Any rescue centres want some free therapy?

Just been asked to share this generous offer...

Dear Animal Carer,

My name is James French and with my partner Shelley Sling we run Animal Communication Training. This organization has been developing the way humans work and look after animals, by focusing on the relationship that we share

We have worked with animals and taught in the major rescue centres including The Blue Cross, Dogs Trust and Battersea.

In the last few years we have been developing a very special method called The Trust Technique. This is a simply profound way of creating a strong feeling of trust between any animal and human. It is particularly effective with animals who are very anxious due to abuse or neglect.

We have two videos that show the Technique working. Please have a look both videos are with horses but the technique works with all animals. Although most of are work is with Dogs, Cats and Horses.

The reason that we are contacting you is from the 14th December and over the Christmas period I will be giving my time to work with up to six animals in rescue centres, to really help individual cases. These would be animals classed as very anxious or on the “no hope list”.

Depending on the animal we will give up to four consecutive days of treatment per animal to build solid feelings of trust. I will also offer to teach one member of staff the technique so that they can follow on the work that we start. We hold our own block scheme insurance that covers us for any type of animal work including dangerous animals!

In return we will need your permission to video the sessions to help educate people on how dynamic the relationship between animals and people is, and more importantly how trust is the key to any relationship.  We aim to offer this service complimentary though ask that our travel costs will be covered in return.  So centers which are close to us in Surrey would be the most realistic to keep costing at a minimum

Our aim will also be to promote smaller to medium size rescue centers by giving them more exposure and help people see the great work that you are doing!

If you have an animal in your care at the moment that you believe could benefit from our work please can you contact us as soon as possible?

Either through email or through phone 0845 4194951 so that Shelley and I can share more details and make the suitable arrangements.

We are looking forward to working with people who share the same passion and purpose in helping animals.

Warmth and Trust
James & Shelley


Nina Cole said…
What a wonderful post.

As someone who also works with animals its a constant struggle to help as much as you would like.

I just hope that this will encourage people to get in touch and help.

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