Write a letter... but not necessarily to Santa!

Just got this and wanted to pass it on ASAP:


At this special time of the year we think about giving...

You must have all thought of buying something special for your dogs and you must have thought, with heavy hearts, about the dogs who are no longer with you to share Christmas Day and the coming New Year..and it is for them.

I beg you to put effort into doing this.  Politicians, the Welsh Assembly and the Head of the Veterinary Department of the Welsh Assembly all feel it is acceptable to kill dogs with a bolt gun and pith them.

No vet I have talked to feels this and certainly no dog trainer or behaviorist feels this way either. The stress for a scared dog to be pooled and forced to the ground is too great. This action can be done as a knee jerk reaction with little thought and not asking any other for help.

 By allowing the RSPCA to keep doing this we are allowing their officers who have no qualifications or knowledge in dog phsycolodgy to step in make decisions and kill. If it was against the law for anyone bar a vet to kill a dog then this rash, unfair and inhumane action would not and could not be made.  This is not the RSPCA centres who do this but their inspectors/officers who are not directly connected to a local rescue centre.  Any member of the public who owns a bolt gun (no license needed) can do this!

What I need you all to do

  1. Send a letter to your vet or print the sample letter attached and ask all the vets in the practice to write a letter and sign it.  If you don't use the one attached the letter should state that they feel it only humane not to allow anyone, bar a vet, to put to sleep a dog and only with the correct method and not a bolt gun. That using a bolt gun (owing to the shape of dogs skulls varying) is specialized  and is far more stressful to both dog and man and also makes a huge mess that other canines around would smell and therefore become fearful.
  2. Do not word this against the RSPCA as it seems NO one will stand up to them.  Instead we need to just make it the law for no one to be able to do this.
  3. All send the same letter to every dog trainer in the country, every dog behaviorist, everyone who counts.

This is our country, these are our dogs.  We owe it to them to fight for their rights. I already have so much to do but with you beside me we can make this change. Join forces, energies etc. I will email a list of all behind us as it comes in.

Below is the suggested letter. Please talk to your vet and ask him or her to be brave and make a stance for our dogs!

Here's a template to copy or adapt.
Please send your completed letters to:

Many Tears Rescue, Cwmlogin House, Cefniethin, Llanelli, Camarthenshire, Wales, Sa14 7HB
Insert name and address
of who you’re sending this to


I am writing to you in hope you will help many many thousands of dog lovers change the law. We would like you to put your name along with other vets, behaviourists, trainers, and professionals to change the law so that it is an offence for anyone bar a vet to destroy a dog.

We at Many Tears Animal Rescue want the practice of any person of dead bolting and pithing dogs to be against the law, as not only is this practice especially stressful for already scared dogs but messy, leaving the maximum of scent for other canines facing the same end to pick up on. We ask vets head nurses or any qualified staff, including dog trainers and behaviourists etc to put their names to this.

This is our country - the laws are made because we want them. This practice was barred in Ireland 25 years ago.  We need to make a stand.  

The support will be printed on our website www.manytears.co.uk as it grows.  

Their lives, your hands!

Yours faithfully


Anonymous said…
"Do not word this against the RSPCA as it seems NO one will stand up to them." but why not, after all they are the ones doing it. If any other person or organisation were killing dogs in this way they would have a major campaign about it. Its about tuime the RSPCA went back to animal welfare, they are now a very commercial organisation concerned it seems more and more with politcal influence, they are all spin and no concern.

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