A Sherlock Bones looking for a case?

Been just too busy to blog or Twitter, so I have the opposite of writer's block! There's so many unconnected things to comment on, so apologies while I get a few things out of my system as and when I get a few seconds!
Haven't had time to investigate this one yet, but with no names given - what do you think of this one?
If you had a conviction for badger baiting, would you lose your job if it involved animal welfare? How about two convictions and actually being found with a badger in a cage in your home as well as an expensive lost pedigree dog previously handed in at the police station that never arrived at the council pound as expected?
Keep your job as a dog warden - or not?
How about running a council pound and being a unlicensed dog breeder at the same time? Conflict of interest?
There's definitely some murkiness in the puppy farming world. If there are any budding investigative journalists wanting to get their teeth into these stories, do get in touch.
How can we end puppy farming if all the people in the chain aren't squeaky clean?
All the above have allegedly been reported to the local authorities - who chose to take no action.
Any news hounds prepared to dig deeper? Wish I had the time to do a Watergate on this one, but my instincts say there's something very whiffy about it!


Lucy King said…
Have you got more details on it, and contacts? If so, I'll have a go at digging deeper...
Beverley Cuddy said…
Hi Lucy drop me an email! beverley@dogstodaymagazine.co.uk

carolanne said…
Good Luck Lucy, I wonder if we'll ever get a result on this. freedom4dogs and the members of puppylove recently handed in a petion asking Leeds City Council to revoke a certain pet shops license. A photographer and journalist from the Yorkshire Evening post we're present and said reporter did an article. Unfortunately the editor Peter Napier refused to print the coverage. As he has refused to print any letters, or stop running their ads, or even look into our allegations.
Beverley Cuddy said…
Carolanne can you email anything you have on the story the paper didn't run?
Beverley Cuddy said…
Also - would love any pix of what you got up to on puppy farm awareness day for us to put in news.

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