What do pet people want from dog breeders?

Following on from yesterday's topic, I added a comment that I think may grow into a fully-fledged blog of its own.
What do pet owners want from dog breeders? Here's my list...

Reliable temperaments
Good socialisation/early training
Every effort to prevent health problems
Lifetime of aftercare

Perhaps if someone started giving accolades out for those qualities we'd all see the way forward and be unified?
Wouldn't breeder shows be interesting where the pet owners judged them!
Maybe Dogs Today should launch such a competition?
Anyone got any breeders they'd care to nominate as role models?
Email me your suggestions. (beverley@dogstodaymagazine.co.uk)
Best of Breeder, sounds like a competition to me!
I've heard of people handing over house trained pups that can do recall at 8 weeks, that's such a leg up for a first time dog owner! Impressive stuff.
Do you know a progressive breeder that we could feature?
We could do a Worst of Breeder category too and expose the biggest battery farmers.
Compare and contrast what you get for your money.


Anonymous said…
As in dog training Beverley, reward the good and ignore the bad. They have had more than enough publicity and people are still buying battery farmed puppies. I say stick to awarding the good breeders, an award ceremony - maybe and insurance company would want to sponsor as they will benefit from healthier pups and less claims! Sponsorship from food companies that feed breed specific??
What about calling them the Free Range Oscars ( in memory of a much loved beardie )?
Epitomises everything a pup should be and is in line with free range eggs which is very fashionable.
I will spread the word!

Mutthouse xx
alfmcmalf said…
To the relief of pedigree dog breeders everywhere I'm not in the market for a pedigree puppy. Dog number three will most definitely be a rescue. However I have over the past couple of years devised my own good breeder criteria and it reads something like this.

Breeds for temperament and health first and foremost.
Is honest about the health issues in their line and can talk meaningfully about how they have tackled them.
Understands the issue of diversity and calculates as part of their breeding strategy the COIs over as many generations as possible.
Carries out all the available health tests on their dogs.
Contributes to health research and surveys including the submission of as many DNA samples to the AHT or similar as is possible.
Does not claim lines are from health tested clear stock on the one hand knowing full well that they have bred pups with conditions for which sadly there is no test yet on the other.
Does not hide behind over vaccination as an excuse for immune issues in the breed.
Does not insist on a blanket approach to diet namely the BARF diet.
Attends as many health related seminars and events as they do club and champ shows
Preferably does not bother showing at all.
Sees their dogs as individuals and not simply as "this years crop of rosette winners".
Does not call people who change their minds about a puppy as timewasters.
Would never ever contemplate using a popular sire.
Is always there for the puppy owners and is sympathetic as helpful when things go wrong.

You may read this as being sarcastic but in fact I have met breeders who I would consider meet this specification. Both are very nice and decent people who not only care about dogs they also have the intellectual capacity to understand how difficult genetics is both in theory and practice.
Anonymous said…
those credentials are very impressive alf! am looking for anew puppy, could you post web addresses for these breeders?
Anonymous said…
How about ''what breeders want from puppy buyers.''?

Please ask me if we hip score and eye test our dogs. I will tell you if you don't ask but prefer you to have done at least a BIT of research on your own.

Please come to my home and visit the puppies and adults.

Please dont look uncomfortable if you get a muddy paw print on your white coat.

Please get down on the floor and play with the puppies. Please talk in ridiculous high pitched voices to them.

Please have a job whereby someone is home most of the day to look after a puppy, otherwise you won't be having one of mine.

Please don't say ''but I can get one for half that price online..''

Please understand that I will offer a lifetime of advice, but please don't call me to complain about a wee on the floor or other trivial matter when what the real problem is that having a puppy is more work than you thought and you want an out.

Please call me FIRST if you want to rehome a dog from my kennel.

Please honour the written and verbal contract with regard to not breeding your new ''pet'' puppy.

Please understand that I spend countless amounts of pounds, time, energy, and passion where the dogs are concerned, and give me support when people say ''I would never buy from a breeder.''

Please respect the fact that I proudly exhibit my dogs at shows, and use them as a testing ground for temperament, health and quality for my family of dogs.

Please give my puppy a loving home where he will be cherished and not spoiled to the point of overindulgence.

Please maintain the reccomended grooming regime to keep my puppy looking and feeling his best.

And please keep in mind the years of experience, dedication, tears, sweat and laughter your puppy represents, and although he is now living with you, a small part of him will always be MY puppy :)
Claire M. said…
To the person above: why choose to be anonymous? Surely you should be proud of all of the above!
Anonymous said…
right, claire m, thanks for noticing. and could i ask, are you from the sussex m's or the glasgow m's...speaking of anonymity.
Claire Murison said…
The above comment wasn't sarcastic!
Claire Murison said…
The above comment wasn't sarcastic!
Anonymous said…
my apologies xx

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