Want a free Poodle? There is a catch...

They're in Marbella in Spain.

Four Standard Poodle Pups (6 months old) which have had their rabies vaccination

Black, apricot, white or cream
Girls and boys

Owner/breeder: Sharon 00 34658359947

Please give these details to any Poodle lovers you can think of - these pups are FREE. Sharon had 11 pups and has been giving them away but she cannot find homes for these. [2 she got back after finding the new homes were bad] She owns mum who came from reputable breeder in Madrid and dad who she bought from England.

(Seen a comment asking about testing! This has been passed to me from our Perfect Pup breed advisor, I'm sorry I don't know any more details than I have written here. Health tests that we would advise for this breed are that both parents should be eye tested and they need to be tested for Sebaceous Adenitus. Von Willebrands testing would be a good idea, too. Liver shunt, too is flagged. But I'm not at all sure what the local vet situation is in Spain, how easy it is to get these tests done or indeed Sharon's circumstances. Sounds to me that this is a very large litter that has affected by the credit crunch and the Euro currency problems. There are lots of ex-pats leaving Spain due to UK pensions now being so low value, I suspect the market for dogs in Spain has taken a real dip as lots of dogs are being abandoned according to David the Dogman who has a radio show out there.)


Anonymous said…
are the parents health tested for anything? are they show bred or pet bred?
In the pink said…
I have spoken to Sharon. Both parents have well known pedigrees behind them. I suspect these pups will be suitable for showing (if desired) but her goal is for loving homes. This was an accidental mating and the dam has now been spayed.Sharon has found homes for a few of the pups (litter of 11) but she is very careful where her pups go and many of the local enquiries have been far from ideal. All the remaining pups (and parents) are living as part of the family, (fortunately her villa is quite large!) but obviously the pups would benefit from a lot more one to one attention and it is in no ones interest for her to keep them all.
Anonymous said…
Has Dogs Today seen the certs of the Hips/Eyes and Hearing test of the parents, inline with their normal advertising policy?
Beverley Cuddy said…
Anonymous, I refer you to the comment at the bottom of the blog. This is not a vetted advert, it is a case of buyer beware - well not exactly buyer as these pups are not being sold they are just looking for homes. It is true that all adverts you see in Dogs Today and on line via Perfect Pup are placed by breeders who sign to say they have carried out all relevant health tests successfully and we do ask to see proof were relevant. This in contrast is an emergency appeal for homes in Spain.

And your point is? You're starting to sound suspiciously like Sirius the nitpicker!
Anonymous said…
actually just curious...thought those are the questions you are supposed to be asking?

sorry to offend?
Beverley Cuddy said…
If you're not Sirius, apologies for growling.

I've included this appeal for two reasons. One to try to find these four Poodles good pet homes and two to highlight the fact that when you breed you really do need to have a waiting list. The prospect of having four Standard Poodles left at six months might deter a few people from embarking down the breeding route!

We once had a litter of 12 Beardie pups and in the course of their lives six of them were returned to us. Divorces being the main reason - but significant was the fact we kept in touch and were happy to step in and help when it was needed. But without doing an audit on people's marital health I don't think we learnt anything on how to reduce the odds of home failure from that experience. But with a breed that lives up to 16 years that has a tendency to give birth to large litters you have to factor-in being able to take them back for the next 10 plus years - or indeed keep possibly all of them if enough good homes couldn't be found.

We found those six Beardies wonderful second homes, some stayed for a few months and fitted into the pack until the right home came along, but all were loved and treasured.

These four Standard Poodle pups are born now, there's no turning the clock back. If they were health-tested great, but if not, the new owners will need to factor that unknown in to equation and be sure to insure them PDQ, which would be sensible anyway!

I really do worry about the situation in Spain. I think if I were breeding today I'd want a very, very long waiting list before I'd contemplate it.

Anonymous said…
fair dues, just didn't understand why the sharp reply...i did not post the second response from ''anon.'' i was just curious what the background was. hope they find good homes, too bad they do not have pet passports already :(
In the pink said…
update; firstly THANK YOU for the original post. I was contacted by Sharon as she is at her wits end now (understandably). Whilst I am a total supporter of health testing dogs and pups it is obvious that it is too late for that here and the welfare of the pups is now paramount - hence asking Beverley for help.THE DAM HAS NOW BEEN SPAYED. This lady is not looking for any financial gain just good homes.This is a rescue plea. As yet no homes have been found.
Anonymous said…
I am very interested in adopting 1 or 2 or these poodles. I put my beloved 13 year-old Standard Poodle to sleep 2 weeks ago, after trying so hard to save her, and am absolutely heart-broken. It is a bit soon for me, but I feel I could give 1 or 2 of these youngsters a loving home as mine was 5 months when I got her. I brought my girl over from the US and am a bit concerned about the passport for pets scheme as I think they need to have been micro-chipped before being vaccinated for rabbies. Will try to contact the breeder in Marbella. Try not to be too rough on her!

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