Undercover at Dogs Today!

After several weeks of attempting to get the skip people to take our skip away they came this morning. It had been sitting next to our new office making it look untidy. I was concerned that its content may have attracted the foxes, as occasionaly people had chucked a discarded Krispy Kreme box etc in with the junk.
But when it was uplifted we discovered that there had been some wildlife living underneath it.
Here they are!

Still alive and a bit surprised to be suddenly uncovered but in no hurry to hop off!
They are big - the size of a man's hand. One bigger than the other.
Did they dig under the skip? It was parked on pea shingle and is the other end of the garden from the pond. Were they stuck to the bottom of the skip when it arrived more than a months ago? If so how did they survive?
Any clues, do let me know?
The squashed dead frog discovered by our groomer hiding in Oscar's coat was tiny compared to these fellows! And we have never seen anything this big in the garden before. In fact I've only seen things like these in the zoo!


Family Cornish said…
Krispy Kremes? I'm coming back to work in the office!
Joan said…
Hi Beverley

Your lodgers look like toads to me, but I have no idea how they got under the skip.
Some time ago I was moving some house bricks and found a cluster of large snails in the hollow of one.It mystified me how they had got there as there were no gaps in the bricks. One of life's mysteries, just like your toads.
Anonymous said…
They look like toads to me too. Toads like being among stones or rocks.
Julia L
Karen said…
Apologies for randomness - If you look at the top picture and rotate your head slightly to the right, it looks rather like the head of a Staffie... Could this be a message!
Lucy King said…
Yep toads! They can crawl into all kinds of spaces! Squishy I suppose!

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