Looking out for a Hero

Allen Parton's new charity Hounds for Heroes is preparing to launch. First fundraiser planned for April 10th in conjunction with Help for Heroes. Watch this space.
More details to come, but what a very gorgeous young pup. Chocolate always was my weak spot!


Nikita said…
Am I missing some clever word play, or has Allen really named his charity using appaulling grammar?

'Heroes', not 'Hero's'.

Unless, as I say, I've missed something!
Beverley Cuddy said…
Oops - corrected now - not Allen's error, just a sloppy editor rushing who should know better!
allen and EJ said…
Allen using appaulling grammer ...what will Bill Gates say when he hears you downing his spell chec?

Anonymous said…
Appalling is spelled without a "U"
While I detest the misuse of the apostrophe, poor spelling is equally appalling!

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