each other socially and at my leaving party he announced he was leaving too and we lived together for the next eight or so years!
He's back in OZ now and has two beautiful young kids.
Brian has just emailed to say he's just seen me on his TV, apparently I'm on the PDE trailer!
Isn't it a very small world.
Pedigree Dogs Exposed has definitely started to change things in this country, let's hope the ripple affect keeps going. I recently wrote a piece for American dog mag Bark about the show and whether there was a better way of doing things. It was interesting talking to an audience who hadn't yet seem the documentary (or "doco" as the Sydney Morning Herald quaintly call it!).
BBC America are due to show PDE soon. I wonder if any old friend's living in America will get in touch if they catch the show? It's better than Friend's Reunited for encouraging people to get back in touch!


Anonymous said…
but will it be the short version of the long one?
jo siemieniowski said…
what does it matter whether its the long or short version? as long as the message gets to the people then it will have done its work.
Anonymous said…
well I suppose the short version does have less lies and inbalance in it. Shame they did not bother to include the great news about new DNA markers being found for some breeds for PLL............but then again they failed to include the many tests that have been found due to the work of the AHT, funded by breeders, the Kennel Club and other breed clubs and Kennel Clubs from around the world...........but it wouldnt of fitted their narrow view of pedigree dogs now would it. Jo are you the one with the Boxer dog? did you ever say where you got the dog from was it from people who show or a BYB? as the PDE make out it must be from show stock, if so why not publish the names of breeders and the dogs parents so other might be aware?
Beverley Cuddy said…
Sirius are you seriously asking us to believe that a handful of DNA tests will solve all the problems in pedigree dogs?

The Animal Health Trust is great and other charities (for eg Tailwaggers) have given substantial donations too. DNA tests should be part of the response to the health crisis in pedigree dogs - but inbreeding as a culture has to change as the pace at which DNA tests can be developed will not out run the pace at which new hereditary problems are emerging.
And yes, Jo is the owner of the Boxer featured on PDE.
Did the documentary ever say the dog was a show dog?
Oh Sirius, please give it a rest - I see even you have tired of giving your false name... come out of the shadows and reveal yourself as the KC insider we know you to be.
Change the record, go on the record.
Anonymous said…
"seriously asking us to believe that a handful of DNA tests will solve all the problems in pedigree dogs?" rather a dismissive remark on a break through that will ensure over 3344 dogs each year in those breeds alone in this country can be bred clear of such a problem (or if you use PDE way of working out figurees double it ..as we know they dont use KC registered dogs figures but based on a very dated dog food survey instead)this break through will also help tens of thousand of dogs around the world each year....so to say "seriously asking us to believe that a handful of DNA tests will solve all the problems in pedigree dogs?" is such a petty dismissive reply....wonder if The Times would like to quote you on it?
alfmcmalf said…
Indulge me in a little cross blog referencing here please Bev.


When I read that I automatically think of him that likes to be known as Sirius.

PS to Jo - have kept up with Zak on You Tube - some great footage on there - hugs to you all.

Beverley Cuddy said…
Okay Sirius, you do the maths!

How many hereditary problems have been identified in pedigree dogs so far? At what rate are new ones being discovered?

How many DNA tests are there? And that's not double counting the same test across lots of breeds.

How long did it take to develop them?

DNA tests are great, but everyone needs to moving on every front if we are to save the dogs from future suffering.

They cost a fortune to develop for a start - look how many thousands of pounds were needed to get the DNA test for the eye condition you were bragging about. Who has the money to do that for all the other conditions? And as e know not all of them are that simple to crack. Autoimmune diseases for eg, HD, OCD, syringomyelia.... I could go on and on.

Relying on DNA tests to save the pedigree dog is like saying don't worry about drink driving - we've invented seat belts and airbags!

And no I don't mind who quotes me on this one. DNA tests will not save the dog from the ravages of inbreeding. And the sooner you and the KC stop spinning that phoney PR line the sooner we'll start trusting you.

Only a tiny number of conditions have a DNA test and an even smaller number of these that the KC have backed sufficiently to make testing mandatory and acted upon ... isn't it just two breeds so far? Irish Setter and Irish Red and White?

Too slow.
Too much hype.
As usual PR over substance.
carolanne said…
Yes DNA testing can be revolutionary and with the many health tests already available to detect these horrible diseases. But how many breeders actually do get their dogs and bitches tested. In the 2004 registration of toy breeds issued by the KC there was one breeder listed for the Coton Du Teulor sp for a certain health test. And on someone's favourite topic PDE, how many of the CKC breeders dismissed MRIs to rule out Syrigemyelia. There are plenty of things we can do, to protect future breeds and there is an awful lot that still needs to be done, and it's about time the KC took it's role of advisor and all that is dog, started getting tough.
I recently telephone the KC with regards to other dog registry's and puppy farms, the woman I spoke too, couldn't help and was totally in the dark regarding pet shops selling puppies that have been sourced from these farms.
Anonymous said…
carolanne says
how many of the CKC breeders dismissed MRIs to rule out Syrigemyelia.
MRI's are telling us very little. So called clears are producing it over and over again. we need a gene marker for SM because only then will we know which cavs pass it on. MRI scanning will never tell us that because the results change from one MRI to the next. A dog can be 'clear' one year and show multiple syrinx 12 months later.
Anonymous said…
Harrison CONCEDES responsible breeders ''WERE in a way PENALISED by this film, but I hope they will see that this is their great opportunity to effect the changes they have been trying to effect for a long time''.

Anticipating fallout from the program's local broadcast, the Australian National Kennel Council recently enlisted prominent vet Dr Peter Higgins to handle public relations. Dr Higgins is disappointed with the program. He says issues with registered breeders are minor compared to problems with backyard breeders, puppy farmers, dog hoarders and people who are cruel to dogs.

He says hereditary disease is a fact of life for dogs as much as it is for humans and his organisation funds research into inherited disease problems. ''It's how you manage it, that's the issue,'' he says. ''In labradors, hip dysplasia was a problem 15 years ago; now, it's almost not around because the labrador breeding society worked with university researchers to get around it.

''For me, the conclusion of the show is that anyone who has anything to do with dog breeding doesn't care about the dog, the outcomes, who they're selling the dog to, it's all just a beauty contest and that's not the case.''
Anonymous said…
Many Americans have actually seen clips of PDE from watchig it on Youtube and i did post a link to the whole documentary once. It's actually being discussed by many Americans right now on Dogster.com which is a website i'm joined on.

jo siemieniowski said…
Hi Phillipa, Thanks for your ps, only just noticed it, Yes Zak is doing well, I got so fed up of people putting me down that i ended up bying a camcorder just so I could let people see what a lovely dog Zak is when he is not fitting, and since he was on P.D.E i have found a new supplement to take alongside his medication that seems to be working, he has not had a fit in 54 days! the supplement is called Epitaur, it puts taurinne back into the brain, I am so pleased that P.D.E went down so well on OZ .

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